Private rain is very beautiful, or very beautiful. Even Yang Ye can’t help but look at it. Of course, it has not been discovered.

Yang Ye is observing private rain and private rain, and naturally he is also observing Yang Ye. It is rare for a boy to be so calm. Most people blush when they see her, and his heart beats faster. But why doesn’t this boy respond when he is about the same age as his brother? Is he a faggot? Private rain was confused and wanted to see Yang Ye nod at her and send a friend application. She nodded in a panic and accepted the friend application at the same time.
I noticed the private rain when I ate peaches and asked strangely, "What’s wrong with elder sister? Not comfortable today? Don’t go if you’re not comfortable. Go and have a rest. "
Private rain suddenly angry bold stare at me to eat peach "nothing! You’re not comfortable. Your family is not comfortable! Hurry up and share more nonsense. "
In fact, it’s not too lethal for a private rain to make a bold call. Beautiful people are bubbling even if they pick their noses. Yang Ye smiles at the private rain and blushes at this sister’s heartbeat.
"Ah, I’ll give it to you …" I said, and when I ate peaches, I clicked a finger and appeared in front of Yang Ye and Private Rain-
Exploring the Throne of Bones says that once the king-King Vic died in the abyss because of the failure of conquering the abyss. Although his body died, his soul did not die. The abyss put his soul in the Throne of Bones to protect the Throne of Bones forever. This is a shame for the empire and a perpetual torment for King Vic. What you have to do is to go to the Throne of Bones to release King Vic’s soul and free him. It is required that the number of people in the team should not exceed three. After the reward is completed, you will get a piece of equipment with level 3 spirit (random).
Chapter 37 Private Rain
After the two accepted it, they immediately showed a new show-
You and your teammates decided to explore the Bones Throne, but you didn’t know the exact location of the Bones Throne, so you decided to go to the area where there might be Bones Throne and ask the villagers what they might know about the Bones Throne.
Generally speaking, I don’t know, but I want players to keep looking, but maybe several ranges have been given. Ask np in these areas and you will definitely know.
Three people set off
Lu Siyu showed great interest in Yang Ye, and I always looked at him strangely when I ate peaches, which made him want to crush him!
"Promise ~ Who is the lovely MengMeng girl behind you ….." Private rain asked before Yang Ye.
Yang Ye glanced at the private rain and Lilina Lilina smiled at him. "She, my follower is a np but quite human." Well, Lilina is the most human for gold coins
"Well, how did you get her to follow you?" Private rain asked again
Yang Ye thought about a "I asked her hey * * go with the big ye bai? She followed. "Yang Ye didn’t lie. He did say so at the time.
Private Rain Stared at Yang Ye angrily, "If you don’t say anything, don’t say it. I’ll also get a shota!" Say that finish irate and leave your face aside and don’t talk to Yang Ye.
Yang Ye smiled and walked on.
After a while, I couldn’t help myself and asked, "What are you doing in reality?"
Yang Ye leng ask personal? But tell her there seems to be nothing to say "student college student"
Private rain a listen to suddenly happy, a pair of watery eyes staring at Yang Ye eagerly asked "which university? I’m also in college. "
"Er … H province is big in Z …" Yang Ye replied that at this time, it was difficult for him to have a little idea about what this private rain was doing …
"ah! Me too! Me too! We are in the same school. Which college are you from? I am a school of economics "private rain heard Yang Ye say Z big suddenly excited.
Yang Ye, sweating profusely at this time, quickly turned to me for help. I didn’t expect this cargo to run away first with a twist! What a shame! Too affectionate!
"Er, I am … I am …" How dare Yang Ye say! What a tramp! Damn it, it’s still a college! Is this God’s joke? If I had known, I could just casually say something about Cambridge University, Yale University or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What can I do …
"hmm? What college are you? " Private rain staring at Yang Ye.
Shit! Throwing caution to the wind!
"I am also a school of economics! What a coincidence! My name is Hu Xing, and you? " Brother Hu Xingpang is sorry for you. I’ll make amends to you when I go back to my dormitory …
"Ah, I’m a junior. My name is Chen Yujia. Nice to meet you." I smiled and held out my hand.
Yang Yeneng also reached out his hand and held the private rain in both hands, smiling and saying, "Learn from me and go to play with you. Don’t pretend you don’t know."
Yang Ye nodded, okay, okay, come on. My name is Hu Xing! K245 bedroom fat Hu Xing, he dreamed of finding a goddess. Now I’m him. Ask him to have dinner later!
After learning that Yang Ye was in the same school and college as himself, the private rain was even worse. Before the box was finished, Yang Ye saw some cold feelings. She talked and laughed all the way and asked Yang Ye all kinds of questions. "Do you boys always pick up soap?" "Do you wash and rub each other together in the shower?" "I heard that the dormitory doesn’t clean smelly socks and pants together, right?" ……
It’s still very pleasant to always leave these annoying things aside and not talk about anything else
The system instructs three areas to reach this three area, and then find a np in it to trigger a further step through conversation.
The first area is not big. There are five np people in it. They asked all the way whether there was one. In fact, Yang Ye knew that there was one at a glance without him, but he couldn’t say that he couldn’t directly tell them "I can see no one". So I played dumb and continued to follow
The second area is bigger than the first one. In a small village, the three people asked more than a dozen np questions and didn’t ask about the private rain. They were a little upset and kept complaining to Yang Ye about being too tortured.
Yang Ye is so comforting. In fact, Yang Yegen doesn’t want to comfort. Making this goods depressed can make her talk less, but girls can’t pretend to be deaf when they come to you to tell you this.
On hearing Yang Ye’s comforting private rain, he was alive and kicking again, and Yang Ye couldn’t wait to give himself two mouths.
The third area is even bigger. np hundred Yang Ye looked at the corner of his eyes and sobbed. If he couldn’t get the sky one by one, he immediately suggested, "There are too many. Let’s find three places separately."
The two agreed.
One point, Yang Ye directly looked at the miners’ hats one by one. I didn’t know how fast I found a circle. I didn’t have a Yang Ye decisive jump to the private rain range next to me to find it.
Suddenly Yang Ye eyes a bright-there!
Captain of the Storm Town Guard-Gila
hp? /?
mp? /?
It is said that the captain of the town guard in the stormy town is powerful in defending the stormy town from monsters (hiding that a small captain of the army of King Vic once knew the specific location of the White Bone Throne, and the trigger condition could be triggered by "White Bone Throne" and "King Vic")
Gila was majestic there, his armor was old, but he was kind, holding a gun, and all the red tassels and paint on the gun body had been worn off, saying that his master had never stopped practicing Wushu.
Yang Ye respectfully said "Hello, Captain Gila" before leaving.
Gila turned to look at Yang Ye and wondered, "Is there anything wrong with the adventurer?"
Yang Ye considered a language and said, "Captain Gila, can you tell me something about the heroic deeds of King Vic?"
Gila trembled and looked at Yang Ye with dribbling eyes. "You … do you know King Vic? Do you remember him? "
Yang Ye sighed, "Remember that I thought he was very great and I wanted to know him."
"Very good! I’ve always thought that King Vic’s troops have been forgotten by the world … I didn’t expect anyone else to know what you want to hear. Do you want to hear the great deeds of King Vic’s Seven Signs of Blackstone? Or do you want to listen to the funeral film alone? "
Yang Ye looked at Gila excitedly and said, "Tell me all about it."
"Well I will tell you …"