"He will be your bride …"

Suddenly I heard Changyu’s "For You" hoarse and sad and Wu Xiaojian’s mood is really suddenly sad.
Wu Xiaojian suddenly noticed that this was the ringtone of his mobile phone, and immediately took out his mobile phone. Indeed, he saw something or a horse who didn’t know the landline number and thought it might be …
"hello?" Excited to shout to the microphone that Li Qianru called him.
"Hey, is it Qianru dialect?" Jiao Jiao’s cheerful and happy sound came from the receiver.
"It’s you." Wu Xiaojian’s tone was low, thinking about Li Qianru and forgetting that she also moved out.
"hey! Hey! Don’t take this kind of opposite sex and inhumanity to hear that it is my horse. This is the tone of death. "Mu Jiao Jiao strongly protested to him.
"Are you the opposite sex?" Wu Xiaojian woke her up.
Maybe it’s because they watched porn together and shared the same interests, but they got along with each other for a few days, just like brothers who have known each other for several years. She began to talk carelessly and show the heroic side of the girl in the mountains, not because she thought of her real appearance, and it was difficult to connect her with a girl when she heard her crisp and tactful voice in Oriole.
"Huhu" Mu Jiao Jiao snickered and immediately knew everything and asked him, "Are you depressed now?"
"Are you worried about Qianru now?"
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Chapter 11 Recent Situation of Iraqis (5th watch) [Chapter Words 49 Last Updated 1393 18:7:14]
“! ! !”
"Do you want to know how Qianru is now?"
Wu Xiaojian was sure that Ma was excited to sit up straight in the bus seat and knew that Mu Jiao Jiao had specially called him to tell him the news of Li Qianru.
"What’s in it for me?"
Mu Jiao Jiao is like a fox who steals a chicken thief. Even on the mobile phone side, she can imagine her eyes narrowing and a big tail swinging around, laughing at the scenery.
"Please eat … Sichuan ~ Dandan Noodles!" Wu Xiaojian deliberately learned from a guy in ipartment’s broken Sichuan accent and told her to make Mu Jiao Jiao giggle and answer a good question, "Where do you meet?"
"In …"
Wu Xiaojian, see where he has arrived, and tell her how to take a bus to meet him somewhere.
Mu Jiao Jiao should hang up first again. It seems that preparations have already begun.
Wu Xiaojian relaxed his mood.
"No matter?" Xueyu asked him
"Girlfriend is more important than the game, don’t say this girlfriend is my star god" implies that if Li Qianru can’t get back as soon as possible, he will still have trouble in the game later.
"all right"
Xueyu obediently kept silent and didn’t forget that Wu Xiaojian was her new master, and she also habitually obeyed his orders.
Directly after the horses and chariots turned to another bustling place in this city … Huangpu Road Pedestrian Street is no worse than the World Trade Center. Jiao Jiao, a business circle, will be easy to find even if he doesn’t take the bus and call a taxi to tell this place.
When she didn’t come, she continued to arrange a star card at the door of McDonald’s restaurant on the first floor. In front of it, there was a big floor-to-ceiling glass, and he could be seen at a glance outside.
Accompanied by "yo!" A greeting and a pat on the shoulder.
Looking back, I saw a girl with a lot of sports flavor. Nike ran this summer, and the little beauty smiled at him, and her talking eyes narrowed into crescent moons.
"You just invite me to eat M?"
Mu Jiao Jiao was a little dissatisfied and asked him if he felt that he was too insincere.
"Of course not"
Wu Xiaojian put away her mobile phone and motioned for her to say, "Please eat the famous raw and hot beef offal noodles here and make sure to eat your tongue."
"Hum!" Mu Jiao Jiao doesn’t believe it, but she looks forward to it. It seems that her hands are really light.
Wu Xiaojian seems to have come here many times, turned several times and turned a few horses to bring Mu Jiao Jiao to a large pot in front of a cowboy noodle restaurant, cooking fragrant beef bone soup with a thick layer of butter, which made people drool.
Just in front, someone is buying a tablespoon of raw beef and beef offal pot, scalding it in bone soup, covering it with hot noodles, rolling red Chili oil beef bone soup, sprinkling a little spicy and coriander with chopped green onion, and a bowl of satisfied raw beef offal noodles will come out.
"What do you want to eat?"
Wu Xiaojian know mu Jiao Jiao now holding Li Qianru situation must coax her.
"You help me choose." Mu Jiao Jiao looked at the signs of three-in-one, four-in-one, and super beef offal noodles. He had seen Wu Xiaojian very well, so he was in a good mood to help her choose. I didn’t know how to ensure that they were lovers.
"Good" Wu Xiaojian heart Li Qianru didn’t notice Mu Jiao Jiao’s heart. Those career directly ordered two copies of four-in-one and quickly served it to her and said, "If it’s too spicy, pour some vinegar."
"I’m not afraid of spicy food." Mu Jiao Jiao seems to be a Sichuan girl who is really not afraid of spicy food. Looking at a bowl of red oil, she didn’t blink her eyes and dyed her small mouth more red.
Wu Xiaojian is in no hurry to finish eating first and then ask her slowly.
This meal is in a good mood, and Wu Xiaojian also found that he didn’t eat anything until now, just a little hungry
"By the way, what are you doing out so early?" Mu Jiao Jiao noticed that Wu Xiaojian was so far away from his home that she could say that he was already outside.
"I got a leveling result."
Wu Xiaojian knows that Mu Jiao Jiao is also a member of his team. Just received it and showed it to her.
Mu Jiao Jiao read out "The Phantom of the Opera told Susie about it".
After watching Mu Jiao Jiao, she couldn’t speak, rubbed her temples and digested for a while. I felt that even if I knew what this was, she still couldn’t react at the moment.
"How is Li Qianru now?"
Wu Xiaojian put the phone back already a little impatient to ask her.
"Good" Mu Jiao Jiao smiled at his anxiety and let him rest assured that "it’s nothing to eat and live well except not being free"
"So …"
"What, she didn’t contact you?"