Although the Lee’s regiment was attacked by Chu’s regiment with Ye Qing, it was not directly related to Ye Qing, but at that point, Li Zhihao and others must have guessed that it must have something to do with Ye Qing, otherwise Chu’s regiment would not make moves early or late, but it happened at that time.

Moreover, the Chu group and the Li group have a lot of grievances, and there are still many good deals in business. For example, the Chu group has no reason to shoot, which means that this matter must have something to do with Ye Qing
This also makes Li Zhihao afraid to look down upon Ye Qing, who has a Chushi group as a backer. Where can he afford to deal with Ye Qing, so that the team of the Big Dipper Palace can reasonably beat the I club in the middle of the game?
It is conceivable that Ye Qing and the top management of the Chushi Group must be very shallow. Li Zhihao also specially learned that when he learned that the husband of Miss Chushi Group was a famous sniper in the F world, he was really shocked.
Later, he also learned that the sniper had a wife, and Miss Chu’s regiment was able to tolerate him. He was really scared when he learned that another wife of the sniper was named Ye, because he suspected that Ye Qing might be Ye Xuehua’s relative or even Ye Xuehua’s brother.
Without this layer, how can the Chu group destroy the relationship between the two sides of the Li group, which has always been good? This also has an impact on the business of the Chu group
Li Zhihao was glad that he didn’t let Zhang Xuan dump his hand on Ye, otherwise the Chushi group would never let him go, let alone the Lee group, and his whole family might be doomed.
Club I is still seriously training this day. Everyone has not been affected after the absence of Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs. Nalan can probably guess that the reason for Pearl Krabs’s absence is probably to go to Ye Qing. Now she has become pessimistic and will not take the initiative to get close to Ye Qing.
Su Yanbing has been waiting for Da Mi and Ye Qing to come back in the coffee shop, but she hasn’t waited for anyone all day. She is also worried in her heart. Where have the two of them gone? Did they secretly go on a solo date? She didn’t call Ye Qing or Da Mi because she was afraid that it would disturb two people’s dating.
She always felt guilty about Big Honey, because she felt that she had intervened in their feelings. She didn’t feel uncomfortable about Big Honey dating Ye Qing alone. After eating dinner alone, she watched quietly at home.
Ye Qing didn’t know what Su Yanbing knew about his disappearance. After talking to Da Mi and others for a while, he was ready to call Su Yanbing to reassure her. When Da Mi took out his mobile phone, he knew who he wanted to call. "Yan Bing doesn’t know what you are missing. Don’t tell her. She is worried. Just say that you are with Dong Tiancheng today."
Ye Qing nodded his head and felt relieved. No wonder Su Yanbing didn’t come with Da Mi and them today. It turned out that he didn’t know about his disappearance. If he knew, he believed that Su Yanbing would be very anxious to find him and would never sit idly by.
Su Yanbing heard the phone ring and quickly picked it up and looked at it. When she saw that Ye Qing was in a good mood, she quickly picked it up and said "hello" sweetly.
"Yan Bing did you eat? I didn’t come to the club for training today. I forgot to tell you that I slept in their house after drinking too much with my second child last night. I slept all afternoon today and played billiards with my second child. "Ye Qing was a little embarrassed to Su Yanbing.
Su Yanbing smell speech deliberately unhappy to hum a Chen way "you just think of me now? Where’s honey? How did she disappear today? "
Ye Qing is busy. "She is with me now. Before she went home, she went to their restaurant and had something for her to deal with."
"So? So where are you now? Will honey come to me later? " Su Yanbing asked.
Ye Qing looked at Da Mi and asked, "Yan Bing asked if you would go to her later?"
"Go! Are you going or not? " Big honey said with a smile
"If you go, I will naturally go!" Ye Qing then said to Su Yanbing, "She will come and wait for me to come with her!"
"Uh-huh" Su Yanbing promised, and then Ye Qing said two words to her and hung up.
Dong Laoer shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, "It seems that you are going to abandon me and Pearl Krabs, so I’d better consciously go by myself!"
Ye Qing took a look at Pearl Krabs and found that Pearl Krabs’s eyes were a little sad. He suddenly realized that he had been snubbing Pearl Krabs people and had come to him with great difficulty. Regardless of how much it cost to take a taxi, it was very difficult to walk on that muddy road.
Pearl Krabs’s shoes are still covered with mud, which is really not easy for a girl who loves beauty. Moreover, when he was most hungry, Pearl Krabs gave him chocolate and apples to eat less, which eased his hunger.
Although Ye Qing wanted to ask Pearl Krabs to go with Su Yanbing, this situation is obviously not suitable now. The key is what identity should Pearl Krabs go to? As a friend to be a guest? Do you want to go now?
Dong Laoer knows that now Yuzryha will have a reunion with Dami and Su Yanbing. Don’t Pearl Krabs understand? It is impossible for Pearl Krabs to go to Su Yanbing’s house at this time.
Chapter 13 heart-to-heart talk
Ye Qing and Da Mi left the car first after all, leaving Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer outside the community. The picture was a little uncoordinated. Pearl Krabs didn’t take a taxi and leave immediately. Dong Laoer certainly didn’t go to the car immediately. They stayed outside the community for a while and then Dong Laoer said, "We haven’t said anything when Pearl Krabs was in the team. Can we have a good chat today?"
"Well, that’s what I meant. I know you must have something to say to me, so I haven’t left. Find a place to sit?" Pearl Krabs is very generous tunnel.
Dong Laoer smiled and waved and said, "Then take the bus. I’ll take you to a quiet and comfortable place, which is the most suitable for chatting!"
Pearl Krabs hurriedly followed Dong Laoer to BMW 5. After the car, Dong Laoer started the car and went straight to him. He said that the place was in the middle of the downtown area, but when the building was antique, it was like walking into a Suzhou garden. This is the best interpretation of taking quiet in the middle of the noise.
There is an artificial lake. The lake is rich and colorful. koi fish is swimming by the lake. There are many beautiful women feeding and teasing the fish to roll around in the water. There are many tables on the lake to drink tea, cards and coffee.
Dong Laoer didn’t stop by the lake. He took Pearl Krabs and walked on through the cloisters. Finally, he reached the front of a big house. Pearl Krabs saw a plaque that said "Take a break".
At the door stood two beautiful women welcoming guests, dressed in ancient cheongsam, sexy and amorous feelings. Dong Laoer took the lead and went in. Pearl Krabs also hurriedly told her that she had never been to such a place. She didn’t know there was such a place in the downtown area.
Entering the door, Pearl Krabs found that there was a unique atmosphere in it. It was an antique decoration, but it was a style. The bar was quiet, everyone spoke very quietly, and some people were playing guzheng.
Dong Laoer found a place to sit down. Pearl Krabs sat opposite him. Dong Laoer waved and a woman in cheongsam came over and ordered a dozen Budweiser beer.
Pearl Krabs frowned and whispered, "Would you like a drink?"
"How can you have the courage to speak your mind without drinking?" Dong Lao er said with a smile
Pearl Krabs couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. She supported Ba Dao with one hand. "How do you know what I want to say?"
Dong Laoer looked at her eyes very seriously and said, "I can see that you like my boss when I am in the team, right?" Now you don’t know whether you want to get involved or not, and your heart is very contradictory. You need to find someone to talk to and give you some advice, and I am obviously the most suitable person because I know my boss! "
Pearl Krabs looked at Dong Laoer with some surprise, then gave a thumbs-up and said with a smile, "Ye Qing always said you were two, but I think you are very clever!"
"Second, some lines are very clever! There are no other outsiders now. You can say you want to talk or you can wait until the wine comes! " Donglaoer avenue
"Then wait until the wine comes. Drink some wine and be brave!" Pearl Krabs embarrassed tunnel Dong Laoer left the pie mouth and said, "As the saying goes, wine makes a coward. Are you a coward?"
"I am quite unintelligent in terms of feelings! Before I dare to fight for anything but not in this respect, "Pearl Krabs wry smile way.
At this time, Sheng took a dozen beers and put them on the table. Dong Laoer asked Sheng to hit the wine department and handed Pearl Krabs a bottle of Pearl Krabs, which he seldom drinks. Seeing this table, she felt a little guilty. She asked, "Do you want to finish so much?"
"Try your best! This kind of beer is not high. I never drink this kind of beer when I drink with the boss. The boss said that drinking this kind of wine doesn’t feel like drinking white water. "Dong Laoer said with a smile.
"Does Ye Qing like drinking very much?"
"You don’t miss the opportunity to get to know him. In fact, he doesn’t like drinking, but sometimes he doesn’t drink. He doesn’t have the atmosphere, and he can’t say anything. Just like now, how dare you speak your mind without drinking? Let’s drink first!" Dong Lao er took the cup to say