Chapter 26 Torture and Anti-torture

Qi Yun was so angry by my words that his face turned red and white.
I’m too lazy to look at him, which pollutes my eyes.
I took the medicine box and the pony cart went outside the palace.
It was not until the right phase mansion was strictly searched that it was released. There were guards everywhere in the right phase mansion, and they were heavily guarded and heavily defended.
Into the living room filled with visiting ministers.
I looked a little weird when I came, and I was strangely silent for a while.
Minister, Mrs. Zhongmu coughed and came out to salute me. I waved my hand and looked at her intently. I knew she had something to say.
"The empress dowager told me not to disturb the right phase. The empress came to visit me personally. Thank you for the right phase. Please come to the back hall."
Mrs. Mu’s attitude is humble, and speaking out is a marching orders.
It’s only natural that the Empress Dowager doesn’t like me to stop me.
However, I can’t be at ease until I see Xie Tingyun’s condition because of my serious injury.
"It turns out that the Queen Mother told me not to disturb the right phase, but madam, you have to take care of yourself. I came to visit my uncle on the imperial edict, and it is difficult for me to have a job without seeing others." I calmly offered Bai Xihuang’s name.
See if she dares to stop me.
Mrs. Mu’s face has changed, and she is also white, but she just blurted it out, but if she really wants to go to Bai Xihuang for verification.
Bai Xihuang must also be on my side.
So she made way and personally took me to Xie Tingyun’s dormitory.
Xie Tingyun’s dormitory layout is simple, elegant and full of flavor, and piano and chess paintings can be seen everywhere.
I went in, and the maid lifted the curtain room, and a smell of medicine soup drifted away.
I saw the queen mother sitting on the bed, and her usually dignified and cunning face was calm and kind at the moment.
She is feeding Xie Tingyun with a bowl of medicine in her hand. The atmosphere is full of warmth between her brother and sister.
I didn’t expect the queen mother to have such a gentle side.
I’m stuck.
"Xiaoyan, you’re here." Xie Tingjun caught a glimpse of me in the corner of his eye while drinking medicine and greeted me with a strong smile.
The queen mother turned and glanced at me.
The icy cold made me shudder from her seemingly textured sight.
"How dare you come to the right house and say that you are not allowed to come in? Do you ignore the words of mourning?"
I sincerely said, "Empress Dowager, I didn’t mean anything. Lord Xie has saved my life. I want to see his injury and thank him for saving me."
Xie tingyun was seriously injured. I don’t want to make it difficult for him to have a head-on conflict with the queen mother
"Sister, thanks to Xiaoyan’s treatment this time, otherwise I would have been dead. Don’t be hard on him." Xie Tingyun advised weakly.
The queen mother hummed her words from her nose with sarcasm. "Yes, thanks to her, you won hidden weapons and almost died. Ai Jia is grateful to her."
Xie Tingyun frowned, pressed his palm against his chest and coughed hard. "If she hadn’t come to the rescue, I would have died. Zhenguo Temple helped her block hidden weapons. It’s just a reward for saving her life. Sister, please don’t deliberately embarrass her, okay?"
The queen mother saw that Xie Tingjun had a bad cough. She held her anger and didn’t dare to upset him and hurt herself.
"I won’t pursue her if I look at you." The queen mother stared at me coldly and walked out of the dormitory.
I went to the bed and checked Xie Tingyun’s injury again.
"Take a good rest in bed during this period, and don’t tamper with the combination of decoction and application. It will take about half a month to scab."
"Xiaoyan, thank you. My injury is not serious, but you don’t have to come in person to send personal greetings. Your sister will doubt your emperor and probably won’t be happy when you come here."
Of course, I know it’s not right for me to appear in the right house, and Bai Xihuang won’t be happy for me to do so.