He meant not only Li Dalong, but also his father and Li Dalong’s father. He said that these two men had an accident unfortunately, but rather their personality, experience and pursuit doomed their ending from the beginning.

But what about Li Dalong?
Did he live in greatness, poverty and lowliness like his father, and eventually died in a foreign country and suddenly died in the wilderness?
They don’t deserve this tragic experience! I don’t know what kind of sentence comes to my uncle’s mind. These days, he always thinks of the picture of Li Dalong picking up the body of old Green in the heavy rain on the beach outside Rainbow City on a stormy night.
"Green, you stubborn and lovely old man, you shouldn’t die like this …"
He has been used to being a policeman for many years and has looked down on many pictures of where will you go.
But the death of old Green deeply touched him, and Li Dalong’s words greatly stimulated him.
Whether it’s your police station or your Tianlong army, whether it’s you, Li Dalong, knives and engineers, everyone’s grievances should not reach that kind and kind old man.
He should enjoy his old age in peace and finish his life, but who would have thought that he died in such a tragic and cruel way in the end?
Old green’s death is a great shame to uncle! Because this is what the police can reflect!
To some extent, he felt that he was worse than Li Dalong. At least, Li Dalong would rather be arrested himself than be avenged by the old man on the spot and be willing to send him the last journey.
He suddenly remembered a famous saying that flowed in the Tai police station, "What is a man’s sign? It is that you can stand up and take responsibility when you are most needed. Otherwise, a group of fake women are even worse than women! " to be continued
Chapter four hundred and six New
Once again, Jiang Hua appeared in the Eastern Dynasty Science and Technology Base.
In order to rescue Li Dalong, he raised 11 dragon coin funds to be converted into real-world trust points, that is, about 100 million yuan to be converted into the name of a major league lawyer’s building, which is worth the price once.
However, Zheng Dayi suddenly appeared and took on Li Dalong’s defense lawyer, which made him not only feel strange but also worried.
Zheng Dazhuang definitely didn’t come to Li Dalong to act as a defense lawyer out of kindness or official assignment. First, there has never been a precedent in the Major League Law Firm. Second, the federal government has no such assignment power to the Major League.
On these doorways are very clear. So who hired Zheng Dazhuang in Li Dalong behind the scenes? What is his purpose?
This is what Jiang Hua is most worried about. In fact, he felt this way as early as two years ago when he received the bounty from Victoria Harbour.
From that time on, he invited people to Tianxing to find out the news of Xiaowu Shen Tong, plan the escape of black spider, arrest himself in prison, get rid of Haitian polar island, return to Luoning Town, solve the knife and red ice … He always felt that there were a pair of mysterious eyes hiding in the dark outside the forces of all parties to observe his every move.
Until Zheng Dayi appeared this time, his intuition became reality, and he was sure that there were such a pair of eyes.
Who could this person be?
Waters decided not to think about it for the time being. If you can’t figure it out, you can’t wait until the inspiration comes.
Jiang Hua has a great advantage that he can plan ahead, no matter whether the final trial result of Li Dalong is good or bad, what he has to do now is to make as much money as possible in the Ninth Mainland, because he needs a lot of financial support to realize his future wishes.
Besides, he is still deeply in debt, and he is guilty of finding love. On sunny days, people like Yan Yuhua Qingcheng, Ding Ding Yu and 1v3 borrowed more than one dragon coin. But now, although the construction of major city ports in Loulan Empire has been completed and put into operation, there is definitely no way to make money in the past year or two, because the investment needs to be recovered, and the profit is really estimated to be two years later.
Yan Yuhua’s money can be delayed, but if Mad Dog Dragon is not online, other people’s money can’t be delayed. After all, others don’t see his face on the river but the sign of Mad Dog Dragon.
Where can I get the money?
Waters bowed their heads and examined their physical attributes. At present, he has exceeded level 15.
Life is 13 o’clock;
Power 99 points;
Physical fitness is 9 o’clock;
Spirit 333 points;
The moving speed is 72 points;
Science and technology intensity is 922 points;
Attack power (99*3)+ points =33 points (strength+equipment+current growth of 3 per 5 levels)
Physical Defence (9*2)+ Points =45 points (Physical Fitness+Equipment Number+Current Growth Number of 3 per 5 Levels)
5 o’clock in spell resistance;