"Don’t worry, since I have promised to let you go to Qingtangxing, I won’t break my word." Sun Yan said faintly. "As my dear friend, you can’t leave alone, but I can let someone leave with you. That’s all."

"Let me go with me, but the work of the rank patrol is so busy that I think I’ll just do it alone."
"Hum, you have to abide by the rules. What if you leave alone and cheat in the name of me? So someone must accompany you. "
As he spoke, Sun Yi ignored Chu Yifeng and shouted directly, "Cao Mo."
Cao Mo left directly with a group of people and Chu Yifeng and his party of six people, and entered Qingtang Star through the transmission array.
Shortly after Chu Yifeng left the garden of the elder, the hoarse voice appeared again and asked, "Didn’t you always think that Chu Yifeng had something to do with that mysterious energy?" Why did you let him leave? "
Sun Yan’s eyes were sharp and he watched Chu Yifeng enter the transmission array through the light screen and said coldly: "Chu Yifeng’s cultivation is definitely not limited to his infancy. He will always hide his true cultivation, but he can’t see through him. As long as he has been active, it is not difficult to show his flaws. I don’t believe him. Just like that thunderbolt move this time, do you think a yuan-infant practitioner can pull it out? Even if he blew himself up yuan baby so much … "
After a pause, the corners of Sun Zhong’s mouth slightly turned up and smiled and said, "Besides, Chu Yifeng is anxious to return to Qingtangxing because he is worried about revenge from the Liuhua family and the Xuan medical school. I hope he can fight with the Liuhua family as a bee, and it is best to drag the purple emperor star in. He has been sitting in that seat for a long time …"
The hoarse voice said clearly, "Or do you think far, but only one Chu Yifeng is enough?"
"I can’t see through Chu Yifeng now. There may be unexpected effects. Wait and see. Besides, there is Cao Mo …" A strange brilliant red lip flashed in Sun’s eyes, which was more like a drop of blood, and his mood was faintly excited.
Chu Yifeng became the elder’s close companion and was incorporated into Cao Mo’s squad. Only then did Chu Yifeng know the strength of the elder’s close companion. Among the six of them, except Chu Yifeng, who was the distraction period in the early stage of Green Thunder, was two people in the late stage of distraction and two people in the early stage of fit. It seems that Cao Mo was at least engaged in the middle stage of fit.
Cao Mo got instructions from Sun Zhong and went straight to Qingtangxing. In the process of using the transmission array, he used the privilege of rank patrol and didn’t have to queue up without any delay.
Cao Mo was always silent, saying nothing all the time. All the words were conveyed by one of his late distracted practitioners named Bayin. Chu Yifeng is also happy to be quiet, always holding a piece of Chinese spar, and the electro-optic flashing keeps practicing. Although the degree of practice is much slower, multitasking has improved the cultivation of the mind.
Ten days later, Chu Yifeng’s body recovered as before, and his mind stabilized a lot, and then the next stop through a transmission array in front of him was Qingtang Star!
White light flashed. Chu Yifeng opened his eyes and immediately saw scattered lakes and small islands. The sky was still clear and the green water was still clear. But in the distance, where the Xuanyi School was located, there was a faint sound of thunder. A few wisps of black smoke floated on the clouds from time to time, which made Chu Yifeng’s heart suddenly flash a shadow. Xuanyi sent something!

126 Xuanyi was besieged
Chu Yifeng flew to the Xuanyi Sect without waiting for Cao Mo’s command.
Cao Mo looked at Chu Yifeng, who was flying away in silence and expressionless, and said for the first time in these days, "Go."
The four men under his command all smell the wind. They knew that Cao Mo was ready to kill when he spoke, and immediately followed Chu Yifeng in the spirit of twelve.
At this time, the mountain where the Xuanyi Sect is located rises with waves of black smoke. Some trees at the entrance of the Xuanyi Sect have already been burned to ashes, and all the rocks have been blasted into a mess.
At the core of the Xuan medical school, there are halls and Dan rooms, which are shrouded in a whole piece of pink enchantment, and surrounded by hundreds of people up and down next to the enchantment. At this time, they are bombarding the pink enchantment with their magic weapons, and colorful Zhenyuan maps the monsters there!
A few people are pointing fingers at the pink boundary, among them, there are two Chu Yifeng who know each other. One is Gu Tianpeng’s father, Gu Mingxia, and the other is Liu Yang, the eldest son of a Chinese family!
"Phoenix Qian Shan Since Chu Yifeng is the revenge of your son-in-law, I will ask you to quote you. Just give me your daughter. After I kill Chu Yifeng, I guarantee that you will be safe. Otherwise, I will destroy you today!" Gu Mingxia stood in the air, shouting loudly, and her eyes were red. Obviously, she was very angry after learning that her son had been killed by Chu Yifeng.
While Liu Yang stood behind Gu Mingxia and heard Gu Mingxia’s propaganda, he couldn’t help showing a disdainful expression and glanced at Gu Mingxia with disdain.
"Gu Mingxia, how did your son die? You must know that the eldest son of the Liuhua family is alive and dead on the thorny star together. No matter if you want revenge, go to Chu Yifeng yourself. What is the reason for your massive attack on my Xuanyi Sect? Don’t be used as a gun!" It was Feng Qian Shan’s voice that stood beside Feng Qian Shan. It was what happened on the thorn star that came to inform him in advance. Feng Qian Shan learned it from his mouth.
Then Feng Qian Shan’s angry voice went on to say, "Liu Yang, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to. Gu Mingxia fooled you. I won’t let that thing you want from a Chinese family ruin me and won’t give it to you, so you’ll die!"
"Hum!" Liu Yang snorted coldly. "I don’t know if I live or die. As long as the Xuanyi Sect is broken, it’s not up to you."
Said Liu Yang, waving his hand behind him, Sang Hongyang and another master of the fit period immediately joined the crowd bombarding the pink barrier, and the pink barrier suddenly shook even harder, which seemed to be about to burst.
Phoenix Qian Shan looked worried and dignified and looked at the green magic hall outside the pink enchantment and the people of the Liuhua family kept attacking and immediately called the whole Xuan medical school to prepare for the battle.
Then Feng Qian Shan Xun turned around and walked into the hall. In the nave of the hall sat an old man with a white beard. His head was slightly bald and his face was thin. He sat there silently with his eyes closed as if he were asleep.
Feng Wan Ying clever stood beside the old man with a face of tension and looked outward to see Feng Qian Shan coming in and immediately turned his attention to him.
Feng Qian Shan’s eyes were full of love, but she looked at her daughter’s back channel: "Do you really want to hand her over for the peace of the Xuanyi School?"
And when Feng Qian Shan came in, the old man suddenly opened his eyes and two green shirts collapsed and shot away as if he had struck a lightning bolt in the hall.
"What’s going on outside?"
"Uncle Shi’s situation is not good. Wait a minute. Why don’t you leave as a disciple under the protection door?" Phoenix Qian Shan first gave a respectful ceremony and then some eager said.
"It’s not the last moment yet. If I can’t get through this, you should go. You are the future of my mysterious medical school." The old man’s eyes looked at Feng Qian Shan with expectation, and seemed to put the future of the Xuanyi School on him.
Feng Qian Shan looked at his own daughter with some hesitation and sent a message to the old man, saying, "If it’s really not good, put Wan Ying …"
"Shut up!" The old man’s eyes burst out with a light color. "You can’t mention this again. It’s not that you don’t know what they’re up to!"
Feng Qian Shan’s face flashed a trace of guilt. He dared not look at Feng Wan Ying again, but changed the subject and said:
"The collusion between Qingmo Hall and the Liuhua family has surrounded this place. Only you can leave with your disciples."
"If something is impossible, I will hold off the enemy and you will take them away from the transmission array in the back hill. Remember that as long as someone is in our Xuanyi Sect, they will not die."
"ShiShu ….." Phoenix Qian Shan also want to say what was stopped by the old man with a wave.
"Open the guardian array. The enchantment can’t stand it." The old man finally said a word and closed his eyes again.
"Yes!" Phoenix Qian Shan heart a surprised heavy voice replied immediately fly out.
There are not many masters in the Xuan Medical School, including Feng Qian Shan. There are a total of five masters in the fitting period who have stood in front of the hall at this time, waiting for the moment when the enchantment breaks. Behind them are more than a dozen disciples in the distracted period, dozens of disciples in the out-of-body experience period, and some disciples who have not formed the Yuanying period. Such strength can only be regarded as a medium Sect in the fix-up world, and it can also be neutral in the fix-up world. But now it seems that the Xuan Medical School is only destroyed in the face of the attack of the first-class Chinese family, the largest force in the fix-up world.
Because just outside the pink enchantment, there are four practitioners in the Green Magic Hall, and there are many disciples who are not weaker than the Xuanyi School, but they are not the main force of this attack. The real threat is the people from the Chinese family brought by Liu Yang.
On their side, there are four practitioners in the fitting period and dozens of distracted men, but there is always a person standing beside Liu Yang, whose figure always seems to be wrapped in a layer of black fog, making it impossible to see his face clearly.
"Bang!" The pink enchantment was opened by an out-of-body practitioner, and his attack became the last straw to crush the enchantment, and then the pink enchantment was quickly cleared away.