Fei Ying hurriedly stretched out her tongue. She was too aware of Feng Luo’s temper. If she was really angry, it was really no good, so she obediently shut up.

Feather and Chloe had a good time. They also made a big snowman. Feather picked up two black pine cone snowmen and installed their eyes. Chloe also picked a red snake grass snowman and installed a bright red and lovely mouth.
Feather pastor stepped back and looked at this cute snowman grinning, and there was a big snow lotus feather pastor in his hand. He couldn’t help laughing happily.
This snowman is really cute.
Feather Zhen and Kerr looked around the snowman and were very excited. They didn’t know that danger was approaching them step by step.
Suddenly, she felt that her feet and legs were stuck in the deep snow. She tried hard to pull her feet out of the snow, but her legs seemed to be gripped by something, getting deeper and deeper.
"Ah … help!" Feather pastor waved to Chloe for help not far from the side, but in this way, a powerful force suddenly pulled the whole body of feather pastor into Zita Law.
Chloe was surprised to hear the call of Feather Pastor. He rushed over with one stride, but Feather Pastor was pulled into the snow in the blink of an eye. Chloe grabbed her hand.
Chloe gritted her teeth and tried to get the feather out of the snow, but suddenly several huge vines appeared in the snow. These vines seemed to have life, as if they stretched out several powerful hands to grasp every inch of Chloe’s body with a sharp sword, and the leaves were suddenly cut off at Chloe’s arm.
Chloe didn’t want to loosen her hands, so her arm got a few knives forcefully. Suddenly, the wound turned tender and bleed profusely, and she lost her strength. She loosened her hands and lost sight in the snow.
Several vines suddenly appeared from the snow and plunged into the snow again, as if the roots had never appeared.
Chloe, regardless of his arm injury, hurriedly dragged the feather to Zita Law to dig hard, but despite digging deep, there is not even a hair on the feather.
The poor girl seems to be dragged into a world that has never existed before.
When Chloe ran into the palace in amazement to find The Hunger Fengluo, Fengluo was planning the future war with Fei Ying and Lan Xue.
See Chloe outgunned, unprepared appearance wind los "teng" to get up from his seat and say "what did you say? What plants? " He seized our front.
"No, I didn’t see clearly that it was a huge plant. First, I dragged Sister Feather into Zita Law. I caught Sister Feather with one hand, but when they were about to pull her out, the plant came out with snow and tightly wrapped the child around its leaves as if handfuls of sharp.
Looking at Chloe’s arm and shoulder all bloody and shocking scars, The Hunger Feng Luo’s bloody eyes stare like flames. He smashed the stone table in front of him and said coldly, "Dare to rob people with my hand? No matter who is a person, I will drain his blood, whether it is flowers or grass, I will burn its roots! "
Lan Xue quickly came over and said softly, "Calm down, let’s calmly analyze this Tianshan Mountain. Although there are many monsters besides us, there are not many who dare to touch the The Hunger Temple."
Feng Luo couldn’t calm his anger. He said coldly, "So what kind of monster do you think it might be?"
Fei Ying smiled and said, "Look at Kerr’s description that this is a flower demon or a tree demon. If it is not what I expected, it should be the flower demon Snow Lotus!"
Snow lotus? Wind los a confused look at Fei Ying face full of question marks.
Featherhead woke up from a coma and now he is in a place full of strange flowers. Where on earth is this?
Feather bow moves his hands and feet, but now his hands and feet are tightly bound by soft and tough stems, so he can’t move.
What the hell is going on here?
Chapter one hundred and sixty Snow Lotus Girl
Feather Zhen carefully recalled that she was suddenly dragged into the Zita Law when she was playing with the little vampire Kerr in the snow. Because of her desperate shouting and struggle, her nose, ears and mouth were full of snow and she couldn’t breathe easily.
I didn’t expect to wake up and now I am in this strange place.
It’s surrounded by beautiful and exotic flowers and plants. I didn’t expect there to be such a place full of spring in this snow-covered Tianshan Mountain, but why are you imprisoned in such a beautiful place?
Feather Zhen shouted, "Is there anyone? What brought me here? Let me go! Is there anyone? Help! "
Feather called for about two cups of tea, and finally a beautiful word came softly, but it was as cold as snow. "Don’t shout again, and no one will come to save you. Don’t forget that this is my place!"
Then there was a gentle step from far to near, and I looked around and saw a beautiful girl in white.
That bundle of white robe is tightly wrapped in ice muscle and snow skin, brown and long without decoration, but it has been over the girl’s ankle, and the girl is slim and jade (don’t you feel cold in this cold winter? ) There is a string of small silver bells hanging on your feet, and it is a series of jingling bells when you walk.///
A girl looks as if she is about seventeen years old, with a pair of affectionate black eyes. It seems that I am still pitiful, white and delicate, and my skin is almost semi-transparent like milk.