Su Shiyuan has been crying into tears at this time. As soon as he leans, he will jump towards the bottom of the valley. At the same time, a scream suddenly comes and both of them are surprised.

"Not good! It’s Yuan Zhi! " Chu Lin and Su Shiyuan said with the same mouth, and then the force was swept away in the direction of making a sound, and there was no delay.
"Yuan Zhi Yuan Zhi, wake up!" Su Shiyuan returned to the place where Yan Niang was caught, but there were several other people stationed here besides Yuan Zhi, and the guards couldn’t afford to fall down. Where was the Yan Niang?
Yuan Vegetation slowly opened his eyes with such a push "Mei Mei"
Su Shiyuan heard this word, and he was so sad that he bit his lip and tried to say something, but he didn’t say it after all.
"What the hell happened?" Chu Lin looked around and finally turned his eyes to Yuan Zhishen.
Su Shiyuan had a checkup. Fortunately, he was not injured.
"Is it that Lu Mingyang rescued Yan Niang?" Yuan Zhi stretched out his hand and rubbed his neck. Just now, Lu Mingyang moved very fast, but he saw that when the face was so long, he would never mistake one for another!
"What?" The two never expected that things would develop to the point where Su Shiyuan was really scared by this fact. Now Mei hasn’t found Lu Mingyang and he’s out again. Isn’t he already locked up? For so long, no one knows the exact location of him, so it’s impossible to prevent someone from coming to save him and changing places every three days!
Chu Lin and Su Shiyuan glances two people suddenly feel that this thing is not so simple.
Yuan Zhi has been asking about Mei since he woke up, but they are also anxious. Yuan Zhi just woke up and Su Shiyuan didn’t let him touch. The three of them just waited here for news.
Finally, two hours later, Chu Lin sent guards to climb from the valley, and Su Shiyuan’s eyes were red and swollen like walnuts. After seeing the guards, she shone at the moment, but she didn’t see Mei coming back.
"how about it? Did you find it? " Chu Lin suddenly got up from the ground and asked
Those guards are not dragging their feet, and they are always alive and kicking. Today, something like this suddenly happened, and they feel very uncomfortable.
"The two masters didn’t find Miss Mei," the first bodyguard reported with fuels.
Su Shiyuan felt relieved to hear this, but on second thought, would that cunning woman deliberately hide Mei somewhere else or take her away?
Su Shiyuan more think more nervous turned to look at the chu now is really helpful.
"You will turn over this mountain. People can’t find it back. Don’t come to see the king." Chu Lin patted Su Shiyuan’s shoulder. Su Shiyuan nodded and still couldn’t say a word.
Yuan Zhi plunged into the snow and cried bitterly. When they tried to persuade him to get up, Yuan Zhi suddenly jumped out of the snow and ran in the mountains.
"It’s the Lord!" Yuan Zhi likes jokes very much on weekdays, and no one has ever seen such a thing. His group of guards bowed their heads to fuels when they saw this.
Near Chu Lin, I personally picked up some dry firewood to gather a fire. Su Shiyuan was groggy and leaned against his shoulder, feeling that his cheeks were very hot, but his heart was as cold as a bottom hole.
"Luca brasi son don’t sleep will find mei! The guards didn’t find her. That’s hope. Yuan Er, wake up! " Chu Lin sat next to her and dared not move. From the moment she didn’t cry or make trouble, she felt something was wrong. Chu Lin reached out and touched the smooth forehead, boiling hot!
The head is boiling hot!
"Nothing will happen to Mei." Su Shiyuan could hear him, but she couldn’t keep her eyes open.
She can cure both drugs, but she can’t take care of herself!
Chu Lin ordered the guards to continue to find it and sent people to follow Yuan Zhisheng, fearing that he would have an accident, and quickly hugged the man in his arms and got up and walked towards the palace.
When they returned to the mansion, it was already dark, and the housekeeper knew that they were looking for Mei, their own sovereign and princess. It was really easy for the sovereign to come back with the princess and not see anyone else, which frightened the housekeeper and the government.
"ah! What’s wrong with the princess? " Xianer heard about it and was very anxious. She had been walking around the courtyard regardless of whether it was cold or not.
"Hurry to find a doctor too much!" Chu Lin was afraid of blowing her up in one breath, so he held her in his arms like a fragile dessert and felt distressed.
Xianer and housekeeper should hurry to find cure too much.
"Luca brasi, let’s go home. Open your eyes and see." Chu Lin held her and walked to the backyard. Before anyone kept the door, she kicked Su Shiyuan’s eyelashes after hearing the door, but she still didn’t wake up.
"Don’t go! Mom doesn’t leave me and dad! " Su Shiyuan opened his eyes quickly and closed again. Just as Chu Lin wanted to pour her some water to moisten her throat, Su Shiyuan suddenly grabbed his arm with one hand. After hearing this, Chu Lin was very surprised and looked at her, but she stopped talking.
Mom, dad? He was the first time to hear this call in the Chu suddenly some Meng.
"Small Luca brasi son lovely thirsty not thirsty? I’ll give you water. "Chu Lin looked at her original ruddy lip with distress and became a little pale, which made people feel a pain in the apex.
"Don’t go!" Su Shiyuan seems to have reached out and grabbed him again when he heard the words Xiaoyuan’s son.
"I don’t go" Su Shiyuan trembled, and Chu Lin quickly stuffed her hand into the quilt.
Today, something happened suddenly, and it was windy in the mountains. She was heartbroken and caught cold, which really made people feel helpless and heartbroken!
It turns out that she has always been a strong barrier in her heart, and a person can’t support it. Chu Lin simply squatted by the bed and watched her. It is conceivable how she survived when he disappeared.
"The report heals too much." The housekeeper and XianEr ran straight down, and they were almost caught by XianEr.
In Chu, with his head propped up in one hand, he stayed by the bed with Su Shiyuan, and finally he didn’t sleep steadily. It seems that he was dreaming.
"Come in!" Chu Lin said later that people have already got up.