Yuan Shikai silently observed this. He guessed that many people finally targeted the horse. He moved his fat body and slowly climbed the stairs with the help of the housekeeper. Yuan Kewen quickly stood in front of his father, holding a gun and watching the house warily.

"Is there a horse line inside?" Yuan Shikai asked.
"It’s me," Ma Xinggao replied. "I’m sorry to tell you that your wife was shot dead by your son."
Yuan Kewen nu way "nonsense is that you killed nine aunt".
"Ha ha, you can say whatever you like. People are dead anyway," Ma Hang said. "I still have someone in my hand. If you don’t want her to die, you’d better stay outside the door and let Yuan Shikai come in alone."
The "Empress" horse line broke Bula out of Yuan Yizhen’s mouth and endured for a long time. Yuan Yizhen looked at his mother’s tragic death and cried in front of his face. He squeezed Longjie next to the body for fear that Yuan Kewen would hold Yuan Yizhen again with a gun.
Yuan Shikai sighed when he heard his daughter crying. This horse line haunts himself like a ghost. Aunt Jiu is dead. Even if we can get rid of the horse line this time, who knows where this little girl will wait for herself? It’s hard to say who will die, old and young, but it’s better to end this matter now.
Yuan Shikai blocked Yuan Kewen and said to the room, "Ma Hang, you mustn’t hurt my daughter. I’ll come in now."
"Father" Yuan Kewen pulls Yuan Shikai. "You can’t go in. Ma Hang is here to kill you. I’m afraid you have to go in."
Yuan Shikai righteously ignored Yuan Kewen and his men’s advice to step into the house. Yuan Kewen followed closely behind him and broke in with several servants. Ma Hang did not give Yuan Kewen and others a chance to shoot at random. The two sides shot at each other. A mirror box gun with 20 rounds of bullets was crucial to the head and heart. If it appeared in front of his eyes, everyone would be shot dead.
Yuan Kewen backed by Yuan Shikai and pointed a gun at Ma Hang. He already had several loopholes. There was no blood dripping down the loopholes on the floor. "Tick-tock" sounded Yuan Kewen’s face was full of sweat and gritted his teeth. "Kill me if Ma Hang has something to do. I will kill you even if I do something."
"You are still bravado when you don’t play." "Bang" Ma Hang shot Yuan Kewen in the chest. The powerful impact made Yuan Kewen shake and slowly lean back against Yuan Shikai’s back. The greatest pain in the world is that the white-haired man sent the black-haired man Yuan Shikai to fight back tears and looked at Ma Hang. "You should be satisfied with this. I have a request not to hurt my family."
End of the second volume
Chapter two hundred and one The past is unbearable
"Tell dad to call dad quickly."
Ma Hang’s son kept throwing the children into high places, crying. Wu Jing quickly grabbed the children from Ma Hang and roared, "Are you going to kill people or is he not your son?"
"Ha-ha-ha" Ma Hang smirked. "Boys should have the courage. I went hunting with my dad Shan when I was 18. Boys should practice their courage so that they can grow up."
"Ha, ha, ha, eldest brother is right." Zhang Xueliang came in from the door with a smile. Zhang Xueliang’s uniform was more elegant and handsome than that in Beijing, and he was full of samples.
Ma Hang hurried out to meet Zhang Xueliang and nodded, "Second brother, thank you, big brother."
Zhang Xueliang said, "What are our brothers doing saying these words? You are my eldest brother, my sister-in-law tiger, and my nephew’s eldest brother is not here. Do you still have to thank me for being a brother, taking care of my sister-in-law and nephew? Think about what it was like when Yun Chang protected Liu Bei’s family in Cao Cao. Although I can learn better than Yun Chang."
Two people talking and laughing, Zhang Xueliang said, "I brought you a friend today, and he must be happy to see him." Zhang Xueliang waved Han Xiaomo and came in in a uniform from the outside, and saluted Zhang Xueliang and Ma Hang neatly. Ma Hang almost didn’t recognize it for a long time before saying, "Korean shopkeeper."
Han Xiaomo smiled. "Brother Ma is not quiet. It hurts me to find the capital. I just want to turn it over. Brother Ma, you are not authentic."
Ma Hang has been in Mukden for half a year. During this period, he has been with his wife and children, Zhang Xueliang, for three or two days to see Heiwa, Longjie and Stone. Liu Wu and Xiaoshun are all arranged in the weighing army. They say they are not soldiers and are willing to follow Ma Hang. In this case, Liu Wu even manages Xiao Shun as a private doctor of Ma Hang.
Liu Wuduan poured a cup of tea for everyone and made it. When Ma Hang left the capital, Han Xiaomo took a long breath. "It was a worry when I learned that Ma Brothers had three people rushed to the Japanese concession to catch Yuan Shikai."
"Ha ha, what are you worried about? Didn’t you come out safely?" Ma Hang shook his clothes. "Look at all the hairs."
"Eldest brother has never talked about it since you came to Fengtian. Tell us about it if you are happy today," Zhang Xueliang suggested.
Ma Hang took a sip of tea and looked up at the green leaves of the tree. His thoughts returned to the two-story building in the concession six months ago. Yuan Shikai looked at his son Yuan Kewen and died in front of his eyes. I don’t know where the strength suddenly became like a wild animal grabbed Yuan Kewen’s gun and pointed it at Ma Hang, but he didn’t pull the trigger. Black Eva and Longjie’s gun also rang at the same time. Seven rounds were hit in Yuan Shikai’s back and his back was smashed.
Outside, assume that Yuan Kewen and Yuan Shikai’s father were both killed. One by one, they were dumbfounded. Others followed the stairs and ran outside. The Japanese military police and police officers just rushed out to see a group of people, and they didn’t ask why. A dozen assume that they were killed on the spot, and Yuan Guyuan was dyed bright red, which was particularly dazzling in the scorching sun.
Ma Hang took out a dagger, cut Yuan Shikai’s head and shouted, three people jumped out of the window and ran to the gate of the concession. The gendarmerie and the police officers in the Japanese concession blew their whistle, and the larger team was afraid of not going out for three people. The whole Japanese concession was a mess.
"What should I do? I didn’t play." Heiwa polished the last magazine and waved it at Ma Hang with a gun. Ma Hang didn’t send a few shots. More and more gendarmes and policemen casually found a family to "walk in."
Heiwa kicked the door and rushed in. Everyone inside was hiding in the corner, shivering. Heiwa looked at it and grabbed a kitchen knife and ran to the second floor. The gendarmerie and the police followed suit and rushed in regardless. Several shots rushed in the front. The gendarmerie immediately fell down.
Longjie rolled forward and rushed over to grab two Japanese spears and hid in the door in the bullets. The blood on Longjie’s shoulder oozed a little along the sleeve and endured great pain. He threw a gun into the hand of the horse line. With the furniture in the house, the horse line only had rifles, and the Japanese and the police officers rushed into the house and turned them over one by one.
"See if there is a way out" Ma Hang shouted at Heiwa.
The Japanese have surrounded the whole room, and there are a large group of people who dare to come here. A handkerchief is wrapped around their wounds and a dagger is used to stare at the red eyes in front of those civilians who are too scared to move and ask, "Who is the master?"
"I’m I’m" A chubby middle-aged man slowly got up and rubbed his moustache. He looked like a Japanese. This guy speaks Chinese well and has no Japanese accent.
"Have a gun?" Longjie roared.
The Japanese man shook his head. "No, we are businessmen. We don’t have guns at home."
"Well," leoco eyebrows a twist dagger rack to the Japanese man’s neck and wipe it hard. On that day, when the man grew up, his mouth looked at leoco’s eyes and slowly became soft along the wall. Where did leoco wipe the dagger blood? The guy continued to ask, "To tell the truth, I must pull a few mats before I die."