War ghost body as if a full horsepower F1 racing car strides to the front of the black dress person who hasn’t landed yet. The right fist hits the black dress person in the chest with great force, and the black dress person is delayed by this punch as if it had stopped! One second, the ghost body flies and rotates, and the left fist hits along the rotating power!

After being hit by this boxing, the black man finally woke up from the pause and immediately felt that this boxing not only concealed a strong flame force and injected it into his body, but also produced a strong suction to prevent his lean and thin body from being beaten out!
Often fighting consciousness makes this black dress person now that the first two punches are a accumulation of strength to pave the way. That punch is the most horrible and powerful blow. He can make a move. The ghost of war turns around again, and his right fist has stretched out his left foot and hooked the neck of the ghost of war tightly while his right foot pressed against the shoulder of the ghost of war.
The third punch of the war ghost was just about to come out, but suddenly I felt a huge force on my shoulders and neck at the same time. This feeling was like the spinning top was suddenly stopped by a whip, and the whole body rotation came to an abrupt end!
This is the absolute suppression of power!
This is a skill that can only be completed if the strength value is less than 5o points!
It should be noted that in the straw hat regiment, the pirate flag has been added to 25 points, which belongs to the ghost power behind the chest. Most of the fifth-order walkers have reached about 41o6, which means that the power of men in black can reach 46o points! Even the ordinary seventh-order strength-type walkers may not be able to reach this value!
But who is the war ghost? It was after years of bloody fighting that the powerful male Green machine gun was interrupted in the middle. He forced to swallow a mouthful of blood, vigorous and powerful, and his hands were as blue as a thousand-year-old tree, so he grabbed it at the waist of a man in black!
Class Argentina attack!
At this time, the black dress person’s body is still half-legged, and he just wants to withdraw his body without any help. Don’t say that his strength is more than 50 points, and it is absolutely impossible to stop this move!
Even worse, the Argentine attack is accompanied by suppression throwing skills!
In a hurry, the black dress person feels that his body is imprisoned by several chains, but he has a strength but can’t use it. With the ghosts of war, the black dress person feels that a gust of wind blows strong wind pressure like several skates to draw scars on his body!
Flying less than three meters, the black man felt a great force again, but this force came from his own strong suction. He felt as if he were in a black hole, which instantly added an exponential acceleration to himself and made his body fall madly!
Bang, a loud noise, and the iron shoulder of the war ghost is severely shouldered on the spine of the black man. The pain makes the black man’s eyes almost protrude from his eyes, and the black man’s feet fall into the ground! However, this tough man didn’t feel sad at all, but his face appeared crazy and happy. His arms and muscles bulged high, and his hands were held high by the neck and waist of the black man, and then he smashed it with his big head!
And the ground to meet the men in black are ten small automatic robots that have just made the sound of "Bibi Bobo" from the array!
Zhaojie hands fuels smile looked at the front of the fight this recruit to even if the black dress person is not war ghost wrestling skills to hit the residual will be blown off by his robot a layer of skin!
At this time, all his control skills have not been released, and he is ready to start after intercepting the enemy.
However, at this time, an aurora-like figure swept across the snow from a distance, rolled up more than ten meters high, and the snow waves stabbed the milli to prepare for the ghost!
This figure is like a sword, like a strong arrow, like a lightning bolt. The whole body is wrapped with a crazy mountain. Lei Guang seems to be wearing a ray armor. It gives people a feeling that if he wants to wipe it, he will inevitably blow it. He ran across the local snow and didn’t see a clear footprint. He was already rolled up by this madness.
He is too fast. When zhaojie and others are now, this guy has sprinted from 100 meters away to a place less than 20 meters away from the war ghost, but he can sprint to this end. Because when his body travels to a place less than 5 meters away from the war ghost, a slim body instantly appears behind him. When a man is running, he doesn’t feel the other person’s movement, and he is wiped by a strange long knife with a cold and stiff breath. Suddenly, his body stumbles and one mouthful of blood spurts out-not because the long knife cuts his throat, but because his skills are interrupted.
It was Jeremy!
This girl has been running forward at the moment when the sprinting man appears. After the distance between the other party is close to 30 meters, she instantly moves from the blade shadow skill-cutting throat!
Throat cutting (LV5 is within 30 meters of the enemy. The blade shadow instantly moves to the back of the enemy to cut off the opponent’s throat, causing 2oo+5 basic attack damage to the enemy and 3 seconds of silence effect to the enemy. It can interrupt all skills with priority less than 5.
What’s worth it here is that the sprint is really fast. When Jeremy’s throat-cutting skill is less than half a second, he runs for 20 meters again, which also makes Jeremy passively move with him to a place less than 20 meters away from the war ghost.
A piece of snow transpiration falling Jeremiah saw the true appearance of sprinting man. This guy is a white ninja in the ice and snow. If he lies down for 20 meters, he will not show his figure.
Jeremy smiled proudly, and the right-hand knife was cut on the back of the white ninja again. This time, she didn’t make the skill as high as 395. She added the blade shadow passive skill compassion (compassion) (LV4 caused 25 additional damage to the enemy with negative effects, deducted additional damage to the physical defense, and wiped out the opponent’s 36o point physical value. Suddenly, the opponent’s physical value disappeared by one tenth.
Then her knife appeared a pale golden light, and this woman impressively added her active skills to the assassin’s track (Assassin’s track (LV5 attacks caused additional 3oo+12o basic attack damage to the enemy and made the enemy bleed, making the target appear 2oo+1o basic attack physical damage for 6 seconds, and then cut it again!
The white ninja obviously hasn’t recovered from the skill being interrupted at the moment. What’s worse, Jeremy’s knife method is extremely fast for 15 seconds, and two knives have fallen to his natural method to avoid the body. Suddenly, a blood red number of 639 floated, and at the same time, the blood on his back wound could not stop flowing out, and the body came up with 1o4 numbers from time to time.
On the other side, the man in black in a loud noise has been slapped by the war ghost like a rammer and bent back at a strange angle.
After a smash, the war ghost did not continue to start work, but rolled back for nearly five meters.
After the war ghost left Ann’s distance, ten small robots courageously hit the black dress person almost at the same time, and suddenly a series of crashing explosions sounded and a small mushroom cloud turned up.
In the flame rising, the war ghost strode forward again, jumped up high, curled up in the middle of the fire, and then bombarded with violent fire with his right fist!
Detonation bomb!
War ghost figure as if falling fighter rolled up a puff of white smoke and slammed it in the position of black dress person. Suddenly it exploded again and the whole ground trembled and was bombarded. The whole ground was smashed into more than one meter deep.
But zhaojie’s brow wrinkled up, and zhaojie got a message from the feedback from the war ghost that the man in black had disappeared!
When looking at Jeremiah’s side again, it was obvious that Jeremiah had regained consciousness just after waving the white ninja with the third knife. He stretched out his hand and summoned a golden sword. The backhand blocked the metal on the top of his head. The white ninja had already separated from Jeremiah. Although this guy was killed by Jeremiah in an instant, he was in a panic. Jeremiah’s knife came to the strength to pop himself out for a second and ran away in the distance.
But is Jeremy so handsome? This handsome and cold girl’s right hand swung forward and flew out side by side like a helicopter propeller, twisting three ferocious wounds in the white ninja body, especially when the flying knife penetrated his body and flew out from the lower abdomen! After flying out for fifteen meters, the three-handle long Bi flew back to the white ninja without even jumping to avoid it, and then flew back to Jeremy from the original wound again!
Cut the grass and remove the roots (LV5 fanned out the rotary flying knife to the front, causing 15o+6o basic attack damage when passing through the enemy (every time there is no handle knife and the enemy’s 4o mobility is reduced for 2 seconds)
Suddenly, the white ninja body floated up with a huge red number of 1512, and at the same time, this unfortunate comrade didn’t hide in the past, so he felt as if his body had crushed a mountain and his feet had stepped on a swamp. It was harder and more painful to take a step than to ascend to heaven, but it took him 14 seconds to cool down, which made him suddenly enveloped by strong fear!
The most important thing is that he has less than 150 points left in his head at the moment. The theory of physical strength is that zhaojie means that one person can easily kill it with a casual blow
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods Chapter 11 I said you will die if you die!
The black dress person kicked out and felt that he was kicking a woman’s soft body, but the feeling of contact was like kicking a huge alloy ingot connected to the mountain. Although the general force was output, the anti-seismic force made him almost untenable.
Zhaojie’s eyes narrowed slightly and said to the little girl, "Leona’s physical defense 115 made Leona deduct 4o2 points, saying that the enemy’s strength value of 517 was so excellent that the stunt of the passer-by would not be a fifth-order passer-by, but less than six."
The little loli’s eyes looked nervously at Leona in the battle, but her heart asked, "Mom, all three of them are fifth-order crossovers. Can they really deal with that person?"
Zhaojie comforted and rubbed her head warmly and said, "Don’t worry, although the three of them fought together for the first time, they were already familiar with each other’s skills before. Leona and Jeremiah were both excellent soldiers before the war, and they were not inferior to me in their keen insight. They will be able to get familiar with each other quickly from the battle."
The little girl stared at the battle ahead. At this moment, Leona chopped the sword, and the ground contact point spread to four Zhou Xun. An earthquake ripple made the whole ground tremble like cotton. The black man stepped back after being kicked out and was unstable. At this moment, he was hit by Leona chopped wave and immediately shook on this soft ground.
Leona turned around with a knife and then a sword with a strong breeze swept across the legs of men in black.
Although the black dress person is unstable, he is still alert to jump in place and avoid this dangerous chop, but floating in the middle, he is greeted with a pair of shoe soles!
It was the war ghost that kicked Ralph out in a spin!