Actually, Changsheng doesn’t care about this year’s annual selection.

Seeing the momentum of Barcelona, he knew that this year’s European football must be the "Barcelona Year".
Barcelona has done well, and it is normal for them to live with so many praises.
You know, I won a lot of praise when I won five championships last year.
His mind is not at all on football now.
Christmas and New Year always win this year. I didn’t take Avril to travel around for a holiday.
But chose to stay at home.
The family are quietly waiting for a new life to come.
Avril’s due date is January 15th, but anyone who has been a parent knows that the due date is not allowed.
Sometimes the children will come out half a month before the meeting, and sometimes the children will be delayed for half a month.
From this time, Chang Sheng’s family has entered a "state of war."
At this time, how can there be a mind to award these?
For Changsheng, anyway, those awards will be given every year. If there is no year, just get them back.
Changsheng hopes that the children can come out before the end of the winter break so that they will not be distracted from training.
But his mother criticized him and told him that it was better for the child to come out late than early.
So the ever-victorious boy is the oldest …
Children can come as they want.
Anyway, the nursery and the stadium have been completed, and now the family has moved back home, expecting and nervously waiting for the birth of their first child.
By January 2nd, Avril’s baby still didn’t move.
The winter break in Serie A is over.
On January 5 th, a new round of league matches will start, and there is no way to stay at home all day. It will be somewhat absent-minded
Changsheng is not a robot. He also has worldly desires.
Especially when he is going to be a father, he is still very excited.
He didn’t even have a wife for a generation, let alone a child.
To the whole world, this is still a "big girl sedan chair-the first time"
I thought it was the first time to be a head coach in Hertha, but at least he simulated it several times in FM games in his previous lives.
Who are you going to imitate when you have a baby as a father?
However, Chang Sheng can still adjust his mood.
He soon came to his senses, and although he was a little ahead of the second Inter Milan in the league, it was not a time for pride.
He has serious things to do.
The first thing is to talk to ledesma.
He always won a game against Inter Milan, but he still remembers it.
Lazio went on holiday directly after that game.
Changsheng didn’t go to ledesma for the first time. He decided to let ledesma have a peaceful Christmas holiday, which was a sign of his kindness.
Now that the holiday is over, so is kindness.
Ledesma didn’t expect the boss to find himself on the first day of New Year training.
And still looking for yourself in front of the team
Not in his office or at the training ground after training.
It was before training that the boss called him out in front of all the players, and his face was not very good.