"Tong Tong, what’s the matter with you?" Li Wenbin felt something was wrong with me and tugged at my hand.

I gasped heavily and couldn’t speak back.
"The groom, would you like to marry the bride’s wife" came in front to preside over the question.
I looked at the pair of men and women standing side by side in front of me, and my chest was like a knife cutting my eyes. I suddenly screamed "Ah …" Then I ran out, but I fell down on the red carpet because of my heel shoes.
"Tong Tong" Li Wenbin screamed and helped me up before I was busy.
I don’t know. I threw Li Wenbin’s hand and ran forward.
"Tong Tong … where are you?" Behind him is a man eager and scared, shouting familiar and distant.
But I can’t hear you. I want to escape from this painful place as soon as possible. I kick off my heel shoes and I run away like a gust of wind
"Tong Tong …"
"Dong Lin …"
There seems to be several voices behind me calling me to catch up. I feel that my head is about to explode, and it is even faster to cry for a few feet.
A crazy man can run faster than a rocket. Even Li Wenbin, a former soldier, couldn’t chase me for a while.
But how can I run past those men behind me?
So when I saw the big pool in front of me, I plunged into it. I thought it would definitely end my pain and I wouldn’t be chased by them
When the whole person fell into the water, I flashed a picture of a woman smiling at the lake at night … Her body fell into the cold water and her brain exploded … The past was vivid …
I close my eyes and hook my lips and let my body sink to the bottom of the pool … Please God never let me wake up again … never again.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three HeJun
I was in a wide place where I couldn’t tell whether it was day or night. Because it was gray all around, I was walking blindly in the fog, but I couldn’t get out, and I didn’t know how long I had been walking. Suddenly, a male voice came over my head.
Section 132
"Tong Tong …" He gently called over and over again.
I stopped listening in the fog.
"What are you leaving?"
"Why be so cruel … Do you know how hard it has been for me to find you for more than a year?"
The male voice is deep and hoarse, and I cry more than sadness.
"You wake up, ok? I’ll go to the operation immediately if you wake up …"
I feel unbearable heartache, and my chest is even more oppressive. I can’t help but scream a little as I see the light in front of me.
I woke up from my dream, but my eyes were already wet.
"Tong Tong … You’re awake." The man’s voice is a little rusty.
I slowly turned my head and looked at the person by the bed. His eyes looked at me, but it was Dong Junyi. His face was thin and his face was very bad, but he was still handsome, which made me unable to move my eyes.
I looked at him greedily … just let time stand still at this moment so that I can always look at him.
He was dressed in a bridegroom’s ceremony, but he still stung my colleague to wake me up. He clasped my hand with both hands and asked, "Tong Tong, are you awake?"
He really lost it … How could he ruin himself like this? Where did Zou Chen go ?.. How could he be so stupid?
I felt a sour nose and sobbed. I suddenly withdrew my technique and began to cry.
As soon as he leaned over and hugged me on the bed, he was a little excited and gasped. "Tong Tong, I’m so glad you’re awake."
I smoked his familiar smell as if he were addicted to drugs, and I felt his heart beating violently and his breathing was a little short.
"Tong Tong, you’re finally awake. Great, great," he muttered.
I finally took a deep breath of his body smell and gritted my teeth to push him "don’t touch me". My line was hoarse.
The line has become a little hoarse since I woke up from my coma.
Zou Chen was pushed to the side of the bed by me, and he immediately came back again, holding me down and growling, "What the hell happened to you?" Tell me, "he looked a little excited and a little sad, and his lips trembled."