Jinyang was suddenly excited to fly, and the huge dharma body single fist slammed out and hit the head of the dharma body, which surprised Jinyang, but the skull still didn’t respond.

Jinyang smiled and gave birth to something on the top of his head. It was the day when the old bald donkey was scattered and left in the "devil’s refining pot". The Yuan God branded the "God whip". According to the Sanqing secret method, the god whip violently waved the dark golden skull, and his brains suddenly broke and burst.
Jinyang mouth a suction golden brains immediately maser fell to the ground.
How could a hare shoot out a water arrow and shoot down my flying knife? This is incredible, isn’t it?
The three of us froze for iodine before we let it go.
The "Whip of God" has been instantly broken when the golden light is flashing, and even the ban of Feather Spirit has not been directly broken. Flying to Jinyang "thirty-three days away" didn’t care if you want to get it. You can’t be too greedy when you take the road. "Whip of God" is an artifact created by Taoist life. It is absolutely impossible for you to possess it.
Feather spirit slowly fell out of curiosity and asked, "Strike the whip"? The person who owns this whip is very strong, probably with my divine power. I am definitely no match for this creation artifact, except for the creation of the God King, the creation of God and the creation of the protoss. "
The head was broken by Jinyang one by one, and the essence department was sucked by Jinyang. The demon has completely died and the feather spirit will no longer continue to sit in the body of the demon.
Jinyang waist-relieving Zijin dry Kun bag shakes slightly. Instant dry Kun bag rolls out with a great suction to directly absorb the body of the demon. Although it is a body, it is all the essence of energy, so Jinyang will naturally not miss many joints and can be refined into a magic weapon. The power will never be lower than that of ordinary innate Lingbao.
I can’t imagine that a person like Bai Jinyang will be selected when I look at Jinyang like a ghost sweeping. However, he also thought about it in his mind and did not show it directly.
At this moment, Zhong Kui and Cui Yu both knelt on the ground and respectfully begged, "I hope that the Emperor can rescue the emperor and the hundreds of millions of Yin soldiers and Yin gods in my land. In the future, the Emperor will have a place to send someone to command Cui Yu of Zhong Kui to go through fire and water."
Jinyang after the disintegration of toxin strength also finished the recovery also because of the demon brain when smoking to digest clean strength will greatly increase the temperament and follow a good smile "Fengdu Emperor is my heaven to seal the rescue of the emperor is the emperor’s job, the two can rest assured."
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Heaven Volume Chapter 436 Ten Temple Yan
Heaven Volume Chapter 436 Ten Temple Yan
The expression of Jinyang’s face in feng du Hall is suspended in the middle, and the whole body is digested by Zijin Zhenyuan’s entanglement. The brain marrow of Tianyao has almost crystallized, which contains the essence of pure Tianyao’s body and is also the antidote of the giant poison in Jinyang’s incarnation. As the brain is digested a little, the giant poison is slowly dissolved.
Half a month ago, the jade box was sent to Jinyang by the order of Sanqing. Unfortunately, it was not an antidote, but an artifact "Beating God’s Whip". Sanqing helped Jinyang figure out a way to suppress toxins. In the combination of "Beating God’s Whip" and "Demon Pot", two artifacts were forced to suppress Jinyang’s toxins. Although Jinyang’s legs still walk, he rarely needs legs at the moment.
At the same time, Sanqing knew that the pure celestial demon was hiding in a cunning way, which made it extremely boring to hide. Even the ancestors of Sanqing, who put them into the three realms, could not finish mastering their whereabouts. However, it is obvious that the underworld discovered the disappearance of Taoist feng du as early as 10,000 years ago, and I don’t want to know that these guys hiding in the dark did it.
After hearing that Jinyang needs the demon brain to detoxify, Sanqing immediately told Jinyang about the secret of the underworld. I hope Jinyang can clear the demon spirit in the underworld while detoxifying. Although it is beneficial to Jinyang’s suspicion, both sides are profitable, and no one suffers from Jinyang. Anyway, there are coolies who can do it for the top players like Dragon God.
Judge Cui Yuli stared at the fake Fengdu Emperor, who was banned by the "devil’s refining pot". His eyes were full of fierce colors, and several ghosts struggled in the Shaqi. Even if he achieved success in repairing ghosts, he was still kind. If he didn’t encounter extreme indignation, he would never kill easily.
Zhong Kui personally led the way to create the Dragon God Feather Spirit. In a short time, the Ten Temples of Hades were also invited to the judge in Cui Yu. Ten people nodded slightly, but when they saw that Fengdu Emperor was tied to the black jade pillar, they suddenly became angry. Unfortunately, ten people were banned by Feather Spirit, and the physical body was mobilized. There was no way to resist and stare at the judge in Cui Yu with resentment.
Cui Yu, however, said that he knew that Fengdu Emperor was a fake and his heart was open without any guilt. wait for a while looked back at ten people.
There is a status in the house here, except that Fengdu Emperor Ji, who will not die in this life, has arrived here, staring at each other and staring at each other, and there is no mouth to talk. Yu Ling is responsible for arresting people, and he is not interested or willing to do so.
It took a long time for Jinyang to finish refining the demon brain, and his feet slowly stood on the green flag and walked slowly back and forth. The toxin has been restored to action. At the same time, he continued to refine the demon brain, and it won’t take long to expel the toxin, and he will make great progress because he absorbed the essence of the demon’s life.
Looking at the Ten Temples, Yan Jinyang ignored them and was too lazy to explain to them. He went straight to the front of the fake Fengdu Emperor and punched him hard in the chest. As the fracture broke out, the fake Fengdu Emperor spit out one mouthful blood and stared at Jinyang with vicious eyes. If the eyes can also kill people, Jinyang is estimated to have died ten thousand times.
Jinyang also ignored the continuous attack of fists and sent out 35 punches again, which severely hit him in 36 places, which would harm the flesh and destroy it. The original temple of madness was close to the Ten Temples, but the Yan was quiet because they saw Fengdu Emperor’s broken body exposed instead of bones, but a golden dharma.
As the Zijin Zhenyuan in Jinyang’s hand swept through the broken flesh, it was instantly released. Although it was the legacy of the demon, it had a similar dharma to the demon, but it was banned by the "devil’s refining pot". Many heads and giants were able to move. Although the whole body was golden, they were able to break free from the shackles of the "devil’s refining pot" and stare at Jinyang.
Jinyang just wanted to ask something, but as soon as I saw his expression, I suddenly thought of Lu Ya and others, and suddenly I was so angry that I said, "How dare you show off in front of the emperor with impure blood? I’ll let you taste the feeling of being devoured by all kinds of poison."
Pinch the hands slightly, and the middle finger of Jinyang’s right hand immediately flashes purple and gold light, and gently find a finger hidden in the head of the dharma body. Yuan Shen was immediately pulled out by Jinyang, and the word "broken" sounded. Yuan Shen immediately blew up three souls and seven spirits, and Jinyang hurriedly grabbed the seven spirits and scattered them to absorb the memory, which should be of great help to the later action.
In the remaining three souls, Jinyang grabbed it in the soul and threw it into Zhong Kui’s hand. Then he said lightly, "I heard that there are ten levels of hell in the underworld, and the tenth level is full of poisonous yin fire. You take these three souls and stare at the poisonous yin point and burn it every day. No one is allowed to release it unless the three realms burst."
Looking at Jinyang noodles don’t change color, Zhong Kui feels that it’s cool behind him, and he still dares to disobey Jinyang’s command and hurriedly bring life to do the ten layers of hell. In the deepest underground, the root of the common yin god can’t get in, and there is also him. Zhong Kui, a monster, can resist the evil fire burning, and his heart is cool. Staring at the evil yin point, he is tortured by the evil fire, and there is no end. It’s simply a wish to die.
Jinyang directly pinches the "devil-refining pot" to control the secret method, and then slowly cleans up the dharma body in the future. Although it is a Zha kind, the mana contained in the dharma body is also amazing, and it is definitely easy to create several Xuanxian masters, especially Zilan is on the verge of getting started with Shinto, and the energy required to get started is scary.
With a flaming fire, directly burn the ground residue clean, and then lightly clap your hands and look at some dying ten halls. Yan said lightly, "Have you seen it?" This guy is a fake. You have been loyal to a fake for thousands of years and want to save Fengdu Emperor. Come with me. I already know where to bet. "
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Celestial Volume Chapter 437 The forbidden area of the underworld
Celestial Volume Chapter 437 The forbidden area of the underworld
Looking at the judge, Cui Yu will follow him to Jinyang, and immediately refused to say that he had to stay in the Ten Temples, and Yan had to go to the real Fengdu Emperor. He didn’t know that he had to take care of many matters in the underworld.
Of course, in addition to the stability of the hell, Jinyang considers that the hell needs a real steward, rather than squatting in the secret room all day to practice the Ten Temples of Hell or being shut down for hundreds of years and thousands of years until it is replaced and imprisoned, and no one can find it at last.
After the death of all things in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s three realms, the three souls and seven spirits will automatically dissipate. The remaining true spirits can keep the Yuan spirit alive. The true spirits of ordinary creatures will generally enter the hell after death. According to the accumulated virtues during their lifetime, it is judged whether they will enter the ten levels of hell to suffer or enter the reincarnation of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Of course, memories will pass away in just visiting.
Although Jinyang became the emperor of heaven, he once had his parents in his life, and his soul also entered the hell after his parents died. He had great power to retrieve his parents’ three souls and seven spirits, but he didn’t do so.
Jinyang’s parents are not members of the clan, but ordinary human beings are born, died, died and reincarnated. They should have a life. Jinyang doesn’t want to take them away from the mythical world, which is not a kind of happiness for them, but a kind of torture in disguise.
So Jinyang hopes that Cui Yulai will be the owner of the underworld, and a kind person like him will be kind to the true spirit who has entered the underworld, and he will not try to make up the soul to refine the heterodox. Jinyang hopes that his parents will live a normal life, but he does not want the true spirit to be finally caught by the heterodox after their death, which is definitely worse than death.
Cui Yu knows that Jinyang has so many ideas. Although he really wants to follow Jinyang to rescue Fengdu Emperor and Fengdu Emperor, he is well-known to him. At this moment, he is imprisoned by the demon of heaven. Naturally, he will not stand by and watch. However, Jinyang was sent by heaven to the great emperor of the universe and ordered him to stay and deal with many matters. Naturally, he did not dare to complain.
Feather spirit releases protective power and creates divine power, wrapping the Ten Temples, and Yan quickly flies to the Dojo of the Earth Treasure Bodhisattva, where is the real center of the underworld. Jinyang offers a "devil pot" to hide his breath and walks alone at the edge.
After coming to Jinyang to solve the huge poison, the root doesn’t need to look for the bad luck of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva. It must be the secret stronghold of the demon outside the territory-no one can predict the danger, but Jinyang has to go for reasons. In his ten years of closure, Fuxi, the king of God, has calculated it many times, but no matter how much mana he uses, he just can’t find the soul left.
Jinyang’s current strength made him very confused, so it was before he was refined into an incarnation. But on the eve of the incarnation being calculated, he suddenly detected that one of the main souls had fallen, which made Jinyang realize that the remaining one soul was probably controlled by the demon.
The original control soul is the underworld, but as far as the current situation is concerned, not only the king of hell and earth treasure has certainly been controlled by the demon outside the country, but also the remaining seven souls of the God Emperor are estimated to have been controlled by the demon.
Earlier, Jinyang didn’t care much about the remaining souls, because he also has a complete three souls and seven souls at present, but it is much weaker than the soul of God Emperor, but it is risky.