"Explain what?" Mo Xiaoyan said, "This kind of person ignores her and will stop later."

"What are you doing? Go to the fire and fight alone? " Honey master gloated and asked, "red name. Do you want me to come and protect you?"
"Come on!" Mo Xiaoyan gloated and showed off. "Alas! It’s really unbearable that I am paddling in the team now because of my red name. "
"Slice! You are proud! " Honey master suddenly turned his tone and asked, "You seem to be rich. Does every lady have a white wedding dress?"? Ouch, I’m really willing to spend money to buy me a swimsuit, and the sandals should be purple. "
"Look at you every day in the game is not good! You have to study hard now! " For children who don’t produce, we should teach Mo Xiao to speak softly.
"Children think that it is wrong to spend money in the game, and there is no fruit without labor. If you have it, dig up herbs and change one hundred of them for purple swimming trunks."
Honey master dumbfounded "children? Who are you calling? "
"Just you! The evidence is that your beautiful appearance can bring up false words. "Mo Xiaoyan smiled smugly. Can this still deceive her eyes?
"…" Honey said slowly, "You really think I’m a freshman and I’m going to dig grass!"
Cut! Does Mo Xiaoyan believe that Master Honey is a freshman? Want him to be a man and make a fake word? In reality, the sample is absolutely impossible to see
It’s also very important for the guild to stabilize its morale. If necessary, it’s not allowed to kick people, especially mm. Just after the meeting, a man named "Great Love" kept on chasing and even moved out the three regiments with Mo Xiaoyan. Is it necessary to help the rich and the old people in the gang? He doesn’t …
It’s also reasonable to say "great feeling". Mo Xiaoyan just wanted to leave first and then come back after this storm. I didn’t expect that Brother Long appeared and made an earth-shattering event to directly put Mo Xiaoyan’s deputy Wang.
It’s been six years since the Dragon and Good Society was founded! The master joined the gang three years ago and worked as a logistics officer for one year. Then he joined the deputy leader for two years. It is obvious to all.
Good lover (gang)? Why didn’t you continue to be the deputy Wang?
(Gang) Long Shan and our deputy Wang will not come out to say a few words of thanks. Aren’t you poor? Trying to scare me to death with so many white wedding dresses (glaring)
(Gang) I hope to come out and explain the flower dispute just now to our novices.
I’m virtuous (crying). Actually, I’m kept by the headmaster ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Gang) Little Dream Poof …
Master Qing Jiaren (guild) don’t talk nonsense (stare)
(Gang) The latest news of Qing Jiaren. There are’ flowers’ posted on the official website Forum. Remember to read the reply, brothers and sisters.
Is the forum fun? Mo Xiaoyan switched out and entered the forum, and sure enough, he saw the top post’ On the biggest deception of the game-I am virtuous’
Isn’t this woman crazy? Mo Xiaoyan was not happy to twist her eyebrows, but when she saw her chatting with flowers, the pictures and words all showed that she was greedy, pretending to be the principal’s daughter, cheating on flowers and smiling at diamonds, which was irrefutable evidence.
At this time, Mo Xiaoyan had to admire the’ flower shallow smile’, a high school girl who guessed that the other party recognized that she was really the principal’s daughter and was afraid that she would be beaten by her revenge after the war.
Looking at the reply again, Mo Xiaoyan was so happy that a person named’ Fat Pig’ replied that it was a’ mountain of hard evidence’ system and finally signed’ Rende Student Union’.
Maybe’ flowers smile’ wants to break her head, but I didn’t expect her to blow up the student union of Rende College. Can she still get benefits this time?
Going back to the game to help chat is full of’ great feelings’ and apologizing. What do you say about swearing allegiance to the dragon and phoenix? Mo Xiaoyan pretended to be dead. Did this baby cross over in ancient times?
"Sir, you talk nonsense."’ Qing Jiaren’ complained. "It’s also said that it’s troublesome to be taken care of by the headmaster. Then the headmaster is the student union forum. He made it. Don’t make fun of Rende after you have to thank others. It’s all very temperamental and expensive."
"Be! Thank you, Mrs. Seven! " Mo Xiao said happily. What happened in the forum just now may be that Mrs. Qi and Little Dream asked for help. If it weren’t for them, she would really be bad at this black brain. I guess there’s nothing I can do to clarify it.
That’s right It seems that the dean is in the student union. It seems that his name is An Lan
Mo Xiaoyan has been to settle down, and I still have a little impression. I remember that the dean wears glasses and is very gentle. It is that the wife of the dean is as provocative as a sister with a long-handled watermelon knife with blood dripping, and I don’t know who An Lan looks like.
Mo Xiaoyan sighed sadly and wanted to hurt the spring and grieve for the autumn, but he didn’t want to talk to Master Honey.
"Hey, little archer, I heard that you were kept by the headmaster? You are so ugly, who else wants it? "
☆, Chapter 9 Unconsciously betrothal gifts
"…" Who has such a big mouth?
Mo Xiaoyan glared angrily. "Tell me honestly who you put in our gang?"
"You can’t say anything about Buddha!" Master Honey proudly said, "I have 300 herbs. What fashion are you going to give me?"
Mo Xiaoyan grunted, "Purple swimming trunks! You said it yourself. "
"What are you going to give your sixth wife?"
"White dovetail!" Mo Xiaoyan seems that the dovetail is the most suitable for weddings, elegant and generous, and the male mage must be super handsome to wear.
"oh! I don’t want purple swimming trunks now. Give me the white wedding dress. "Honey Master’s mouth seems to be covered with honey." I heard that your sixth wife doesn’t want a wedding dress, so give it to me. Hey hey! I’ll be your little lady. "
"Slice! Here you are? You can’t wear it. "Mo Xiaoyan is very vocal. How does this man know everything?"
Master Honey turned around and said, "Then give me a white dovetail!"
"That’s my sixth wife." Mo Xiaoyan simply refused. "Don’t think about white. I’m exhausted from getting white dye today."
"alas! I am hello! " The fashion honey master dug a trap "do you want to! When you were with your wives, a beautiful mm in a white wedding dress and a man in a white dovetail, what was the situation? Of course, the most popular is that man. "
That’s right. Mo Xiaoyan was dumbfounded. "He can’t wear a wedding dress."
"Stupid to buy him an orchid robe! I just tried it, and the effect is like a tunic skirt. "Honey Master kindly woke up." You can wear a white or black bewitched trousers. It’s cool for us to have a pair of sisters in the gang to wear black and white! "
"really?" Mo Xiao took it with a grain of salt and hit the mall to find a set of bewitched pants to try on. Hey! Don’t say it’s really neutral, handsome and cool, but it’s a bit like her.
After a while, Master Honey added, "Come to Muhuo Village and I’ll give you a leopard. You don’t have a mount, do you?"
"coming!" Mo Xiaoyan ran to Muhuo Village and looked at the orchid robe and men’s wear in the mall. The effect was really like that of a girl. It is estimated that there must be a surprise when Liu received this fashion.
Imagine six possible faces. Mo Xiaoyan couldn’t help laughing and ran to Muhuo Village to trade with Master Honey.
Master Honey smiled and said, "Give me the dovetail. You can’t wear it."
Mo Xiaoyan put the purple pants in the trading box, listened to his words, and traded the dovetail point for a second. After the transaction was completed, she suddenly reacted. She really gave him the white dovetail just now …
The young master who got the white swallow-tailed honey was happy to change clothes and was in a super good mood. He wandered around Mo Xiaoyan to show off his new fashion in an ostentatious manner. "Aha … really handsome!"
This time Mo Xiaoyan was dumbfounded at this coquettish man, and she didn’t know him very well. If you really want to give him a white dovetail, she thinks it’s better to give it to Longge or arrogance. They are all good …
"Hey, hey, have you finished the show?" Mo Xiaoyan said rudely, "You can take it off and give it back to me after reading it."
"What?" Honey, the young master shouted in surprise. Did she really give him the fashion? Should she give it back to her? No, absolutely not
In fact, Mo Xiaoyan couldn’t guess at this time that the boy just showed off his game charm to his cousin in the middle of the building opposite the boy’s apartment. How could he return the dovetail to her? If the elder brothers knew that he would misunderstand, it wouldn’t be embarrassing …
What’s the most troublesome thing for children? Master Mo Xiaoyan will run away with his clothes, and his flat mouth will politely persuade him, "You can ask your brother for it. I’ll leave it to my sixth wife."
"If you don’t want this one, I’ll take it." Master Honey argued that he would abduct the clothes anyway.
"Your sixth wife is wearing an orchid robe. You can’t wear it anyway. Just give it to me. It’s so stingy."
I’m still stingy? Who gave him the blue medicine? Mo Xiaoyan is in distress situation. "I really don’t want to finish dyeing. I have a headache when I look at many colors."
See elegant mage Lai seems to shake his head and Mo Xiaoyan gives a dose of fierce medicine. "I still have my ninth wife. I’ll keep this dress for him."