"Too weak and shameful" Wu Muqin left the pie mouth and didn’t kill the skeleton in front of him, but kept fighting intelligently. As she naturally saw, Chen Shaobai had other plans.

"It’s normal that the skeleton puppet can’t inspire the sword without spiritual wisdom, relying on energy, speed and strength to fight against the heroic spirit and the sword mans can’t exert their power."
Chen Shaobai’s eyes gave me a cold light. "Come close to me before it’s time to stay on the defensive, and then support Brother Chineydy if there is an opportunity."
Hearing his words, the two men gradually moved closer to each other, and the three men became a corner, holding the magic sword of the sect, forming a stable and tougher defense than the triangle, which seemed to be invincible forever.
Controlling information resources, with its own strength and self-confidence, Chen Shaobai naturally became the backbone of the three people
At this time, the two brothers sang Xiang Liang sang Xiangyi have a heart in mind, and at the same time, they glanced at the direction of Chen Shaobai. Se’s strange heart gave birth to a Y and N poison plan at the same time.
The trick has gone through two stages from composition to implementation. For some people, it is enough to have enough motivation to support them to act and consider the consequences of failure. The San brothers are not brain-strong.
Looking at Hong Hao, with five or six strong swordsmanship skeletons led by his twins, Wu Muqin sneered repeatedly, "How dare an unworthy door and two delicate bodies provoke us?"
I don’t blame her for being so angry. In such a crisis situation, the first thought of the other three people is not to protect themselves, but to bring disaster to the east. If there is conclusive evidence, these three people must be trying to kill Sendai.
"Don’t do it yourself. It’s easy for others to see the problem. Let me do it."
See side has been moist as engaging jun Zhou Jinyu also gave birth to murder Chen Shaobai hurriedly speak to stop his left hand patted his shoulder like a decoration small white fox "purple pupil! Hao Cao! "
Taking advantage of the war to trip people up and draw cold air is a trick for human beings to learn from themselves, and no one will be afraid of who will come.
Fox moistens purple eyes with water. An orange Se gravel flashes from the color in his eyes and rushes into the ground. He looks at his eyes and fights to the death. He stretches lazily, closes his eyes and sleeps tightly on Chen Shaobai’s shoulder like a plush decoration.
Speaking, Sang Xiang Liang and Sang Xiangyi have quickly approached Chen Shaobai and his party under the cover of Honghao. They have no longer concealed their intentions.
"Hillbilly dare to disobey us! Death is your field! "
In the Shang Dynasty, Weifu, the imperial city of Xuanzhou, used to remember the first time in his life that he was beaten, and he was not comfortable enough not to kill Chen Shaobai. Eliminate evil influence without killing Chen Shaobai; Not killing Chen Shaobai is not enough to show off!
So they guided the skeleton to lead the three people to the east, and then immediately got up and swam away to prepare for "support" at all times.
"Stupid as ever"
Chen Shaobai narrowed his eyes slightly and outlined a cold radian at the corner of his mouth. His left hand secretly pointed to the sword, and even the two people around him failed to see it clearly.
Chapter ninety-six I want to take the moon day by day!
"If you are narrow-minded, you will harm the unjust people in the same door and die in the sword!"
These three words seem to ring directly in the soul and keep wandering. Sang Xiang Liang suddenly felt a heartfelt fear. He hurriedly shipped the unskilled "Ri Lan Yue" to avoid the unknown danger but never thought that the danger came from his feet.
I felt that when the orange light flashed in front of me, Sang Xiang Liang’s half calf was directly flattened, saying that blood spilled from the cross section and crimson blood soaked the black Se, which made the black Se deeper and darker.
See Wu wear the calf whine sang Xiang Liang a full face of pain sang Xiangyi was preparing to aid before suddenly felt a shock, fade away, and immediately gave up the head of state plan, mind shocked God Se, and some crazy people got up and started running.
"run! Run as far as you can! I am the first! To others, Hong Haosang and Xiang Liang, they are not as important as my finger! "
Without the slightest hesitation, Sang Xiangyi gave up his twin brother and his senior brother who had been taking care of them.
"I don’t hesitate to abandon my brothers and sisters in order to save my life. Should I say that you let me down too much or never let me down?"
Chen Shaobai shook his head and controlled the skeleton in front with ease, while twisting his fingers in secret magic imperial sword.
One mind and two minds are as simple as eating and drinking water for him now.
Hao Cao Baojian bloomed a touch of orange in the forest, and Se Guanghua swept past Sang Xiangyi immediately followed in his brother’s footsteps. The slight difference was that his feet were broken.
A broken foot will cause the body to lose its balance and the combat effectiveness will drop sharply to a worse situation. Is it that both feet are broken and the Ministry’s mobility is lost?
But even though he lost all hope for progress, Sang Xiangyi still refused to give up his life. He choked back his pain and screamed at Hong Hao around him, "Brother Hong, help me! Come and help me!"
At this moment, Sang Xiang Liang limped and dragged his legs. He would be killed to see his brother at the moment when his hand was stretched. He also shouted to Honghao to shine at the moment, "Leave him alone! Save me! "
"Leave him alone! I promise you a lot of money and jewels! "
"I promise you the number of Maggie!"
After the two brothers’ gaffes are displayed, even the skeletons of those who have lost their self-intelligence seem to evoke the corners of their mouths and ridicule them jokingly.
But when can HongHao take care of them? He felt that a fatal crisis struck and forced the mana to run, and immediately gave birth to a piece of Qingyun, which was like the essence. When he appeared again, he was already twenty feet away.
This is one of the seven secrets of the Qing Xuanmen, Taibai Qingyun Tactics.
Burning orange flashes, flying sword breaks.
Feeling a pain in his face, Hong Hao wiped his cheeks and found that his hands were covered with scarlet, and his eyes were filled with horror. He was smarter than the Sangs, and he reacted immediately after many causes and effects were connected in series. He hurriedly flashed several times, holding his sword in his hands and screaming, and rushed to make a complicated etiquette for Chen Shaobai’s direction.
Give up! Surrender! Loyalty!
There are many understandings of this etiquette, but it is nothing more than these three meanings.
Hao Caohua’s streamer gravel returns to the purple pupil eyes. Chen Shaobai holds a sword to kill the enemy, depending on his performance. It seems that he has just cut off two people’s feet. In general, the situation in the field is chaotic. Hundreds of people have entered the fray to kill Xing, and people have noticed that they are not caring enough.
Within three breaths, the Sangs brothers have both been beheaded by skeleton soldiers.
Although Chen Shaobai wants to completely kill Honghao, the speed of the other party’s explosion is impossible unless his three swords come together. However, if Chixiao, Yuchang and Haocao come together, his identity will be exposed immediately, and even if there is chaos in the field, some people can recognize him.
Don’t say that he can’t afford to be a common cousin if he is accused of the scourge of war.