As a result, the tusk army in Hongjingtong Tiancheng once again repeated the fate of the tusk besieged army in Kappa Cave Tiancheng, and was caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

"Deploy and stick to the aid."
The jade is on fire, and he looks forward to a decisive battle with Tianxin. But I didn’t expect this kind of decisive battle beyond his setting. Liu Yu issued another order that the ministries of the 270-million tusk army don’t need to assemble again, and directly move closer to Hongjing Cave City.
Tianxin naturally won’t give Liu Yu a chance to get reinforcements. Before the reinforcements arrive, he will strangle the 200 million tusk army that has been stuck in the dead end and the 100 million tusk army that has lost its fighting capacity and has become a barren Taoist and an endless Taoist.
The specific attack, the army of the moon and the sky, Tianxin ignored so much. However, Long Huang’s new army and Daxia’s new army, Tianxin each gave 10,000 Zhou-level Long Huangwei as a charge cone head, and rushed to the Fang Army under the leadership of the four knights of Balingtai and several Zhou-level middle-ranking army heads of Xia Jun.
Of course, as himself didn’t die, his eyes on the fangs army headquarters. As long as thousands of Zhou-level pro-guards from the headquarters of Fang-tooth army rushed out of the tent, he would turn the sacrifice to the world, issue a "blue sky to break the boundary" beheading, and end the headquarters of Fang-tooth army.
As it turns out, many small plans are redundant. The tusk army, which is only good at attacking and not good at defending, can’t stop the new army of Dragon and Yellow, the new army of Daxia and the soldiers of 100 million big moon days. In less than two days, 100 million troops were in chaos. The 100 million troops who were rushing to attack Hongjingtong Tiancheng could not get back, and the counterattack launched by the 50 million rhubarb army entangled them.
"General, let’s go." In the command account of Zhongjun, all the aides saw things and set up jade to escape.
"You … let me go." Jade is struggling, and my heart drops blood. "Three hundred million troops. They can’t live without command! "
"General, victory or defeat is a common occurrence in military strategists. As long as the general takes care, he is afraid that there will be no chance to get it back in the future." An aide advised. "Moreover, I am not waiting for the general to leave the battlefield. Another army of mine is coming to help. As long as the general moves over and gathers troops, he will be able to avenge himself. Let these guys be proud now! "
One thousand Zhou fangs guarded Liu Yu and his staff to move.
"It’s good to escape."
Seeing that there was no way to behead him, Tianxin immediately abandoned the enemy general Liu Yu and his party. Instead, he commanded his own army and laid hands on the low-level commanders in the tusk army.
The defeat was like a mountain, and the news that the Lord had fled rang out on the battlefield, and the fangs army was suddenly defeated and defeated. No more fighting spirit, if you can fight, you can fight, if you can walk, you can fight. If you can’t fight or walk, you will fall.
In just ten days, hundreds of light-years away, Fiona Fang’s noisy battlefields of land, air and sky became quiet.
Less than 20% of the 300 million troops of the Fang Army escaped, 10% were killed and 70% were captured. Dayuetian’s army lost 20 million soldiers in this battle, of which 2 million died and 18 million lost their fighting capacity because the world turned yellow. No one died in the rhubarb army, the dragon and the yellow army and the summer army, but the eight million Xuan blood world was degraded and turned yellow. Although these soldiers can still stop with the army, they can’t participate in the war until the world is restored to the Xuan blood order.
With an unprecedented record, Tianxin decided to stay in Hongjingdong Tiancheng. This cave city is an important place, which can be attacked in advance and defended in retreat. Even if the troops in the cave city don’t stay in the big moon day, the new three armies will stand firm, and there are 200 million fangs prisoners of war in their hands. Although these guys are eager to surrender, they are the best Yugoslav capital engineering team.
The situation has come to a head.
A month later, the newly-formed three armies cleaned the battlefield and built a city to defend it. On a big moon day, the ground troops of various caves and cities also accepted the series plans of Tianxin to destroy the enemy’s effective forces and retreated to Qingxi Cave and Tiancheng, 80 million light years behind Hongjing Cave and Tiancheng. Liu Yu, the general of the Fang Army, finally got his 270 million reinforcements, and gathered up the defeated 60 million troops, and re-surrounded the Hongjingtong Tiancheng with an actual 330 million troops.
At this point, the forces of both sides were all revealed to the world.
Hongjingdong Tiancheng, with 150 million combat troops and three armies; Qingxi Cave City has nearly 100 million combat troops, and there are also 100 million Dayuetian troops staying in the rear. These two armies actually formed an anti-encirclement of the 330 million fangs army.
In such a situation of controlling and countering, no one dares to lightly start the war. If the fangs army stormed the Hongjingtong Tiancheng, it would not be a problem for Tianxin’s new three armies to easily hold the Hongjingtong Tiancheng under the condition that only 100 million troops could be deployed at a time, and they could also launch a partial counterattack. On the other hand, fangs army, if it excessively uses its troops in Hongjingtong Tiancheng, it may face a strong attack from the troops in various caves in Dayuetian.
As for the army that first targeted the big moon and the big caves, Liu Yu and his staff were even more nervous. The war between the moon and the earth has not stopped for hundreds of years. Now, all the armies of the cities in the moon are not the elite among the elites, but the warriors among the warriors. These armies are still excellent in defense. There is little hope that the fangs army will break their defenses. What’s more, the fangs army has considerable worries now, and the new armed forces in Hongjingtong Tiancheng proved to be an army that can definitely fight. I’m afraid they haven’t waited until they attack the allied forces in the big moon days, and the shadow of the new armed forces has already appeared in the rear.
In fact, the tusk army that invaded Dayuetian still has a hidden worry, that is, volunteers from other worlds who have entered Dayuetian in the past ten years and survived under the attack of tusk army. These volunteers were hiding in the depths of the moon and sky when the tusk army was strong, but at this moment when the tusk army suffered heavy losses, they would definitely go out to fight Reservoir Dogs.
What makes Liu Yu dare not move lightly is. The 300 million reinforcements he dispatched from the two worlds of gale and thunder can’t come to the big moon day. According to intelligence, the other nine worlds are all in the sky. Under the stimulation of the new victory of the three armies, the humiliation of hundreds of years has been put on the agenda, and the nine worlds have integrated one billion Coalition forces and headed for the big moon day.
The war quickly rose from a local war in the big moon to a full-scale war in which all the twelve worlds and the fangs army were in the sky. The general account of the Fang army temporarily ignores the life and death of the upper-class jade. Their urgent task at present is to gather the troops in windy and thunderous days, so as not to be broken by a billion Coalition forces.
I can’t stop worrying.
Both the jade department and the fangs army are in the sky, and they finally feel the pressure that is really uncomfortable.
"We must learn how to fight in the new situation?"
Fang tooth army general chancellorsville meeting, junshuai tieli to the staff and the general loudly way.
"A guard, our army is playing less and less. Whether to headquarters … "
"There are no soldiers at headquarters," Tieli’s staff stared at the advice and sank a track. "We must learn to support wars by fighting!"
"Keep the war by fighting. Marshal, it seems that our army does not have this opportunity. " General Huayu stood up and said, "In the past, our army grabbed all the materials and human resources and sent them to the headquarters …"
"No, Huayu, our army has a big chance. As long as you put your eyes out of the three worlds of strong wind, big moon and heavy thunder, you will find that it is still our land, and it is still so wonderful! "
"The guard means to send an army to attack the allied world."
"Good reaction, flower jade! The resources and manpower captured by the attack will no longer be turned over. Instead, it was trained as an army on the spot and played an outpost for our army. "
"This …"
The deadly trap is set, and the rest is carried out.
However, Tieli’s wishful thinking is doomed to fail this time. The war has developed to this extent. How can Tianxin let Tieli dial the abacus again? When Tieli held a military meeting, Tianxin had started the nine-day transfer of Hualien and entered the big moon sky. After receiving a billion allied troops, Hualien carried 30% of the allied troops into the big moon day in nine days, and began a great battle of adowa against the 330 million troops of the Liuyu Ministry.
In this campaign, three armies, 300 million allied forces and 200 million big moon and sky troops were newly formed, and a total of 650 million troops joined forces with Liu Yu’s Fang Army.
Accurate time calculation, double the military strike.
The fate of the jade department being wiped out is doomed. At this moment, the tusk army in windy and thunderous days is still assembling and mobilizing, and all their military plans are still on paper. It’s a billion Coalition forces, no, 700 million Coalition forces are still approaching.
However, for the fangs army, everything happened irrevocably. A strategic military meeting was held under the general account of the Fang army. After that, I received an urgent telegram for help from the Fang army.
Three hundred million fangs army soldiers, how also can’t give up! But to save, how to save, under the urgent telegram for help, the staff of the general of the Fang Army General Account began to wring their brains.
The brain is so twisted, but time waits for no one!
The most terrible thing is that the Coalition forces that are in the sky have no intention of moving to windy days or thunder heaven and earth, but marching towards big moon days. It can be expected that reinforcements will be sent, and it is very likely that they will meet with the Coalition forces in the big moon sky or high altitude. This is a very headache. It’s not that the general account of the Tusk Army can’t send enough reinforcements. The problem is that it takes time. Moreover, we have to consider the bearing capacity of the Fang army of the Jade Department. If the Jade Department collapses when the reinforcements approach, the reinforcements sent are not only against the Coalition forces for nine days, but also against the troops of the big moon day.
In a word, one less step may make the fangs army in need suffer a catastrophe.
The fact is, although the big moon and the Tianhong scene are busy outside the cave, Tianxin has already taken off, enabling the nine-day Hualian transmission to wander in the airspace between the big moon, the windy day and the thunderous day, monitoring the movements of the Fang army in the windy day and the thunderous day. If the tusk armies of the two heavens and the earth have a trace of moving to the big moon day. It is bound to face the death trap arranged by Tianxin.
The scale of these wars is not small, but the complexity is far less than the struggle between the stars and the world. This kind of war, after Tianxin has a good capital in his hand, is really not easy to command. Those roads set by the military meeting of the fangs army are all in the calculation.
The big moon day war finally ended in a year, and the 330 million fangs army of Liuyu Department was wiped out, only Liuyu and his staff and pro-Wei and his party escaped.
What annoys Fang Jun Shuai Tieli the most is that before the pain of the army’s demise of Sad Jade Department has not disappeared, there was news that 200 million troops sent to raid the summer were ambushed by the Coalition forces in the airspace and suffered heavy losses.
"good. Well, I’ll fight against you in a thunderous battle. "
Tieli was extremely angry and laughed.
Yes, at this time, although Tieli Jun Shuai suffered many losses, nearly 800 million tusk troops were gone, but the main force remained, and there were nearly 1.3 billion soldiers in the tusk army that all contracted in the thunder day. This is not much different from the eleven allied forces of heaven and earth, which are approaching a thunderous day and adding a windy day and a big moon day. The military strength of both sides can be regarded as a 50-50 struggle.
Tianxin’s new three armed forces also joined the Coalition, but they were organized into the general reserve to cope with all unexpected situations and possible hidden tricks of the fangs army, as well as reinforcements from the fangs.
To this. Tianxin has no objection. In his eyes, the impending war has been settled. It is only a matter of time before the tusk army is defeated in the sky and the earth.
Sure enough, in less than ten years, under the condition that Tianxin didn’t take part in the joint military discussion, nearly 1.3 billion troops of Fang army were wiped out, died in battle, surrendered in surrender, and only walked and talked about one million people.
It seems to be quiet from now on.
Otherwise, only Tianxin knows, and maybe the people who are fighting fiercely in the distant airspace are all in heaven and earth, and so are Taoists and wizards. The imminent crisis is far from over.
That man is powerful. Before thousands of Taoist priests beat him back, the war will be rekindled at any time.
This war does not just mean that the other side will send an army again. This is just the bright side. On the dark side, the other side can send high-level hunters, or play wrangling talks that cover up evil intentions. Let the capital fall into the sky, and there will be civil strife between the heavens and the earth, and there will be war between the caves and the cities in heaven and earth. In short, there are various means.
As the only fortunately, all the twelve heavens and the earth are very big, and the smallest one is 300 billion light-years Fiona Fang, so the two caves in heaven and earth are very far apart, not to mention between them. The tusk army’s dark means can be effective in a short time except assassination.
Perhaps, this is the reason why Tianxin boldly built a three-system cave city in twelve heavens and the earth except for the thunder day war. Seeing the situation clearly and advancing moderately is the fundamental way to survive.
In any case, in the next 20 years, eleven cave cities, where Tianxin was built, received all the 1 billion fangs prisoners of war, and the eleven cave cities began to grow and prosper.