Later, Lin Tianxiao sent a message to Liu Heng and asked him to meet at a restaurant in Beach City. Of course, this restaurant is a restaurant.

About half an hour, Liu Heng came to Lin Tianxiao’s restaurant and sat directly opposite Lin Tianxiao and asked, "Brother, I don’t know anything. Do you want me to challenge someone today?"
"Eldest brother, I want to ask you how much income Sabac has?" Lin Tianxiao is somewhat difficult to ask.
Liu Heng one leng "what? Lack of money? No, you just earned billions not long ago! "
"hey!" Lin Tianxiao sighed and followed himself and Wang Youliang to say something.
Liu Heng slammed the table angrily and said, "Damn, how can there be such parents!"
"Xiaotian can rest assured that money can solve things that are not things is not forty billion? It’ s hard to say that now you and Wang Youliang are more than 400 million! "
Lin Tian evil one leng heart some doubts yourself with bright company? When is the company? Why didn’t you know? Liang didn’t tell himself! Don’t …
Conveniently threw the guild token to the overlord, and when he took it, he immediately showed a surprised look. Then he said seriously, "Brother, we met by chance, and you took me for an upgrade and gave me such a valuable thing. Brother, I am so grateful!" Say that finish our day with a sneer.
I will be polite. Lin Tianxiao didn’t expect to dominate the sky, but I was ashamed to accept this world. Lin Tianxiao kept shaking his head and seeing everything through the world.
"Don’t pretend to be old!" Xiong Tian punched Lin Tianxiae and laughed. "Brother, brother, remember that you are at ease and feel free to ask!"
"really?" Lin Tian evil heart movement way
Xiong Tian nodded and said, "Really!"
"Then you help me check the property and projects of Chen Peng family business and help me set up an identical company!" Lin tianxiae laughed
"It’s not a problem!" Xiong Tian said
Lin Tianxiae remembered the story of killing the skeleton queen herself and Liu Heng in the Skull Cave. It was a joke at the beginning. I didn’t know that Liu Heng actually gave himself a bright company with a market value of more than 400 million.
"Big brother was a joke at the beginning, how can you take it seriously!" Lin Tian evil a serious said
Liu Heng frowned "brother is a man? If you are, don’t be polite to me. In my opinion, it’s not a thing to solve things with money. Don’t say that 400 million or hundreds of billions can’t change our brotherly feelings! "
Liu Heng’s righteous words said that Lin Tianxiao was very ashamed, but Lin Tianxiao secretly decided to help Liu Heng dominate the game world.
"Well, since the eldest brother said so, there’s not much to say when he is a brother. Let’s go and see you fight!" Lin Tianxiao cried with eyes full of fog, followed by the settlement with Liu Heng, who was sent to the alliance province.
There are a lot of players gathered in Union Heavy Province now, and they all want to see the top ten kings, especially the handsome man who challenges the top ten kings.
It is very difficult for Lin Tianxiao and Liu Heng to squeeze into it. It is good that Lin Tianxiao, a powerful player like Liu Heng, should follow behind.
The challenge ring of Union Heavy Province is a place where players can settle their grievances. Today, many players don’t have a duel, leaving the challenge ring to the top ten kings and challenging them to be handsome men.
"Who is the first of the top ten kings?" Suddenly the ring has been archer professional players shouted
Lin Tianxiao looked at this handsome man in the wind, but he was familiar with triangular eyes, high nose, long hair and fair skin, and he still had a handful of moustaches.
It’s him!
Lin Tianxiao exclaimed in his heart that he was familiar with the handsome man in the wind because of the challenge. After three years, he had not changed a bit, and he was still so pushy and obscene.
Lin Tianxiae was very interested and stared at the beautiful man in the wind with a big smile. At this time, Liu Hengda shouted, "I will meet you!" Jump out of the ring at once!
"Are you …" The wind Chinese and American male root didn’t check Liu Heng’s name but asked very badly.
Liu Heng cursed, "Why don’t you even know me if Bunny has the courage to challenge our top ten kings?"
"No matter who you are, you are my ghost!" In the wind, the beautiful male cow shouted and followed by posing as a cow.
"Well, it seems that there is a good show today!"
"Yes, I really don’t know what this beautiful man in the wind has actually challenged the top ten kings!"
A good play is good to play in the end. Will the handsome man in the wind be like playing against the top ten kings?
Chapter 129 defeat defeat
At this time, a player walked on the stage. He was a beautiful man in the wind. He invited the referee to see this man with his right hand raised above his head and shouted "Fight!" At the same time, his right hand fell, and others quickly jumped into the ring.
Liu Henggen didn’t give the handsome man in the wind a chance to rush directly to the battle. Players must fight close to each other. Liu Heng screamed at the handsome man in the wind with nothing.
Scold ~
Liu Heng was a little surprised that the stick had fallen and the handsome man in the wind had fled to the opposite side.
"so fast!"
The face player immediately exclaimed that he didn’t expect the handsome man in the wind to really have two brushes!