"I will immediately inform the guild to organize people to carry out raiders and a small team to crusade against bss will increase casualties."

"Get out of the way!" Wang Yang suddenly raised his voice and drew his sword.
Asina did not move to express her position.
"Don’t let it be …" Wang Yang slowly closed his eyes and opened it, holding the swordsman harder and harder.
"What do you want!" Kuradeel exclaims that he is lazy to look at him.
"If you insist, then beat me first!" See Wang Yang firmly Asina slowly pulled out her waist rapier tone without doubt.
"No one can stop me!" Wang Yang slowly vented a wisp of anger in his chest.
Chapter seventy-six Alone
A little Baka is to send the crystal out of battle.
Then Wang Yang has a shortcoming that is not a shortcoming. It is easily influenced by emotions
Things have evolved to this point. The people of the Blood League Association looked at each other and didn’t know if it was so good, but Kuradeel sneered at it
In his opinion, Wang Yang may be strong, but Asina is stronger. It’s as fast as a meteor sword, and no one can escape it! He is so convinced.
Asina stroked the rapier and never thought that one day she would shoot a sword at the player, even less that the first person this sword would face was Xiang …
But if it calms you down, even you and I can move on.
After inviting a duel, Asina posed for attack.
I want to stop you!
The fine sword with the slightest sign makes the basic skill stab, so it is brought out by Asina. Without any preparation, there is no need for unified assistance. It is as real as a general attack, and it is as fast as a meteor.
At this stage, no one can play a higher skill than her.
But so what if it’s as fast as a meteor!
I can see the meteor trajectory!
Watching others can see the meteor residual tail flame, but Wang Yang can see the meteor orbit with his excellent dynamic visual acuity.
"You can’t stop me, Asina!"
Take a big step forward and lean slightly to avoid a sword that stabbed the throat.
"How can …"
Asina’s eyes are hard to believe, but the rhythm of on-the-spot combat is not chaotic. When the ankle reaches the ground, she plans to change her physical trajectory to prevent Wang Yang from counterattack
However …
Asina is not the only one who can use high-level skills, but Wang Yang can also. Besides, as far as skills are concerned, Asina is not as good as Wang Yang.
Make a straight stab in motion!
Wang Yang came up with this skill when she dodged Asina’s stab at the throat. When Asina just turned her ankle, the wind flower sword crossed a streamer, and the one-handed straight sword was launched without mercy. It pierced Asina’s throat, representing the red light effect of blood, and suddenly splashed.
The damage caused by the powerful attack directly reduced Asina hp to 50% and quickly made a failure judgment.
If you don’t protect this sword, you can kill Asina.
Wang Yang silently took back his sword and didn’t stop. Asina passed by, and the latter stayed where he was. It seemed that he didn’t expect to be defeated in one round.
From the time she decided to pick up the sword, she became a basic skill in the battle until she joined the Blood League and gained a deeper understanding of the game, so that she began to acquire other skills, but in actual combat, compared with other skills, the number of spikes has always been among the best.
Because it’s so fast that no one can flash …
Asina was unwilling to stay where she was, not because of defeat, but because of law to stop Wang Yang from going to that door.
The teammate who followed her also looked shocked and unbelievable at the moment.
Asina is what they believe in, but the duel with the sword shield was solved by a sword.
In a strange and silent atmosphere, Wang Yang pushed open the gate of the snakehead and went in alone. With a bang, the door closed again.
An avant-garde in the team outside the door carefully asked, "Captain Asina, what should we do if the man goes into the bss room by himself?"
"Do you want to go in and help him?" An attacker said
"Are you kidding? You want to help yourself, help him set it up or die. You want to be buried with him?" Kuradeel a face of lost face stared at him.
The attacker can’t help but shrink his neck and stop talking. Everyone else is looking at Asina. After all, the choice of going into the room is relatively strong, but if Asina wants to go in, there is no reason for the team members not to support it.
"Just let the little one die like this. That’s all." Kuradeel kept shouting and praying in his heart for Asina to mind her own business.
Asina turned around and silently stared at the closed snakehead door, holding a rapier and several veins stood out on the palm of her hand.
"You stay here."