This room is decorated in a retro way. After all, mahjong is the essence of Huaxia culture. The room is full of Huaxia elements, and even the wall murals are the most classic pictures of birds flying at the phoenix.

In the center is a huge mahjong table with four families sitting on each side.
Two classes behind Yang Zong; Xiaohong sat beside Brother Yi and smoked for fear that he would not be smoked. And a sword flying snow is sitting next to a mad dog dragon. If you can’t help it, you have to act.
After the waiter brought a hot towel to wipe his hands, they ordered some melon and fruit drinks respectively.
"How to play?" Yang Zong glanced at Qian Fan and asked, "Mahjong is also divided into dozens of ways to play."
Qian Fan mused, "How about playing Sichuan Mahjong in the end?"
In the end, a bloody battle is a special and interesting way to play mahjong. Simply put, someone in a game of cards doesn’t end the game, and the players who haven’t finished the game continue to play until the three families have finished or the remaining games appear.
A bloody battle is also commonly known as Chengdu Mahjong, or Chengdu Mahjong for short. If all Chinese people know it, it is the essence of Huaxia culture, with profound knowledge and high technical content, which is not as simple as guessing dice.
Mad Dog Dragon knows that Sunny Day, Tintin Fish, 1v3 and the toilet-keeper Chicken Master often get together to play sunny day, and one person often abuses them to death.
Brother Yi said, "So how old shall we play?"
Qian Fan laughed. "Brother Gua, it’s the first time to learn card tricks with you today. Let’s not play a big game."
One dragon coin is scary enough, but if someone makes a big card, it is estimated that the three dragon coins are not enough for a Hu brand.
"Good good thousand boss is thoughtful!" Mad dog dragon immediately echoed.
A sword flying snow around him was heard secretly. She had never seen thousands of dragon coins, but that was for guild construction, and it was necessary to see results. But to be honest, she felt nervous when she didn’t hit so much money yet.
The excitement of gambling sometimes lies not in how much money you win, but in the excitement in that process. People who have never played big names are often nervous or excited at a table, and their hands are shaking.
Real gambling is not money, not luck, but strategy and game, which emphasizes psychological quality and vision. From a person’s brand style, you can see that a person’s wine is very personality.
A bloody battle is exactly such a small * * Hu, but it doesn’t mean much. The real game is a few big names, which is a good-looking big scene.
However, in the first three games, the four families played calmly, and all ended in peace. In the third game, the mad dog dragon of Liuhua Bureau lost a total of one dragon coin.
From the fourth game, I couldn’t understand the mad dog dragon’s play.
Mad dog dragon starts with three stripes, 1, 2 and 5, a pair of 2 cylinders and a pair of 6 cylinders, 20,000, 50,000 and 70,000.
In fact, this starting card is quite good. Mad Dog Dragon first played the Wangui Department according to the normal thinking, and the hand changed into three strips: 1, 2, 7 and 9, a pair of 5 strips, a pair of 2 tubes and a pair of 6 tubes.
Mad dog dragon feels like a 3-barrel, but he doesn’t want to "pa" it, so he throws 2 barrels out. It’s strange that he can play mahjong with a sword flying snow.
Who knows, General Manager Yang laughed "2 barrel bumps!"
Then it was Mad Dog Dragon’s turn to touch the cards, and he touched a 3-cylinder card and gave out 6 cylinders.
"Haha, I’ll touch it again!" Yang Zong laughed.
After Yang even touched two cards, it was still the turn of the mad dog dragon to touch the cards. The sword flying snow wore a tease to touch the dragons one by one.
"Sorry, I have a dark bar!" The mad dog dragon bar card will continue to be touched again, and it is another three-barrel. At this time, he actually smashed one without hitting the barrel.
"Hehe, thank you, Brother Gua!" Qian Fan, opposite, directly gave Yao chicken away and touched the card, then released a 3-barrel lever. After 3-barrel lever, the mad dog dragon went against the sky and caught a 9-piece one.
It seems that this product not only determines what kind of cards each family wants, but also knows where the face cards are.
This time, it seems that there is no progress after passing the big cards.
At this time, the table cards were about to be touched up. Yang Zong looked at the mad dog dragon and muttered, "Mom, it’s bigger than two poles touching each other, right?"
The mad dog dragon card face is a bar and three barrels touch nine and five, and when you hold it in your hand, it is a pair of two and a pair of seven, that is, two or seven have been held in your hand three times.
Then let a sword fly snow stunned, and something happened. The mad dog dragon touched a 7-piece card, which was a self-touching tiger card, but the goods were not stupid, and they also played out 2 pieces.
Are you out of your mind? Have you played cards like this? There are only five cards left on the table.
The size of other people’s cards can’t be seen from the desktop cards, but a sword flying snow is sure that other people will definitely call, even if it ends up as a flower game, your size compared with others is actually not much different from your own touch. Is this necessary?
A sword flying snow means that you can’t figure it out.
Chapter five hundred and sixteen Puzzle
When it was Mad Dog Dragon’s turn to touch the cards on the last lap, there were only two cards left on the table.
A sword flying snow finally figured it out, because the mad dog dragon felt a piece of nine.
"Hehe, I’m sorry, I’ll take another one!" Mad dog dragon smiled and touched the last card.
"Oh, I’m so sorry!" Mad dog dragon turned the cards upside down, and the last card was just a two-piece card.
The other three are also stunned. What kind of luck are you going against?
Mad Dog Dragon is a super brand, three bars, big single fishing bar flower, plus five bars of money from the bottom of the sea, and 11 dragon coins are collected for each family, and 32 dragon coins are collected for a total of 17 dragon coins.
If he got confused the first time he touched two pieces, it would be to collect a dragon coin for each family, and each family would win a total of 32 dragon coins.
This is called the wealth gap created by technology!
A sword flying snow is numb on the spot. According to your luck, my sister is willing to trade the position of the boss of Colorful Paradise for you. It can be said that you made a fortune too easily.
Qian Fan wowed, "Gua Brothers played mahjong well!"
"Cough is really bad!" Brother Yi coughs like a tuberculosis patient.
Yang Zong sneered, "Winning in front is all about paper and winning behind is money!"
The next few innings were more moderate, except for Qian Fan, who got a neat pair and touched himself, and everyone didn’t make any achievements.
The atmosphere at the table is very relaxed. The little red smoker is really not ordinary. Brother Yi can’t even cough. Even Yang Zong across the street can’t stand it.
"I said, Mrs. Yi, you don’t have to smoke continuously, do you?" Yang Zong is somewhat dissatisfied.
Xiaohong winked at him like silk. "The boats are constantly moving. Why can’t I smoke continuously?"? I’ve never been better at seasickness. Why don’t you ask Boss Qian to stop the boat? "
Qian Fan laughed. "It’s almost there. It’s estimated that it’s already here. It’s too easy to bear it a little."
"Actually, I get seasick, too!" Mad dog dragon suddenly come up with such a sentence.