The light demon was dumbfounded immediately. It turned out to be a pirate ship! to be continued

Chapter seven hundred and forty-nine The main ship fled
See ten pirate ships stopped the way Ma Rufei brain suddenly had a brief dizziness.
Look at this situation, it’s a robbery posture, but even if you are sea robbers, you won’t know our bloody elite name, will you?
Do these pirates dare to attack the bloody elite fleet?
After the light magic as he thought, he was still shouting at the phone, "What family are you from, friend who blocked the road ahead?"
Halfway through his words, he shouted in the telephone system, "All the shipyards retreat quickly —————"
At this moment, every pirate ship’s cabin, deck and crenel appeared, and the player’s hand was crackling towards the main ship.
The players of three observation posts on the foredeck of the main ship were beaten into a hornet’s nest on the spot and fell from a height.
Whether the bloody elite is a member of the big guild is obviously still very disciplined. Every ship’s foredeck is flooded with a pile of armored soldiers with huge shields in the front and back rows, and all players have drawn their guns to fight back.
The two sides fired thousands of guns across the boat, banging into a piece, and the number of bullets was dazzling. The calm sea suddenly turned into a pot of boiling water.
Since the Eastern Dynasty sold guns and weapons on a large scale in the new area, almost all guilds now have guns.
What is the advantage of the gun?
It may not kill people, but the destructive power is quite terrible when it burns. First, the gun consumes the opponent and then it is easy to fight.
Due to the fleet formation, the bloody elite suffered a great loss here, and the longitudinal firepower was not as fierce as the transverse firepower
The main ship retreated a little slowly, and there were more than ten bodies on the foredeck immediately. The bulletproof glass in the cockpit "tinkled" for a while and then there was a crack directly.
Ma Rufei obviously doesn’t adapt to this rickety naval battle and crawls along the outer corridor in the face of bullets. If it weren’t for the cover of the crib, it is estimated that he wouldn’t be able to hold it, and the stray bullets flying in front of him smashed the porch lights and signs like firecrackers.
"Fuck, which pirate is this? How bold!" Ma Rufei was surprised and angry. Are you sea farmers crazy?
The light demon didn’t answer at this moment. He was screaming at the top of his lungs in the cockpit and commanding him to mix in the sea for a long time. He knew that the most chaotic time was not the commander.
The bloody elite side in the light magic command fleet quickly backwards from the "V" shape changed a line, while the left side of the hull aimed at the enemy.
Once the bloody elite has a firm foothold here, the pirate ship will feel bad there. There is a fire on the floors and creeks, and someone on the opposite side of the ship "plops" into the sea, and the sea will be dyed red in five minutes.
"All ships turn right and steer at 1 degree speed."
"elite shooters go to the highest level, don’t save me bullets."
"The No.5 stern boat attacked the enemy’s penultimate ship from the left."
A series of instructions were issued, and the bloody elite players immediately showed the pirates the strength of the regular army
First of all, all ships are equipped with heavy firepower weapons on the first floor, and four bell-mouth barrels are drilled out of the center of bulletproof steel plate. The brightness and frequency of gun fire show that it is much fiercer than the tattered ak47 in the hands of pirates.
This is the latest self-developed quadruple-ship machine gun by Bloody Elite. Before Mad Dog Dragon saw Dark Faint in Dingzhen Center, he had guessed that Bloody Elite was probably developing this thing.
This kind of heavy machine gun is specially designed to be torn and cracked in a large area at close range in the sea, and its real power lies in the fact that the 145mm caliber does great damage to the hull.
Special wooden boats actually have durability, but they don’t present data like steel battle suits, but experienced captains should know the damage degree of the boat when they look at the concave and convex degree of the hull surface.
Just a few dozen quadruple machine guns appeared on the pirate ship, and the loss was frightening. The hulls of ten bilges were immediately collapsed.
Followed by the bloody elite shooters, these people are equipped with hk416 rifles and svd sniper rifles that are licensed by the Eastern Dynasty.
Actually, it’s nonsense to shake the sea and make a sniper rifle. Who did you hit?
However, a 70-shot sniper rifle can hit a man even if it’s not a fucking accurate shot.
Of course, once the hk416 rifle is pulled, the effect comparison will come out for a long time.
After a fierce battle for about 2 minutes, there were at least 2 bodies floating on the sea, of which 60% were pirates, and the cold fog was filled with a big smell of blood.
The bloody elite gradually occupied the wind here, but it is strange that the island ship did not return before it was reckless and crazy.
"Fuck this group of fucking pirates are crazy." Light and magic couldn’t help but scold them.
Someone on the deck exclaimed, "Brother Guang, the enemy ship has a support team coming in the northeast."
When the light demon heard this, he raised his telescope and looked back. It seemed that there was a ship looming in the blood fog. He couldn’t see the hull, but he could see the pirate flag at the top of the mast
The light demon immediately picked up a hk416 and jumped out of the cockpit to touch the front deck from the back.
Ma Rufei was still shooting happily there. When he saw himself coming out, he couldn’t help frowning and said, "What’s the situation?"
The light demon’s expression is very dignified. "I want you to go alone and take the main ship and the other four ships to cover you."
He didn’t explain anything. I pointed my hand at the back of the enemy ship, and now the seven pirate flags can be clearly seen.
Ma Rufei’s heart sank, so the pirates’ confidence is here.
At this time, he just woke up from a rude awakening. He was too busy playing and ignored the sudden attack.
Are so many pirate ships here by accident? Obviously not!
After our party signed up, they dared to be reckless. You said they had no support behind them? That’s impossible!