"In fact, don’t blame them. The cultivation of the world has not become a law. Thousands of people and thousands of laws, even the basic laws will be different. "

"That’s true. Just like my inner meditation in the ancient yellow space. Everyone knows that running is a good way to exercise, but some people’s constitutions are inherently unable to move or even walk fast. "
"The creatures in the world are so bad?" Geng Hua was surprised.
"Brother, the ancient yellow space is a science and technology space, and the people inside have the best mental activities, but the physical activities are not so good, and almost all of them are finished by robots. You can’t care about jumping up and down on a well-off day, but it is a rare exercise to fall in the ancient yellow space. Let’s put it this way. According to my self-cultivation experience, the porn world should be a world where the ontological ability of living beings is weak. This is almost the case with your yellow ball. The power of science and technology is infinite, and the ontological ability of living things is infinitesimal. Once a war breaks out, the post-war scene cannot escape extinction. "
"It’s no wonder that my first two worlds, yellow well, suddenly turned gray one day. I thought I couldn’t practice the law, but it turned out that the creatures inside had destroyed themselves by themselves. Brother, you must tell me something about the evolution of the world! There are countless civilized materials in the world, but I don’t know what’s going on in the world, and my cultivation can’t make a prescription! Although your world is different from mine, it is good to learn from it! "
"No problem," Tianxin smiled and gave Geng Hua an auxiliary brain to record the changes of dozens of blue years in the ancient yellow space.
The auxiliary brain is extremely exquisite, palm-sized, and strangely shaped like a tree root. Geng Hua took it, and the gods infiltrated. Suddenly he smiled, "So big brother is a martial arts training and boundary teacher in it!"
"Can’t, inside, have to find something to do, and it can also be close to the world. Otherwise, it will be very boring to watch a big drama or give instructions. "
"Eldest brother red heart, I admire. Perhaps this is the difference between internal repair and external repair, "said Geng Hua thoughtfully.
"What is the situation of external repair?"

Chapter four hundred and forty-six The abyss of interest
I don’t know about other practitioners, but in my world, I usually inject spiritual vitality into it after I find it, or take it to the place where the intersection of chaos and stars is the most violent, and give it a bit of chaos and stars. Many external practitioners do this! "
"Yes, this can increase the world’s self-recovery ability."
"But it’s no use. Internal practitioners can prevent the world from having a war, but external practitioners can’t. Even after the war inside, they know that their world has been destroyed."
"Ha ha, Geng Hua Taoist, if you can grasp the pulse of your world, how can you be a barren Taoist!"
"Said too. Forget it, forget it … eldest brother, that’s my residence ahead. "
Thousands of miles away, a modest palace stands, a bit like the Gothic architecture of Xingyuan World.
"Is that where you live?"
"Yes, eldest brother, sure enough …"
"Ha ha, it’s big enough, but it seems that someone is fighting," Tianxin laughed.
"Fight?" Geng Hua’s look changed greatly. "It must be the rough embryo of Lutou Steel again. This guy has always been unwilling to give up on my site." When Geng Hua said this, he pushed hard at his feet and the wind rose vertically, shouting in the air, "Little brothers, I’m back!" "
As a guy who didn’t hold this impulse, he had to keep up with it with a wry smile.
For people, money is not everything, but without money, it is absolutely impossible. Similarly, for the low-level Taoist, the site is not everything, but without it, it is absolutely impossible. The so-called boundless Tao, in the star world, may refer to the realm of cultivation, but in the boundless world, it refers to whether there is a territory and whether there is a world. Those who have no territory and no world are called pathless. If you have a territory or a world, you will step into the ranks of those who are barren, and among them, those who have the world are a little higher. Having territory and the world at the same time can be regarded as a small bully.
This is probably the reason why Geng Hua still stays in the well-off world, and it is also the reason why Geng Hua is furious. In the eyes of Taoists, the site is the environment on which they live, and it is a different world. No matter how barren it is, every inch of land must be contested.
Site, in a sense. It’s also about some mainstream identity and some … Without site, these intangible resources will be lost forever. For Geng Hua, a barren Taoist who only owns the mysterious and yellow world, having no territory means losing his foundation and being completely marginalized and forgotten.
However, land grabbing will only happen to those who are barren. If there is a struggle above the Taoist level, it is a world that has not been cultivated.
Cut the gossip and get down to business!
It was said that Tianxin was a little slow, and when he moved to the fighting field, Geng Hua had already fought with a three-meter strong man. This guy is undoubtedly the Lu Tougang in Geng Hua’s mouth, and he is really a copper head and iron frame …
"Geng Hua Tao. Boss Tiejin wants to join you. Show your skills quickly. Otherwise, there will be no chance in the future. " Lu Tougang roared.
"Bullshit, how can an Tiejinhong Taoist value my three-point land? He thinks it’s too late to bother. You must be a stubborn guy who wants to fish in troubled waters." Geng Hua said as he punched him sharply.
"Geng Hua, I’m Lu Tougang robbing your territory, which is not a bright move fair and square. Is it necessary for me to move out of the title of Tiejin Boss? I’m telling you, it’s not just your place. In addition to the site of Sanqing Sect, Xiaokangtian was taken by Iron Boss! "
"What a big breath." Pei a mouthful of heptyl China, harsh voice way, "iron boss took a fancy to. Why didn’t he come? I want you to join in the fun! "
"Can’t," LuTouGang hissed, "you think I want to. I’m a member of Boss Tie’s staff now. Geng Hua, you will readily surrender, and maybe the iron boss will let you be the master of this site. "
"This site is mine, and I am the master of this site," Geng Hua sneered. "My site does not need other Taoists to enfeoffment."
"Whatever you say. Call! "
Lu Tougang is obviously a cross-trainer, and he is extremely combative. In a way, the authentic person is the best pioneer warrior, and his style of play is also wide open and closed. In the long run, thousands of fists have been sent to Geng Hua, and a king kong is captured!
Geng Hua was naturally not weak, so he beat others with cleverness, dodged Lu Tougang’s boxing with a light posture, and waited for an opportunity to fight back.
It seems that the two men are not fighting for a day or two. Both sides know the root of the matter and are extremely skilled in recruiting. Such a fight, it is difficult to tell the winner without ten or eight days.