Now, he doesn’t want to ask Fat to shoot Ye Qing at the end, because it’s meaningless. He also believes that Fat didn’t send his head on purpose. He must have his reasons for flashing Ye Qing at the gun. Maybe he is confident that he can kill Ye Qing. Maybe he wants to continue to attract Ye Qing’s firepower to create opportunities for his teammates. But whatever the reason, he obviously underestimated Ye Qing. He didn’t expect Ye Qing to remain at a high level in such a critical situation and shot him in the head.

He collapsed in his chair with a white and bloodless face and forgot to take off his headphones. He didn’t expect that the victory he was about to win would be ruined by himself. He knew that many people would definitely scold him, and some of his teammates would laugh at him for being undercover, but he knew that he would be shot in the head by Ye.
He definitely didn’t want to kill Ye Qing to help the team win. He knew that he couldn’t be a hero without that. He was shot a few times by Ye Qing when he came out against the enemy’s condition, but he was timid and worried that he would be shot in the head by Ye Qing if he stayed any longer. After all, the enemy’s condition wouldn’t last long, just for a few seconds, so he hurriedly returned to the base and tried to hide. Who knows that Ye Qing chased him directly at the moment he retreated.
Ye Qing has been chasing into their base, but he was shot in the head by Ye Qing, and he didn’t even have a chance to fight back. But when the game created such a good opportunity, he became the other side. What is the reason for the defeat? He suspected that he would take the blame, even if his teammates didn’t recognize it so much, the audience would certainly recognize it so much.
Bare, took off his headphones and took a look at the fat comfort. "Fat, we have tried our best for a game. We can’t say anything. Besides, it’s just a third place. It doesn’t matter to us, does it?" Our goal has always been to win the championship, and it is meaningless to run second and third. "
Fat nodded his head and felt better. He was a professional player who had been killed from school with bare, and they were once in the same dormitory. Bare wouldn’t blame him.
Zhou Wei cut her long hair with her hand, but she turned to look at bare and said, "We are one step away from victory. Why will we lose?"
Bare smiled and laughed. "It’s not that the hunter is not tall, but that the fox is too cunning. Forget it. Don’t entangle this problem. There will always be a day when we get revenge!" Now we should go over and congratulate our opponents. They are worthy of respect! "
People here in the I club have fallen into a carnival. Everyone has taken off their headphones. hands in the air cheers. After Pearl Krabs and he were killed one after another, the I club is almost hanging by a thread, causing Yu Zhenzhen’s guilt. Who knows that Ye Qing saved the team again? Ye Qing is a hero in their hearts at the moment!
Zhao xia yang and Thomas directly rushed to Ye Qing and lifted him up regardless of Ye Qing’s resistance. Ye Qing was not released until bare and others came to congratulate them. Some female fans directly rushed to present Ye Qing with a bunch of flowers. The host announced the result and the award ceremony followed.
The imperial concubine of the Big Dipper lost the live video with a black face, and so did Li Zhihao. They all didn’t want to see the scenery limit of Club I again, which would affect their mood.
There are also some people who have completely different moods, such as fixing the game and Ouyang Yu. Their team also participated in the fpl competition. Their team name used to be full of honors, but now it is no longer what it used to be, and it has been blocked from the strong. Now, seeing that Club I won the third place, the two have already faded their mind of competing with him.
The gap between them has become wider and wider, and they are no longer qualified. Lin Qiuye has always been very unhappy with Ye Qing. After watching this game, he was depressed to the extreme. He built a team with his own hands and even didn’t qualify for the competition in fdl, so he was wiped out by the I club. He suddenly felt disheartened and confused about his career.
After watching the game, Jiang Yuhan said indifferently, "The rise of I may be a flash in the pan, but the rise of Ye Qing has been stopped …"
Even Ye Qing, the strongest opponent of the ag team, couldn’t help sighing after watching the game. "Ye Qing, this guy is really a big heart, and his killer color is really amazing!"
Award ceremony nb team won the gold cup. Captain Jiang Yuhan held high the championship trophy and enjoyed the flowers and palms. Team ag won the silver cup, while Team I captain Ye Qing held the bronze cup. The picture of three teams being drowned by flowers and palms may stay in F, and the history of professional competition will be fixed into a classic picture.
In the past, members of Club I were meteors, cold-blooded, and sentimental. Although they completed the F after leaving the team, they still went into the game to play Club I in their spare time, and even more, they had feelings for this team. Now, when they saw that Club I won the third place, all three of them couldn’t help but burst into tears. They didn’t do it. Ye Qing did it for them.
Coach Zhang, who had already faded out of the I club, rubbed his eyes and felt a great sense of accomplishment. You know, when Ye Qing first joined the team, he had been instructing Ye Qing to practice his marksmanship and gun shooting skills. He told Ye Qing.
Huang Qiusheng, who once led Ye Qing into the door of professional players, has left the team, but he is still excited to watch this game. If he hadn’t discovered it himself, perhaps Ye Qing’s generation could dominate the Internet cafe and shine at this level of competition.
This game has touched too many people’s hearts …
Chapter 1265 Tracking
Club I won the third place in fpl, and everyone was dreaming when they received the award. They never thought that they could win the third place in the competition of masters, and super teams like nb team and ag team stood side by side to receive flowers and palms.
There is no doubt that club I will quickly make headlines in major competitive media, and Ye Ye will become a hero. He saved the team with his last shot, and Ye Ye was killed out of the media and returned to the hotel with the team without being interviewed.
The game took him a lot of effort, and now the game is finally over. As soon as he relaxed, he wanted to have a good rest and didn’t want to be disturbed
Although he slept in the hotel during the day, he thought about the game even when he slept, but now he has stopped thinking about it and slept happily.
Big honey has flown back to Chengdu, and Ye Qing can sleep quietly in the room alone. He didn’t call Big Honey until he woke up. At this time, it was already noon, and Big Honey just got on the plane and got on the bus. Before she came to chat with Su Yanbing, she received Ye Qing’s words.
Ye Qing told Da Mi that the game was over. Da Mi heard that the team actually got the fpl, and the third runner-up was also very happy. He kept praising Ye Qing and Ye Qing and felt very fulfilled. He couldn’t help feeling a little high.
After chatting for a while, Dami said that Su Yanbing was right next to her, so Ye Qing asked Dami to pass the words to Su Yanbing, and he and Su Yanbing also talked a few words, and then said that they would walk around Xi ‘an again the next day and return to Chengdu the day after tomorrow and congratulate them on their restaurant business.
After talking with the two girls, Ye Qing got up and left the room to have lunch. The players had never been excited. During dinner, they kept saying that they would not be able to win the third place today and would unconsciously praise Ye Qing. Ye Qing was also very low-key and did not show any pride, but in his heart he was very happy.
Although Chao Nan and others were substitutes and didn’t play a game, they still felt very honored and honored. The most important thing is that after the team won the third place, there was a bonus. Although it was not much, Ye Qing took it out and distributed it evenly.
Of course, the substitutes were very happy that they were able to get the bonus without a game, and it was a great deal to take a trip to Xi ‘an. Ye Qing didn’t ask for a penny of this bonus. He felt that the players had done their best in this competition and performed very well. He still managed to bring the team into the third place battle by himself, although his teammates almost caused his efforts to fail at the last moment, he didn’t mind at all because he was very confident that he could kill the fat at that time.
In the afternoon, Ye Qing gave the players a bonus for their free activities. Everyone can go out and buy something to take back to their relatives and friends, but before going out, Ye Qing still urged these people to be honest and not to get into trouble. If someone takes the initiative to provoke them, it is best to take a step back. If the other party does not relent, you are welcome to beat them up first and then fly back to Chengdu directly.
After sending all the players away, Hou Ye rubbed his temple and took a nap for a while. I don’t know if it was not covered properly. He felt a little dizzy. It should be a little cold. He couldn’t help but sigh that his physical fitness was really worse than before. In the previous winter, he wore a vest and ran outside without any pressure, and he never felt cold or caught a cold. Now he neglected to exercise, which is naturally worse than before.
Ye Qing will take time to run and do some exercise at home when she is not so busy before training, but she seldom goes running when she is busy, but she still insists on doing sit-ups and push-ups at home. The purpose is also to keep a good figure. A few abdominal muscles must be contoured. How ugly it will be if they become a mass of fat.
He decided to go jogging no matter how busy he was after returning to Chengdu, even if he went out to fun run late. Anyway, it is quite popular now in fun run to buy a pedometer bracelet, and how many steps he ran can be recorded, which can also increase some motivation.
Long-distance running is his strong point. If he doesn’t exercise for a long time, his speed will definitely drop. When he is in trouble and wants to run for his life, this is a skill that must not be abandoned.
He waved his arm and decided to go outside now and sweat all over. Maybe he’ll get over the cold. Anyway, he just had an impulse to run. When he walked out of the hotel, he found Pearl Krabs and Nalan talking on the steps.
He hurriedly walked over and asked, "What are you doing here? Don’t you go out for a stroll? "
Pearl Krabs and he heard his voice startled Pearl Krabs twist a head to him, "how do you walk all have no sound scared me to death? We are discussing whether to go shopping or go back to the room to rest you? How did it come out? "
"I want to go running for exercise-then you can discuss it slowly!" Ye Qing said that, he ran the steps alone and then ran towards the right sidewalk. The speed was quite fast and he was far away in the blink of an eye.
Pearl Krabs and Nalan looked at each other and then said, "There’s a problem!"
It must be an excuse for them to go out for a run at this time of Ye Qing, so they went to see the female driver very tacitly. Although they are in Ye Qing’s affairs, they always can’t help but be curious and have to find out before they are willing to even if he has lost that feeling for Ye Qing, but he is still very interested in this kind of thing.
Ye Qing ran faster and faster, and seemed to find the feeling of speed before. Pearl Krabs and Na Lan were pulled farther and farther, and Ye Qing turned a corner and disappeared. They ran panting. Usually, they rarely even went shopping in the street and went straight to sleep after going home. Occasionally, depending on where they would think of exercising, they were very tired after running for more than 100 meters.
"I can’t run. That guy is too fast!" He bent over and gasped.
Pearl Krabs slapped her back and said, "Then come slowly and I’ll go and have a look."
With that, Pearl Krabs sped up and chased her. She was actually tired, but she was worried about losing her, so she got up all her strength and continued to run.
"Can you still run?" He looked at her back and was very surprised. Curiosity in the tunnel drove her to jog with her.
Ye Qing didn’t know that he had two tails behind him. He didn’t feel very tired after running for 1000 meters, but his back was already sweaty, and he felt very cool and his head was not so dizzy. He had already run to the road where he was walking with Da Mi.
This passerby has few cars, which is actually very suitable for running trees and fallen leaves floating. It looks very beautiful and artistic. The leaves are rushing and running, and it takes only more than two minutes to run the street, and then a turn leads to the main road.
Pearl Krabs tried her best, but she didn’t chase the leaves. She couldn’t even see the leaves. She had to stop to hold the ginkgo trees on the roadside, panting and falling leaves flying in the air. She looked up at the beautiful scenery and sighed, "How beautiful!"
He is still far behind at this time, and he can’t even run. It’s really bad to walk slowly.
Pearl Krabs didn’t care about Nalan behind her. She had a little rest and ran forward again. This street is very beautiful, but she already appreciates her worry that Ye Qing will directly stop a taxi and leave when she runs to the front. Where can I find someone?
Ye Qing ran to the main road and slowed down because there were more pedestrians and bicycles shuttling. He ran slowly and adjusted his breathing. After all, he was a professional long-distance runner who had a good way of breathing control. After running for so long, he didn’t breathe much, but his body was already hot and quite comfortable. He hadn’t run like this for a long time and couldn’t help but remind him of that time when he competed with Zhang Hang. He never ran so fast after graduation.
Pearl Krabs finally ran the road and then entered the main road. She could see Ye Qing jogging at a constant speed in the distance, which made her hesitate. Did she guess wrong? Ye Qing seems to be really running, and it just seems to have no other purpose.
She didn’t go any further at the intersection, but rested on the trunk. Her clothes were soaked, and her bangs were wet with sweat and stuck to her forehead. She cut her hair, fanned her hand and looked up. When she looked up, Ye Qing had disappeared in front. She suddenly felt a little flustered. Did Ye Qing take a taxi?
She sighed and then walked slowly back to discuss with he-she walked a long distance to see that she was going to take a break after a few steps. Pearl Krabs couldn’t help but say to her, "Your physical strength is too poor, isn’t it?" Ye Qing estimates that three successes can kill you in minutes so that you can’t even see his back! "
"Well, I don’t like to exercise. My physical strength has always been poor, and my physique is not good. I often get sick and have a weak cold." Nalan is very naive