Think about it. A snake famous for its slender figure and quick action is about the size of a python. Can’t it be proved?

Can you imagine a cobra one meter thick and more than twenty meters long?
That’s probably the feeling!
"I just learned a magic spell, but I can barely cast a cloud body. Why don’t you try it?"
An Xiaoya looked at the skill bar and hasn’t been to that skill yet.
Phantom charm is a blessing skill.
It is to display the front skills of cloud body and wind body.
Only when you are in the magic spell state can you make the cloud body wind.
What is the cloud body and wind body?
It’s simple-the mage teleports!
It’s just that the wind is blinking, not blinking
All you need is an illusion pre-skill blessing
These two famous skills, An Jinxiu, have also been heard of.
Hearing Xiaoyaneng’s cloud and body, she nodded and said, "I’ll wait for you at the entrance!" "
Ladder mouth is naturally the channel they came to!
The abnormal skill of cloud body and wind body is abnormal because it is very powerful but there is no cooling time!
If you want the magic spell, the state is still there. If you still have magic, you still can.
Then this thing can be used anytime and anywhere!
The reason why this skill is more powerful than teleport is that it doesn’t need cooling!
An Xiaoya checked her magic.
Although I don’t know how many times I am stronger than the players now, I can barely make it two or three times if I make the clouds look good.
If she regained speed, she died four times.
But that’s enough for now.
The fixed point of the cloud body and the wind body depends on the eyes
To be able to see the place, you can directly imagine the past.
An Xiaoya cast a magic spell that can last for ten seconds. After a moment, her lips hummed and the wind moved, and after she recited the spell, she cast it successfully!
This is the first time she has actually used this skill.
Cloud body and wind body need to spell.
And particularly awkward.
As far as I can remember, this is a success that she is particularly good at.
If not, it is estimated that this skill will take a long time to be 100% successful!
An Xiaoya’s mobile destination is naturally the suspected snake egg with the light of "Come and pick me up".
She landed her feet firmly next to the egg and bowed her head and picked it up directly.
But will things be that simple?
Of course not!
An Xiaoya unfortunately found that picking up this egg actually required reading!
And when An Xiaoya appeared next to the egg, he lazily sat on the column. The snake demon, which was shaped like a python and a poisonous snake, suddenly stood up his head, and his cold eyes looked at An Xiaoya in an instant!
Chapter 323 ruling city
Being stared at by these cold eyes for a moment, An Xiaoya felt something.
Although her eyes are still looking at the manual, her body has already received the cold gaze from the snake demon.
This is a terrible feeling.
Cold all over
It seems that a cold poisonous snake will rush out and inject venom into her in one second.
This is indeed the case.
Two seconds to pick up the reading bar is enough for the snake demon to rush this way!
An Xiaoya and An Jinxiu guessed that there was nothing wrong. This egg is indeed a snake egg.
It is said that this egg is in place, and the snake demon can definitely reach it.
Why else would she put this egg here?
The snake demon who has been imprisoned for many years will naturally get angry when he finds out that someone has touched his precious descendant!
Although she is imprisoned here, it is not a place like yours where small characters can run wild without even looking!
What’s worse, it moved her descendants!