Ye Qing nodded. "You’re right, but this is the best way I can think of at present, and maybe the ig team commander can think of it."

Big honey looked at the big screen and couldn’t help showing a knowing smile. "You guessed it. You are all in the same way. The ig team did choose the same method as you. They left a player with a bag and the other one went to support the attack at point A, but the attack at point A still didn’t improve."
Ye Qing also looked at the big screen again. The ig team attacked point A, and four people attacked from the middle road and the trail at the same time. The trail was defended by K and kept flashing, which made the attack trail gunner unable to move. Two people could rely on flashing to consume each other. Competition was marksmanship.
Three people in the middle of the road have reached the square and then divided into two ways to attack point A, the greenhouse Yanyue resisted the attack of a machine gunner on the left side and shone with Yu You and two people who attacked the other side on the right, a machine gunner and a sniper, and gave back the point.
Ig team commander asked the department to retreat, and then they all reached the middle road. Their department launched a storm on the left side of point A, that is, the side of the greenhouse was in the middle of the greenhouse. Yan Yue was suddenly oppressed by strong fire and dared not show up. He had to shine and they called for help.
Ig team quickly occupied the corridor outside the greenhouse, and two people directly went around the other entrance of the greenhouse from the side of the defender base to prepare for the sneak attack on Yanyue. Only when Yanyue was removed can they deal with point A, or they may be attacked by Yanyue at any time.
Yanyue is also an experienced professional player. Of course, he knew that the other party would definitely come to the greenhouse to kill him. After he went back from the door, he ran non-stop to Jiang Yuhan. At this time, he was no longer in the greenhouse.
Yan Yue reported a situation after meeting Jiang Yuhan. Jiang Yuhan saw that no one had appeared outside the moon door, so he went back to point A with Yan Yue. After Yan Yue was pressed back by the other side’s fire, he didn’t flash out to check the situation. It was not clear how many people in the other side felt that the fire was very strong, which led to Jiang Yuhan’s attack on point B. Both of them went to point A to make up their minds to go back with Yan Yue.
"bang!" A machine gunner who entered the greenhouse but didn’t find Yan Yue just came out and wanted to rush to the defender base, just touching Jiang Yuhan and Yan Yue Jiang Yuhan’s load. Before Yan Yue could react, he had already shot a gun. The man just saw Jiang Yuhan and was already dead. He didn’t even have a chance to shoot.
Yanyue is very plaintive tunnel "I really didn’t have a chance to show with you. I didn’t shoot you, so you killed people. The reaction and hand speed are so fucking synchronized!"
"I’m sure I’ll be the first time he was, or we’ll have to get a few shots. It’s not worthwhile! But now that this shot has exposed our position, the other party will definitely be on guard. "
"It’s okay, we’ve outflanked them. The place we can go now is point A. If we force them in, we’ll catch turtles in a jar!" Shine is very satisfiedly say with smile
"What are we waiting for? Let’s catch turtles!" Jiang Yuhan smiled at Yan Yue and the two men rushed into the greenhouse.
Chapter 42 Defeat the IG team
Jiang Yuhan’s sniper shot has already told the ig team that the man who stayed at point B has left the station. At point B, the man immediately rushed into the blasting point and passed through the Moon Gate. It’s a pity that he didn’t bring four bags. After all, he and the sniper had attacked point B at the beginning, and they usually didn’t bring bags when one side was less, otherwise it would be in trouble if the bags were dropped.
He went into the blasting site to find a good bunker and called his friends to come here quickly. In fact, his teammates had already had a retreat. Because the sniper shot one of them, they also left three people. When the number was at an absolute disadvantage, they directly rushed into point A and jumped into the path and ran away.
Ig team this recruit let S team unexpectedly from the vip room outside the side of the original outflanking shine, they also jumped at a just Jiang Yuhan and Yanyue joined together, waiting for them to enter a point only to find that the other person has disappeared.
Jiang Yuhan immediately realized that the other party must have gone to point B, so he immediately took Yanyue to point B. Jiang Yuhan, who had just entered the defender base, suddenly felt that it was not safe, so he called Yanyue back to point A to defend without leaving a person. He was not at ease. This was his usual caution.
After the ig team took the trail, their commander suddenly realized that going to point B was not as fast as the other team. After all, the distance from point A to point B through the defender base was relatively short. They took the trail, then went to the middle road and then went to channel B to enter point B. When they arrived, it was estimated that point B had been attacked by the other team.
So the ig team commander asked the man at point B to quit and come directly to point A. Now they may be able to get point A without a fight. The distribution of forces of both sides in the battle of wits is clearly displayed in front of the audience, so that the audience can easily see the command ideas of both sides, and they can’t help but be amazed by their wit.
Jiang Yu’s cold stay in Yanyue at point A was definitely a wise decision, and the sudden return of the ig team was even more unexpected to everyone. At point B, the man also quickly rushed to the middle path, and three people immediately rushed to the balcony. When they saw that point A was quite quiet, they jumped to it.
Yanyue stayed behind the blasting point box at point A and chatted very much. He was also very upset that Jiang Yuhan asked him to stay. He felt that there was no chance to show up at point A, but when he was in the waves, he heard a few steps when he was whispering in his heart. He suddenly refreshed himself and couldn’t help but admire Jiang Yuhan’s sjms to the extreme.
"I depend! There seems to be more than one person! So many steps! " Yanyue pricked up his ears and listened to the noise outside. He found that there seemed to be more people coming. Point A was not only not without business, but also booming. He couldn’t help but get nervous. If there were one or two people on the other side, he could cope. If there were three or four people, he would probably explain it here.
Although Yanyue is awesome, his opponents are all top players who are similar to him, and he can’t take advantage of anything. Soon, someone rushed into the blasting point to prepare the bag, but this person probably didn’t expect the other person to finish at point A, so he didn’t observe the situation behind the box.
Yanyue, of course, had to stop the other party’s bag from shooting at the man immediately, and then it burst its head. Others were immediately surprised and rushed in, and Yanyue couldn’t hold on for long and was directly screened.
Jiang Yuhan realized that he came back quickly, but before he entered point A, he heard the other party’s successful package sound. Jiang Yuhan could not help sighing that he would miscalculate. In fact, he was cautious enough to keep a few people. If he left two people, it is estimated that the situation would be different.
At last, Yanyue didn’t suffer, and somehow killing one person weakened the other side. At this time, there were three people left in the ig team, and four people in the S team were still at a disadvantage. They could defend conservatively and didn’t dare to fight recklessly with each other.
Watching this game, the audience’s mood is one after another. It’s still unknown who will win this round. It’s too suspense. The commanders of both sides have their own unique tricks. The audience are so excited that they all want to see the ig team win, so that they can play one or more rounds in this game, which is a good thing for the audience.
Jiang Yuhan doesn’t want to play a few more rounds. He always likes to solve the battle quickly without giving his opponent a chance. He let three machine gunners directly rush into the middle of point A and put themselves behind the screen. With his cover, his teammates will all rush forward like fugitives. This is Hanxin for Jiang Yu.
Ig team personnel are defending in the pit. When they see three machine gunners rushing in, they pop out together and shoot at each other’s guns. K and shine two people to fight back, while Yu Youhe directly enters point A to unpack.
Jiang Yuhan didn’t shoot the other person around the pit easily, and his head popped out. It was difficult to aim at him. He had to seize the best opportunity to accurately kill the other person. When the ig team commander saw Yu Youhe entering point A, of course he knew what the other party was trying to do. Didn’t he just want two machine gunners and a sniper to stall them and let Yu You unpack them smoothly?
If they let the other side succeed, then they will lose the game completely. ig team is certainly not willing to lose like this. They jumped out of the pit and were forced to rush to the blasting point and shoot at K’s guns at the same time.
They didn’t defend at the blasting point A because they were afraid of being directly pierced by the other person, and it was too crowded, so they could easily be exposed by the other side. Now they have to rush to the blasting point and have to stop Yu Youhe from unpacking.
Jiang Yuhan saw the other three people rushed out and couldn’t help laughing. "I can’t stand you in the pit, but now that you’re out, can’t I kill you?" Don’t look down on people! "
"bang!" Jiang Yuhan shot him, killing the machine gunner on the right side of the other side. The other sniper also shot, but he chose Jiang Yuhan to hit the target instead of shining, and he failed to avoid this shot. He was hit in the chest and lost his life directly, but it doesn’t matter. The other sniper lost his threat after this shot, because if he dares to shoot again, he will definitely become Jiang Yuhan’s target.
The remaining machine gunner is the ig team commanding him to break through the K blockade law and kill K, which will stop Yu Youhe from unpacking. Moreover, when he shoots at K, he finds that his blood volume is dropping sharply, and his heart can’t help but burst into despair. This game is over!
The bomb was defused successfully! Yu You and take off headphones directly hands in the air up excitedly patted his chest and shouted, "We won! !”
K gave him a cool look and said, "It’s normal to make a fuss about how we won. Is it necessary to be so excited?"
Yanyue laughed. "Less than is probably the excitement of rarely reaching the finals before, but it’s too early to get excited until you win the championship!"
Yu Youhe clenched his fist and said, "The championship will definitely be us. We are the strongest!"
Jiang Yuhan rubbed his neck and stood up. "It’s a little early to say that our opponent is probably Qingcheng Competition in the finals. That’s a super strong team. The sniper 7kg in their team is very strong, even I dare not say that winning him is qualified to be called a sniper!"