"Well, I can practice with water," said Ziyun proudly.

The second liquid medicine is quite rare, and Huang Junyi was a little curious at the moment. "How did you get it?"
"Someone sent it"
"Are you jealous?"
"You are going to be me. If you are jealous, it should be someone else." He said and kissed her lips again.
He closed his eyes and didn’t notice that when she kissed him in the water, her left cheek was enchanting and rosa multiflora disappeared in an instant, because when he let her go, the rose mark on her cheek would appear again.
The first time he held her body so brazenly, he was afraid to wake up and find that everything was a dream. He kissed her carefully.
To think that when we get married …
But he suddenly became uncontrollable. She is so beautiful. What can I do if she slips away from him …
The twisted fingertips seem to have carved out the vows of love.
You and I are destined to be inseparable.
He can finally detoxify and there is no reason to refuse her. Although they have confessed their hearts, they have not been so intimate and revealed their hearts.
He loves her and has no scruples anymore. He won’t worry that he can’t give her a warm hug or stay with her until he grows old.
She’s right. Destiny is in our own hands.
Her appearance tur his life around!
She really is the woman he has been waiting for, and since then he is willing to accompany her to change her life so that they can be together!
"Dear son, I will love you forever, never betray and never live up to the love of others except you."
"One person for life"
"From now on, I will spoil you, love you and look at you. I will never say goodbye easily, and I will never let you go easily."
If you like it, I will tell you and share my heart with you.
From now on, we are no longer alone, always remember us.
"Are you willing to marry my wife, Huang Junyi?"
"I do." Ziyun’s proud cheeks also had a suspicious blush. She was once most afraid of water, but there were too many good memories in the water. He drove away her demons and gave her courage.
"I am the emperor."
"I am proud of Ziyun"
"The sky is full and the moon is full, and the spring water medium of Biyue is from now on, and the husband and wife will never be negative."
Huang Junyi said, cut off his hair and tied it with a red rope. "And this hairpin is a relic of my mother’s princess. Don’t lose it again."
Ziyun proudly nodded her head. She has been collecting this hairpin well, and it will be stolen by people. It also makes her feel a little surprised that she will collect it more carefully in the future.
Whether the holy emperor agrees with heaven or not, from now on, she ziyun ao is the wife of the emperor Junyi, and his emperor Junyi is ziyun aofu. Chapter 333 Extraordinary night.
Two people kiss each other heartily, and at the moment when their bodies meet, it seems that their fate is closely linked.
The shadow of the scorpion, which is constantly escaping from the emperor’s body, seems to have been badly hurt. The black scorpion rolled around at random for a while and stared at the two twisted bodies coldly. Soon, it swam the wall with attachment and hatred and climbed away as quickly as the wind.
No one found that "he" had disappeared and he wanted to get close to Ziyun Ao, but "he" remembered that day when the temple "he" wanted to touch her, but she fell down. "He" knew that he was a huge poison and would hurt her.
But "he" will let her know that she will never be separated from the "he" world. She is "he"! !
And ziyun ao didn’t expect that this night would completely change her life.
The psychic rose that once seal her has been broken! At the moment when the palace sand broke, her body seemed to have done its best to wreak havoc.
Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade
Even she doesn’t know how she’s horrible.
The rose mark on her left face is gone!
At present, this woman has the most beautiful and exquisite beauty in the world, especially in the water. Her beauty changes every minute, and almost even the gods feel ashamed.
This night, Emperor Junyi didn’t have any poison.
This night changed the fate of two people, and from then on, it was a storm in their hands!
At this time, they didn’t know it would be such an extraordinary night.
Ziyun Ao and Huang Junyi poked their heads out from the bottom of the water before the moon became round.
Sunlight city was an extraordinary moonlit night. He once endured such a moonlit night for seventeen years, but he will never endure the toxic pain like this again.
He gently touched her face with his fingers, but before he touched her, he quickly moved Ziyun proudly and smiled, reaching out and holding his palm.
His palm is so thick that she feels inexplicably warm. This time, she can hold each other’s palms like this without water.
Emperor Junyi seemed to be in a dream for a long time, but he couldn’t get back to God. He touched Ziyun’s proud face with his other hand and finally touched her face slowly and carefully.