There seems to be no time or place for fighting here, and the scope of the war between the two sides is getting wider and wider. It seems that dozens of miles in Fiona Fang have been destroyed because of these wars.

Thousands of miles here, a figure in yellow with a dragon pattern still stands, where his figure is like a huge mountain peak, emitting amazing pressure all the time.
"Master Erhuang came to the news. He seems to be fighting with some people. It seems to be in the wind and Sanwangyan Yuntian has been killed. Do we want to …" A black shadow came directly to the man.
"Yan Yun Tian was killed. Yan Yunjian seems to have lost to the fight with that man …" The yellow figure meditation body also seems to send out the second area if there is a breath.
"If I don’t go to the ancient ruins, I will be enlightened. I must not be delayed by this matter. Once I get the treasure inside, I can hope to die. They are harmful." Suddenly, the yellow figure stood still and her eyes shone sharply.
"They are really a group of waste with so many purple mansion fighters who were actually killed. It is really a group of waste. The better it is to die, the better it will save them so much thought." This figure is completely unmoved. I miss the dead roots and I am not the same.
"Yes!" With that, the black figure disappeared directly in front of us, leaving the yellow figure alone in the middle.
"Second and third brothers, rest assured that if you die, I will avenge you!" The yellow figure said slowly

Chapter three hundred and sixty-Cut off blood * Bai Hong Tongxia
The right hand waved qiankun sword to release Zijin Se sword, and the left hand pointed at Yanyun sword. It was like a judge’s pen to judge people’s life and death. It was a kind of indescribable lack of courage, which made people feel frightened and inexplicable.
Yan Yun Jian Lin Yuan wants to attack him by fingering. He disdains to laugh and has not taken any measures. Now he has to worry about wearing a defensive weapon.
But when Lin Yuan’s sword finger strokes Yanyun’s sword face, Se has changed.
A law, words, firm but gentle came in his direction, and the sword pointed to the fragrance of flowers, and his direction seemed to penetrate instantly as if it were empty.
"How did you make something suddenly lose so much blood?" In an instant, the penetration of shock wave in Zijin Se at the edge of the forest seems to contain inexplicable rhythm.
A small piece of qi and blood in his body seems to have evaporated, which accounts for a small percentage of qi and blood in his body, but anyone who finds that his qi and blood have disappeared inexplicably will be uneasy.
"What kind of sword is this?"
Yanyunjian secretly alert.
"The effect is not bad. It seems that Zijin Se small tower is not only to suppress the purple mansion, but also to be cruel this time." Before that, I tried to recruit Lin Yuan and didn’t force the nine-story small tower to express jianfa.
Inexplicable swordsmanship not only needs spiritual strength, but also adds sword rhyme to the forest edge. Only in this realm of Tao and soul can we understand it, and then add that strange swordsmanship root method to capture it
This is not a lethal sword, nor an offensive sword, but a virtual root bending to capture.
"Go on!"
The spiritual force department is condensed in the tip of the sword at the edge of the forest in qiankun sword. The difference is that this time, with a sword finger at the edge of the forest, Yan Yunjian, wearing a yellow Se spirit, does not have to be afraid of the attack at the edge of the forest.
But who would have thought that a purple and gold Se weird shock wave would be sent directly, and a sword light would enter the Yanyun sword body directly, grab a lotus flower, and then suddenly hold the lotus flower to collapse and dissipate.
"How dare you cut off my blood!"
Yan Yunjian roared at once. He has never been surprised and angry. His qi and blood have been reduced by five percent. What is this concept? A person can burst into peak fighting power at the best state. Without qi and blood, his state has slipped instantly, and his explosive power has dropped by a grade.
The spectators looked at each other, and they also saw that the forest edge cast a terrible sword, abruptly cutting off part of Yan Yunjian’s qi and blood, and another means to attack Yan Yunjian.
A person’s qi and blood are very important to a person, just like ordinary people who lose their qi and blood will get sick and can’t afford to lie down.
If the lack of Qi and blood of fighters is more serious for fighters than ordinary people, fighters mainly rely on spiritual strength to support attack power and rely on Qi and blood to increase attack power.
The disappearance of a fighter’s qi and blood will bring about a decline in combat effectiveness, and it is rare for a fighter’s qi and blood to lead to a decline in his own realm.
"It’s incredible!"
Don’t say YanYunJian surprised anger at this time than even Lin Yuan himself didn’t expect Zijin Se small tower to come out strangely firm but gentle so horrible.
Maybe everyone else is Yan Yunjian’s qi and blood vanishing in the sky, but the performer Lin Yuan is clear.
In the moment of intercepting blood gas, it seems to others that they all disappear in the void, but in the dark, Yan Yunjian’s semester actually gathered in the forest edge to be conceited.
Instantaneous Zijin Se 9-story small tower gives off a light, and the plumes of blood gas are absorbed at the moment of absorption, and those blood gases actually gather at the edge of the forest.
"This is ok!" The edge of the forest shocked him, and he would never have thought that such a thing would happen. Moreover, it was even more incredible that blood gas could be fused after feedback from the nine-story tower.
Lin Yuan was in Zijin Se nine-story small tower, and once again, his qi and blood became thick, and the whole person gave off prestige and suddenly rose to his own realm, which was even loose.
"Continue to intercept me!"
Taste the sweetness brought by this strange swordsmanship. Lin Yuan is happy to save some strength. When the left hand sword refers to a stroke, Zijin Se firm but gentle virtual shadow once again appears in the void.
"Get out of here!"
Yanyunjian also shocked himself, losing a little bit of blood gas, and the shock wave of yellow Se impacted on the shock wave of Zijin Se.
Yanyun sword kendo edge crazy send out incredibly make virtual is shaking to this situation makes Lin Yuan firm but gentle is slow.
However, this strange firm but gentle still enters the Yanyun Sword in an incredible way, directly intercepting a trace of blood gas, and in the instant forest edge, the blood gas grows again.
However, in this case, all the attention was paid to Yanyun’s sword root, so he didn’t notice Lin Yuan’s body, so he didn’t find it.
This time, Zijin Se’s strange shock wave intercepted one percent of qi and blood, which was much worse than every time.
"It seems that the strange shock wave also limits its own spiritual power consumption, but it is still very cost-effective!" Lin Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly to emit jing Jing light.
"Small you die incredibly still dare to intercept my blood gas in such a demon way, and you will pay the price."
Qi and blood are seven percent less. Yan Yunjian is very angry. He holds the sword in his left hand and the tip of the sword is golden and rushes directly in the direction of the forest edge.
This sword makes the tornado suddenly collapse, and the sword is mighty
"Bai Hong Qixia!"
Yellow se firm but gentle instantaneous attack this time actually derived white se red Xia red Xia enveloped the sky, although the blood decreased, but this yanyunjian attack power was not weak at all.
Lin Yuan saw Yan Yunjian’s swordsmanship at a glance. It was just that he had just cast Xianxia’s swordsmanship. He didn’t think that this swordsmanship was so powerful.
The left hand sword refers to the transformation of the forest edge, and the index finger extends a sword point to the golden sword. This time, it is not always possible to make the sword three potential.
Even so, there is no rhyme in this sword, but even so, it is not strong, and it is even stronger than that sword just now.
It’s the edge of the forest, which is different from the previous sword. It’s a spiritual blow from the edge of the forest, and Zijin Se sword mans ignores the distance, and a yellow Se shock wave collides together.
Preliminary strike that Zijin se firm but gentle actually occupied the wind, but although there is no sword rhyme in the forest edge sword, its power is not to be underestimated.
Although Huang Se’s shock wave suppressed it, it was assimilated by many forces, which gradually weakened the trade-offs. Zijin Se Jian Mang and Huang Se’s shock wave put together a mutually assured destruction.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine-psychic warfare (night)
Up to now, the two of them have almost done their cards, but no one can resist the strange swordsmanship of the forest edge, and they can’t display the trend. It’s okay to intercept blood gas occasionally, but they can’t fight for a long time. In addition, this consumption is also very large