"There’s one thing I need to say," Fu Fengning said faintly. "It’s not" The Battle of the Abyss "that makes you come here this time. It’s a shame that my little husband is wronged."

His voice grew cold. "I know how many things you have done to hurt him in private."
Shen mother began to sob in a low voice.
Fu Fengning seems to be disturbed to frown.
Shen Yu hurriedly pinched Shen mother at the table and motioned for her to shut up.
When she was quiet, Fu Fengning continued, "I’ve thought of a hundred ways to let you learn a lesson, but my little husband is so kind-hearted that he still cares about this blood connection …"
To Shen An, the coldness in Fu Fengning’s eyes melted a little. He sank, "Since he has such an attitude, I will not pursue it for the time being."
Shen Yu blushed and her mouth trembled. "Mr. Fu is really grateful to Mr. Fu … we are really animals before! Find a chance and I will definitely apologize to Shen An with my family! "
Fu Fengning pointed his finger at the desktop and said, "I will restart the project in the Battle of the Abyss."
"Thank you, Mr. Fu. Thank you, Mr. Fu. We will definitely …"
Fu Fengning interrupted him, "Shenyang is Shen Anjia, and my husband is naturally happy to see him complete and happy in family of origin, but if one day an old incident that makes him sad repeats itself-"
He coldly swept all the people present. "I believe you all know it."
Shen An took the bus at noon and finally received a message from her sister.
Strangely enough, the Shen family called one after another after the elder sister took over.
Shen An was a little scared.
And in the words, Shen Fu and Shen Mu changed their previous attitude of not paying much attention to him, but they were very gentle and caring about him …
Even Shen Ping, after hearing that he was going to receive a gift from him, almost said that he was looking forward to preparing a gift for Shen An?
Is this still Shen Ping?
Shen An squeezed his face hard. He wondered if he had not woken up.
At 12: 30, Shen An has arrived at the library. He wants to give Fu Fengning a leave of absence and go back not so early after work. He wants to read in Hotan.
After sending messages and making phone calls for a while, he remembered the fear of being dominated that day and decided to make phone calls.
After the words are connected, Shen An generally shyly shouted "Uncle Fu-"
"Uncle Fu is here. What do you want to say to Uncle Fu?"
Fu Fengning sounds like he is taking a nap.
Shen Anxin wants to be bad. He thinks about this point. Fu Fengning should have just eaten lunch. I didn’t expect Fu Fengning to take a nap.
He thought with chagrin that he was really thoughtless
Shen An asked, "Are you taking a nap?"
"But your voice sounds 7 …"
A low smile came from the receiver.
Laughter is magnetic and pleasant to hear. It goes straight into Shen An’s eardrum through the receiver.
Shen An inexplicably began to beat faster.
I heard Fu Fengning sink, "It’s just a fire. What does Ann want to say to Uncle Fu?"
Shen An heard Fu Fengning say that he was angry and his head drooped to blame himself. "Is it because of me … I went to see you in the middle of the night … you were angry …"
Shen An blames himself very simply.
He thought that if he hadn’t answered the phone with Uncle Fu yesterday, Uncle Fu wouldn’t be angry when he slept.
But in the ears of people with ulterior motives, it sounds with many colors for no reason.
And Shen An doesn’t even know how anti-human torture he caused to the burning top alpha of the old man’s house in Fu Fengning’s arms last night.
That top alpha took a cold shower twice a night, but he was still afraid that he couldn’t sleep well and couldn’t help holding him all night. He restrained the top alpha in his genes from destroying his nature to hurt him.
At this moment, he heard a short silence in the receiver, and then Fu Fengning chuckled, "Is it really because you are safe?"
A small fireworks ember exploded in Shen An’s head, burning his ears to the tip of his ears.
The whole ear is red.
Will Ann feel distressed …
Shen An grabbed the phone in one hand and picked his pants in the other.
The word "distressed" is far away from him. He has never been exposed to it in the past ten years …
He has never felt sorry for others or for himself.
Of course, no one has ever said to him that he is distressed.
He is hard to say.
But the thought that Fu Fengning was angry with himself made him bite the bullet and decided to admit it! Although he doesn’t know much about it, Fu Fengning, an elder, isn’t it necessary to make him feel better when he is physically exhausted?
Shen An’s lips moved and she tried hard and found it really difficult to say the word "distressed".
He swallowed and nervously changed his distressed uncle’s method and asked, "Uncle Fu, do you have a sore throat?"
I don’t know if I’m lying to a child without thinking.
Shen An scratched his trouser legs a bit "I … I went home late to pour hot water for Uncle Fu".
With that, my ears are redder.
He thought to himself, what are you talking about? Does Fu Fengning want some water in the office?
I still have to wait for him to come home late