"He fell into a deep sleep and waited for someone." Nirvana replied coldly. He forgot the dust, and some resentment reflected a kind of hatred from that gorgeous eye, but he didn’t kill anyone, only hate and resentment.

It’s not white to forget the dust, but Qi Ling also has his own feelings. When Qi Ling said that he was asleep waiting for someone, forgetting the dust would be white. They missed the meeting. Although he was not a traveler, he had the power to make him stay because the bearer had not yet appeared.
"Where is he?" Now it is natural to forget the dust and ask for heaven and earth.
"He lost his time and fell into reincarnation, and even I couldn’t wake him up."
"Is there any way to wake him up?" Knowing that asking for the sky and forgetting the dust has become urgent and exciting, but it is not good news to hear that he has fallen into sink.
Nirvana Yang Tian crooned at 45 degrees, "He can wake himself up"
Forget dust after listening to silence but ask to "can I meet him"
Nirvana smiled, "You have met him."
This inscrutable remark made Wang Chen look around carefully. There is nothing here but a white background. Is this white?
"It seems that you have forgotten him, and you can wait until your arrival, which makes the immature nirvana force fall into a deep sleep because of energy, and I have let it stand still here, and he has made another nirvana force."
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
"Whether he can wake up depends on himself," Nirvana explained.
Forgetting dust is a little stupid. If there is no way, wouldn’t it never wake up? Clench your fist and ooze blood. Forgetting dust is not reconciled. It’s not easy for them to have another chance. It’s hard to get to this point, but God always has to do the right thing with them.
"Yang Ze, you bastard, I owe you so much. How can I pay you back? If you die forever, we will be like conquering the world. Didn’t you say you wanted me to fight for hegemony and defeat the top experts?"
"Now you are trapped in your own strength. Do you think you are stupid? Have you forgotten our dreams? Have you forgotten that you want to protect people? Have you forgotten that we swore an oath?" These are all past lives, but now you can’t care so much. He wants to vent what he has kept in his heart.
There is no stranger here, there is a spirit of nirvana, and there may be times when forgetting dust can vent all the anger that you dare not say.
"You’d better wake up for me. Just wait for me. I’m coming. I’m already here." I quietly forgot the dust and shed tears, and one of them was blood and tears.
Blood and tears fall to the ground, but they oscillate like ripples. Blood and tears invade the white ground and resonate.
Suddenly, the world changed color, and the white world was in chaos and nirvana. When he saw it, he looked incredible and forgot the dust. He actually woke up the master of nirvana in this way.
The white of heaven and earth is like a black hole, and I feel strange. I stared at the changes in front of me, and those white stars began to sink into a human form in front of him.
Gradually slowly return to human appearance, and soon a handsome man with black hair and white robes appeared in front of the dust-forgotten eyes, and his tall and straight body gradually became conscious, and slowly opened his eyes, which had been closed for a long time, and it seemed to swallow the sky.
"I’m really awake." Nirvana’s face is shocked and it’s almost full of incredible.
"I finally waited" was the first sentence when he woke up.
The emotional ratio of "asking for heaven" forgetting dust
When the wind blows, it is all unwilling to meet again in this wheel.
Goodbye in two lives.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Don’t ask him
There is a mysterious treasure book in the world of creation games, which is highly praised by several people.
And there was such a record in the book of creation.
Give the Dream Brigade ten years, and they will become the neglected power of this continent.
The head of this brigade is even more praised as a "contemporary wizard" than the members of the brigade, and their strength has shocked the mainland players np and even affected the reality.
"Kill people and forget the dust"
"Nirvana reincarnation don’t ask for heaven" and so on.
Someone once said that if they are given three years to grow up, this day will definitely have a place for them.
However, all their comments were eventually buried in the loess. One reason was that they met the wrong enemy in the right place. The World War I in Kyushu Center made the Dream Brigade famous, but it was also the last milestone of their vitality.
All the adventures came to an imperfect end on that day.
But who would have thought that they would have another chance?
It’s hard to tell your feelings with the phrase "Don’t ask for heaven", but it finally comes to you, and the feelings of French words have invaded your mind and body in an instant. Maybe at this moment, don’t ask for heaven to understand this sentence. When you wait for it, how shocked and moved you are to forget the dust, but after years, he will understand how important it is for them to reunite here.
At the moment, forgetting the dust in my mind is actually the indelible imprint of that past life.
Even now, I still remember that in the bloody picture of him talking in the reverse moment, he smiled and said, "You must bring her back or I will spare you."
Forgetting the dust didn’t make a promise to them, and he didn’t finish what a man should do himself. But in the end, he walked with dignity, even if his body was dyed red and his hamstring was broken, he still stood still. Only when he was held in his arms by his beloved did he close his eyes peacefully.
In order not to let the tragedy happen again, not to let everything happen again in previous lives, that’s why he returned to ten years ago.
"There are enough delays left for us, but there is still a long time to go. No matter who can stop us from moving forward!" Forget the dust and turn to look at the boundless white world. Hope is shining in the golden eyes.
Don’t ask for it. I didn’t think much about the meaning of this sentence, but there was an inexplicable feeling in my heart. He felt that he had known this man for a long time, and it was the first time to meet him. He didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but he was an old friend whom he hadn’t seen for years.
The two men moved forward, and the white world began to collapse, and their figures seemed to be twisted and gradually disappeared as if they had never been here before.
In the vast world, there is only nirvana to watch them leave and stare at the two people disappearing. I can’t help mumbling, "Master, have you ever paid for everything with your life? Do you want to continue the pain or cross the hell?"
Forget the dust and don’t ask for the truth, because when they disappeared in the previous second, they were reincarnated to the original position when they passed.
Duanmuhu is waiting.
He didn’t leave here. He had to make sure that Forgetting Dust would never come back. He also tried to experiment whether Forgetting Dust had been erased from people’s memory. He also specially asked the strategist and others, but they looked at Duanmu Tiger with a strange face and said Forgetting Dust. He was together, and the heart sank. I’m afraid this artifact power has not yet been exerted.
When you don’t worry, the strategist asked if you want to start work. Duanmu Hu remembered that he was going to forget the dust before, but now it seems that he can’t do it for the time being.
With that, Duanmu Hu ran back to the basement, which made the whole heroes look confused.
Back to the basement, he waited in anxiety and suffering, and specially took out the com to send messages to the strategist. He asked for no less than ten times in the past, but the results were the same. Forget the dust is still in their memory.
Duanmu Hu is uncertain about when it will take effect, and he dare not leave here in case. Although it is one thousand, he is also afraid of forgetting to come back.
"No, let the strategist get ready first, and if he really comes back, he should be completely erased to kill him. Duanmu Tiger is still the emperor of this barren city!" On whether the forgotten dust will come back, the fruit will not change for Duanmu Hu. I want to kill the forgotten dust heart, but I can’t shake it in his mind.
The headquarters of Heroes of Earth is also puzzled by Duanmu Tiger’s abnormal behavior.
Even the four helmsmen look like nai. "What’s wrong with this gang leader? He keeps asking us if we know him. I said that the strategist boss won’t be beaten silly, right?"
Strategist stared his one eye. At this time, Wang’s instructions came again in the communication, but this time it was not to ask if you knew Kiyomi, but to let everyone stand by in situ. It seems that the boss is going to make moves.
After arranging everything, Duanmu Hu was fidgeting in the basement. There was no way to forget the dust. The memory was still in people’s minds, but at that time he was not sure when it was not in people’s minds, but Duanmu Hu guessed that maybe he would know after waiting here for a night.
Just as Duanmu Hu was waiting for his heart-to-heart, something strange suddenly came to the room. The original quiet suspended nirvana suddenly spun, and the small roulette wheel on his face began to spin, and the mysterious words reappeared.
Seeing that Duanmu Tiger’s face changed, he got up with a face of surprise. In that strange expression, a gray suit suddenly twisted and appeared in front of him for a second.