He came out of the river and looked around the ground, then galloped away in the distance.

His figure is as fast as a flash, and even if he is close, he can feel a gust of wind and can’t catch him.
Haikui doesn’t want to attract other people’s attention, but when lang Lang knows that someone outside the world is not the strongest, so it’s better to keep a low profile as far as possible.
His figure soon came to a valley far from the town when he was a child.
The valley is full of lush trees. He looked around at the top of a towering tree with satisfaction.
"This is it!"
Haikui waved and took out the bronze mirror, and the real force quickly rushed to the bronze mirror, and the bronze mirror slowly flashed out the surrounding scenery. Haikui raised his eyebrows and slightly evoked the corners of his mouth to continue to convey the real force.
I feel it’s almost time. He stopped, pushed the bronze mirror outward, and slowly drifted outward. Haikui’s single palm condensed the true force and pushed it outward.
A real yuan palm appears and swatted toward the bronze mirror. It is also quite imposing to bring up the palm wind and blow the leaves around it.
The bronze mirror slowly floats in the middle, and when the palm is facing the mirror, there is a palm print inside, which is also getting closer and closer. Bang, the palm in the mirror and the palm outside are opposite to each other to produce an impact force, which instantly blows the surrounding leaves more pricked and pricked.
Haikui’s eyebrows are provoked. With the help of the former refining bronze mirror, Haikui feels that it is a counterattack.
While he was meditating, he felt a few real fluctuations in the distance, and when he looked up, he saw several sword mans coming towards him.
Haikui saw an old man, two young women and a young man stepping on a flying sword and coming towards him.
He swept away his knowledge, and the old man built it in the later stage of then, while the remaining three young people all built it in the early stage.
The old man quickly came to Haikui with flying sword, but he didn’t feel embarrassed abruptly. Looking at Haikui with flying sword, he sneered, "How dare the little doll come to our Qingfeng Valley?"
Haikui looked at him coldly and ignored him.
The three young people looked at Haikui and bowed their heads and whispered together.
After carefully examining Haikui, the old man said to the three men behind him, "This young man is not married yet. You can’t leave the sect all the year round. Today, it’s just right to take this young practitioner. Who will teach this young man a lesson first?"
Haikui couldn’t help laughing and watching when the old man ran away and he hung his master so much, did you know?
"I’ll come, I’ll come, I’ll come first!" The young man should raise his hand and say
There is an old man who is backed by a great master in the later period of then. He is afraid of a bird, and he just plays down a peg or two in front of his disciples.
Haikui stared at the old man and said faintly, "I don’t seem to have provoked you, do I?"
The old man looked at Haikui disdainfully as if he were an ant crushed to death by him. "Why didn’t you provoke him?" Every grass, tree and flower here belongs to our Qingfeng Valley. How many leaves have you just knocked off us! "
Haikui snorted heavily and sneered, "When will the land of China be yours? I am not afraid of the wind and my tongue is flashing! "
The old man didn’t expect a guy who looked like a loser to dare to teach him a lesson and say angrily, "Donglin broke this puppy’s leg!" " The old man glared at Haikui’s orders to his brother.
"Don’t worry if you know Master." The young man grinds his fist.
He stepped forward a few feet away from Haikui.
The other two women stepped back a little to make room for them, while the old man looked at them coldly with his negative hand.
Hai Kui held the bronze mirror in his hand with a wave of his hand and the corners of his mouth evoked a cruel smile. "Just try this bronze mirror with these people."
That’s called Donglin youth stepping on the flying sword, his hands clasped around him, and all the branches and leaves of trees shook and fell, and he sucked them around his body!
He drank a "disease" and all the fallen leaves instantly turned into hurtful weapons and flew towards Haikui.
Haikui controls the bronze mirror to reverse the mirror and face the youth. After pressing the bronze mirror with one hand, Zhenyuan rushes forward quickly.
The young man looked down on Haikui’s move and looked at Haikui with his nose slightly raised. He was so arrogant that he had a master beside him. This little girl couldn’t afford to turn over any lang flowers. All the flying leaves burst in front of Haikui, but a strange scene appeared. The bronze mirror held by Haikui’s palm flashed with green awns, and all the green leaves were knocked off and fell to the ground.
The young man looks ugly. Look at the master and the younger sister and feel humiliated. I didn’t expect the attack to be dissolved by that small one. He gritted his teeth and waved, and the leaves around him slowly condensed again. Finally, they condensed into a green boa constrictor, spitting a green snake letter and staring at Haikui mercilessly.
Haikui looked at the boa constrictor and laughed. "You’ll pull out all the leaves later. I think it’s better to call Qingfeng Valley Bald Valley."
The old man’s face is as heavy as water. "I’m upset that Donglin killed this little boy directly."
Tell Donglin youth to "know Master" in their hearts.
Hit the green python with one hand and rush towards Haikui.
Haikui looked at it coldly and did not move, but still kept moving forward to convey the true force to the bronze mirror.
The python came to Haikui, suddenly pulled up, and then took a bite at Haikui.
Just as I was about to meet Haikui, suddenly a green python emerged from the mirror, and gnawed at the young man’s waist, releasing leaves, and instantly gnawed it in half.
The young man’s face turned green and he was stunned.
The old man snorted, "Donglin went back and closed for three days to reflect on it and make no progress!" He no longer let his other two brothers wave their hands, and a hurricane rolled up the young man and he threw him aside.
The old man felt that Haikui had just punched him in the face, which made him feel embarrassed. "I want to waste your legs and save your life, but you are so ignorant, so save your life today!"
Haikui sneered at the old man and said, "Why do you all want other people’s lives so badly? Do you know that you are so concerned about God?"
The old man sneered, "Because I’m better than you, I’ll kill you if I say kill you. Do you like me?"