It’s late at night, and all the noise in the day is calm.

There was a stove burning on the console table next to the window in the room. Wang Lianhua leaned on the couch by the window, holding a jade bowl filled with amber wine, and the faint bright Bai Yueguang reflected the sparkling wine.
Drink a bowl of wine and enjoy the moonlight, so that he can enjoy it alone.
After a long time, after drinking a pot of wine, Wang Lianhua fell asleep on the couch by the window. The fragrant sea in the furnace never burned out, and the fragrance was light and distant, and it filled the whole room.
Before going to bed, Wang Lianhua thought that the person who sold him incense didn’t tell the truth, but there weren’t many lies. It was really good, but he didn’t know that it had a strange and unknown name, and it was a dream.
Love beauty, everyone likes beauty, but Wang Lianhua doesn’t.
Wang Lianhua’s mother, Wang Yunmeng, is a complete beauty, and many kinds of amorous feelings are not as beautiful as her.
So, is Wang Yunmeng beautiful? She is beautiful enough, very beautiful.
However, Wang Lianhua learned one thing from her beautiful mother body, that is, the more beautiful a woman is, the more vicious she is and the more harmful she will be.
Conspiracy, calculation, ruthless heart hidden in that beautiful skin, you can see her beauty but you can’t see these hidden crises
Wang Yunmeng is called the first devil in Wulin by Jianghu. Can she be kind? I can’t, especially after she was betrayed by her husband and tried to kill her, she became more and more crazy.
Wang Lianhua has been very clever since he was a child. No child will dislike his mother, but Wang Yunmeng taught him not to forget to take revenge on his own father. She sometimes loves him and sometimes hates him because he is also that man.
Wang Lianhua doesn’t hate his mother. He pities her and sympathizes with her. He hates that pig and dog as beautiful and vicious as his mother.
Yes, he sometimes wants to run away from her, but Wang Lianhua didn’t think he would come to this place, and he tried to change all this.
Better be a prosperous dog than a troubled person.
When the world is chaotic, people often live a precarious life.
Living has become the hardest thing in this world, and many people choose to leave this unbearable world. Many times it is also a pity to abandon their parents and children when they are legally protected.
Old people have no ability to protect themselves, let alone support themselves and their children. They have the choice of death, so those children have become marketable.
It is not uncommon to see frozen bones on the rotten road in Zhumen.
In this way, the world is cold.
Wang Lianhua is just a teenager huddled in a corner, dressed in rags and ugly, and even the roadside dogs saw him and stayed away from him.
But he has to. This is a strange place for him. He can’t live without it and can’t find his way out.
It’s nothing to protect yourself from suffering
Wang Lianhua thinks it’s not bad to get himself a face that can make children cry. At least, he won’t be disturbed by anyone. He’s just hungry because he doesn’t have martial arts and even fears being caught stealing a bag. His life is still very valuable.
However, after all, this little man with small arms and legs is still tired and hungry, and he really has the heart.
Wang Lianhua huddled in the corner of the street, watching passers-by come and go and those selling children and girls. Think about all those years when he lived with his mother, and it became a fairy.
Wang Lianhua quietly sighed again. Everything here is expensive. He is penniless, but he can’t afford anything. Think about when he was so miserable in Wang Dagong. It’s a terrible home.
At this time, Wang Lianhua’s eyes appeared a delicate girl with shabby clothes and a dusty face. Even though he was far away, he could know who that person was.
Isn’t that Gao Jiping, the boss of Happy Lin?
Yes, it’s quite tender to look at this face. When he returned to her!
Meeting Gao Jiping is really not a good thing for Wang Lianhua, because in Wang Lianhua’s eyes, except Gao Jiping’s appearance is not as beautiful as his mother’s, it can be said that there have been, but the most important thing is that these two women are all the same, full of calculation and cunning.
Wang Lianhua heart secretly tongue-tied, but he didn’t move. Anyway, Gao Jiping certainly doesn’t like his ugly appearance and nobody wants to sell it.
Wang Lianhua turned to think that maybe if he dies, he can return to reality. This is about a dream.
Otherwise, how could there be a woman named Gao Jiping in the dream?
It must be a dream or a nightmare!
But don’t say this nightmare is getting more and more real. It’s terrible. How did Gao Jiping come to him? You’re not trying to kill him or take him away and sell him, are you?
Yeah, it’s possible
Gao Jiping came out for most of the day and didn’t see anything. Or the old shopkeeper opened an inn in the east and quietly gave half a spoiled steamed bread without telling his owner. But this is good for Gao Jiping. She has to go home early and have two waiters to eat.
Let’s see if we can dig a handful of potherb roots for half a rotten steamed bread. After all, potherb has been found, it’s not bad to find some grass roots. Add some water and cook a pot later. Today’s meal will be available.
Gao Jiping thought happily, but on her way home, she found a child huddled in the corner motionless, and she was worried that she couldn’t afford to raise two children at home!
Just as Gao Jiping was about to leave with a horizontal heart, she found that several people found the child passing by him, but they were still far away for fear of touching it.
It’s pathetic. Her heart is soft again.
Think about half a rotten steamed bread in her arms. It’s a big deal for her to eat less. Anyway, she’s hungry and deathless. So thinking about Gao Jiping, she bit her teeth and walked towards the child in the corner.