No Han Chinese would like to see this result theory, but it is the best thing for the people beyond the Great Wall.

Shifeixuan facial expression, a change is obviously the first time to hear such news.
Donglai was curious about what appeared here and asked, "Eh, why did you appear here?" Don’t tell me it’s because of BiXuan. "
So-called things don’t go to the Three Treasures Hall. This time, it’s obviously an attempt to take the initiative.
Wan Wan’s eyes flashed an imperceptible feeling of loss. Obviously, she knew that she was difficult to win the trust of Dong Lai, but she still insisted, "Because Bai Jie Li Yuan gave birth to a baby boy, even the master can’t win this side."
The news is more shocking than one.
This is not only Shifeixuan’s face changed greatly, but also a dignified expression on Donglai.
It was the biggest loss in his life that Dong Lai didn’t directly settle Bai Qinger, which gave Bai Qinger a chance to make a comeback. However, it is no wonder that Dong Lai, the father-in-law Wei, was willing to spend so much effort to save a beautiful doll whose martial arts were completely lost. Now this beautiful doll has finally blossomed and Wei Gonggong’s investment has finally achieved extraordinary returns.
In tang gaozu nature is smile don’t fold old again let him times more ambitious.
Wan Wan sighed, "It’s ridiculous that Li Yuan today was unaware that he was wearing a big green hat at most. The so-called imperial root is not his flesh and blood, but that idiot Li Jiancheng."
"Good strategy"
Even to the East, I have to admit how powerful this move of Wei’s father-in-law and Bai Qinger is.
In the future, it is just around the corner whether Li Jiancheng will be emperor or this cheap emperor will be emperor. Bai Qing’s mother is naturally expensive. No wonder even Wan Zhu Yuyan, who has always pitied him, has to make a choice. No wonder Wan Wan has such a lost expression.
However, Donglai thought of a contradiction and asked, "Eh, then why do you want to challenge Miss Shi? It doesn’t seem necessary. "
I don’t know how, when I heard that Dong Lai called Miss Shifeixuan stupid, slightly lost and sad, her life and youth instantly brightened, and she turned back to that strange night elf and replied with a smile, "It’s been three months since the big official was so stupid, but it’s only a few days since Sister Bai was born."
"Hey hey …"
Dong Lai smiled awkwardly and asked, "Now that the Yin and Gui factions have given up, what are their plans for taking over?"
"Follow you."
Wan Wan answered with psychological barriers.
"Uh …"
I wanted to say "blessing is thin" but when I saw a flash of fear in my eyes, I knew that I was serious. If I really refused, I would be joking to cover up the past and then go back to fight for what belonged to me.
Finally, the life track will return to the plot.
Of course, whether Wan Wan is a play makes Dong Laigen know that even if Wan Wan is with himself, it has no influence on himself. After all, there is a big gap between the two.
Shifeixuan is laughing at this.
For Shi Feixuan, secular love is a luxury, and a beautiful heart is a fresh negative textbook for her. Moreover, for Shi Feixuan, it is because of interests that the confession is over, and the root is not sincere. If it is not to make the realm of the East too high, even Shi Feixuan can measure it, otherwise Shi Feixuan will definitely wake up the East.
"Why? Don’t you believe me? "
Wan Wan saw that there was a contradiction in Dong Lai’s look, and he immediately asked with a smile.
It’s a pity that Donglai didn’t respond. Wan Wan’s words have gone straight down, and the wind and cloud have changed color and stayed in the center of the pavilion. There is also a story that seems to be floating in the hole. "Sincerity or hypocrisy will not hinder this world’s troubles, and it will be much ado about nothing."
Stop when!
The arrival of the East directly brought the scene to a standstill.
It makes the image of Donglai too rare and shocking. It’s not that no one in the Jianghu imitates his image, but no one can interpret his essence. Not to mention that just making Donglai old is not an ordinary person to imitate.