-What ChiLie and Emperor Shao all looked at Ziyun proudly? What’s so good about her? I can’t compare with her.

-I want to kill ziyun ao, but I can’t beat her. What should I do if she is too alert? Let’s wait and see.
Why did she give me these things she didn’t want? Think I’m pathetic!
Ziyun proudly clenched her fist. She really wanted to give her these things. What would she think …
Does she really make her feel so disgusted? From the moment I approached her, I just lived, and then it became an indelible jealousy …
Actually …
that’s it
It turns out that she has never been regarded as a sister for a second. The so-called betrayal root is to imagine it by yourself. That person has never regarded her as a friend and betrayed her again. It is just a love affair and a cold transaction, and that’s all.
Ziyun proudly glanced over with a cold light. She felt that her heart was blocked by something. Some people wanted to smile. They used to be Bao Er, but it was ridiculous for the world enemies to think about it now.
She took her as the most precious gift and carefully collected this feeling, but when she was a stepping stone, she was a stumbling block. She just kicked her off when she needed her and when she didn’t.
The most infuriating thing in the world should be to know that one’s true heart has been trampled on like this, not only by trampling on it, but also by trampling on it again.
Emperor Shao, I don’t like that woman in Bao Er very much. Can you kill her?’ Chilie asked Emperor Shao.
If you want to kill yourself, why do you ask me for water?’
Don’t you think she’s annoying!’
I hate having any pride to like’
She will hurt Aoer one day. Aoer looks cold, but Reagan is like a child who hasn’t grown up. No one in this world will be friendly to others because of what is nonsense.’
"Hey, hey, hey, you seem to be talking about yourself."
"How can I be the same?"
Where are you different! Ah … you shouldn’t have a crush on the proud son, should you?’ The emperor shouted less exaggeratedly.
Hey, you’re crazy. Shut up. You want to kill me!’ Chilie hurriedly covered his mouth.
Aoer will stay away from me if she knows that I like her.
Otherwise, let’s find a way to make that woman in Bao Er disappear completely.’
Do you have any good ideas?’
There are too many ways to see which one she can bear.’
Ziyun proudly picked his eyebrows in hindsight.
It turns out that Bao Er’s worst illness was that Di Shao and Chi Lie did good deeds, but they wouldn’t have thought of it. She had long been wary of them.
It is no wonder that even Emperor Shao and Chilie will be in Bao Er at that time. It must be because they finally failed that she had to save Bao Er’s heart before she took part in this crossing operation …
Have they thought about killing her?
Or think about it, trying to scare her away, but it didn’t work.
"My son will be upset if she dies."