"You five hit me? Then let me give you all an end! " Camilo’s tone is still very gentle, but he finally opened his eyes!

Those pale blue eyes, like a clear lake, reflect the figure of five people in front of them and the hanging ball of light!
The big ball of light suddenly flew towards Camilo and sent out rays of light at the same time. The ball of light gradually disintegrated, but the energy in it merged into Camilo’s eyes!
When Camilo opens his eyes, it means that he is about to make his ultimate magic!
"Everyone be careful!" Ling Feiyang had a premonition of danger and immediately shouted. However, Camilo’s eyes suddenly emitted a light brighter than the sun. This light spread everywhere in the church hall and gradually turned into several little angels with wings and bows and arrows!
Angel of light!
These little angels filled the whole church hall with five people, such as Ling Feiyang, who dodged at the root. The little angels put their light arrows on the bowstring and shot them out!
Grignon and Gonzalez have been difficult to move since they came, and they were immediately shot by a light arrow and fell to the ground, not knowing life and death!
Princess Natalya waved half a sword to block a light arrow, only to see Frederick II hit by another light arrow next to her and fell to the ground in pain!
"King!" Natalya jumped over, but a light arrow came from behind and shot into the back of her heart!
Ling Feiyang saw that four comrades-in-arms were shot by light arrows, but before the rescue, a dozen little angels flapped their wings and pointed the light arrows at him!
"Don’t they all die? Did our plan just fail completely? " Ling Feiyang’s grief-stricken heart suddenly felt that the body energy field expanded rapidly and filled the whole body. In this powerful force, Ling Feiyang’s body seemed to explode!
These little angels let loose their fingers at the same time, and more than a dozen light arrows came from all directions!
"Bang!" Ling Feiyang’s energy field suddenly rushed out of Qian Qian’s millions of pores and formed a shape energy cover to wrap his body in the middle!
These light arrows are blocked by the energy shield, but more little angels are surrounded and shoot countless light arrows at Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang’s energy shield expanded rapidly to form a huge hemisphere, and all the light arrows shooting at Ling Feiyang were blocked outside the hemisphere!
The energy shield continued to grow, and finally it occupied half of the church. Archbishop Camilo in Virgo finally changed his face and saw the energy shield expand in front of him, but he was able to resist the "bang" and was bounced out! to be continued
Chapter 414 Gale blade
Camilo, the archbishop of Virgo, finally opened his eyes and issued his ultimate trick "Angel of Light" to knock down four companions of Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang’s body energy field expanded extremely in pain and despair to form a huge energy shield and finally defeated Camilo!
Camilo has been seriously injured by Ling Feiyang’s energy field, and he has fallen to the ground and can’t get up. The little angel in the church has also disappeared!
However, at this moment, an even more unexpected thing happened!
With a "scratching, scratching" sound, the broken glass slag of dozens of rose windows around the church suddenly fell all over the ground! A sharp and violent wind roared dust through the window and into the church hall, and immediately sand and stones flew!
"It was sunny outside the church just now. How could there be a sudden strong wind?" Ling Feiyang’s heart is strange, but a strong wind suddenly attacks behind him!
Poof! This gust of wind was like a sharp sword cut into Ling Feiyang’s back skin!
Ling Feiyang felt that the whole back skin was almost torn, and the blood rushed out and fell to the ground in pain. It turned out to be a coma!
At the same time a figure has been behind the ling float in the sky!
This figure posture is too fast to enter the church with the strong wind. Ling Feiyang didn’t notice this person before being attacked by sneak attack!
This person is Alexsandro, Cardinal Archbishop of Capricorn! Alexsandro’s practice is wind magic, which moves very fast. What he is good at is plotting against sneak attack!
Alexsandro’s eyes scanned the whole church and found that everyone had fallen to the ground and suddenly stepped in front of Frederick II!
"Dear King, I have been ordered by the Holy Father to come here to give you my last breath!" Alexsandro will slowly lift the palm of his right hand to form a knife blade shape!
"Stop it!" A figure suddenly trembled from the ground. It was the Archbishop of the Lion Red Gonzalez who flashed and then split at Alexsandro’s head!
Alexsandro, however, is slightly beside a flash and easily evaded this flash!
"Old things you haven’t died? Do you still want to hurt me with this poor energy field? " Alexsandro smile and said.
Alexsandro’s voice did not fall, but he saw an earth wall in front of Frederick II, and Aries Grignon reluctantly got up and tried to protect his king.
Alexsandro a palm virtual cut out the air forming blade quickly than to split on the wall wall immediately split in half!
Gale blade!
"You people are really tenacious!" Alexsandro said another knife blade appeared in the middle!
Grignon and Gonzalez seem to have no strength to do magic any more, but Alexsandro didn’t see that there was another person behind him. It was Virgo Camilo!
"Go to hell!" Alexsandro gale blade split to Frederick II’s neck, but a big ball of light flew from behind him and "bang" hit Alexsandro in the back!
Alexsandro even rushed a few steps forward and almost fell to the ground, and the stroke blade immediately disappeared!
"Camelot, do you want to rebel? What is going to attack me? " Alexsandro corners of the mouth ooze a little blood incredible eyes looked at Camilo.
"I want to attack you because I know what I should do now," Camilo said very calmly.
"What do you know?" Alexsandro asked puzzled.
"Alexsandro, maybe you don’t understand that light magic has a special function besides attack and defense, that is, telepathy!" Camilo went on to say, "Although my opponents were desperate in the battle just now, they still showed personal friendship and extraordinary courage. My energy field felt that the five of them were not Satan apostles mentioned by the Pope, but all good people in the kingdom of Jesus Christ!"
Grioni and Gonzá lez both fought hard, but they were still delighted to hear Camilo say this. However, Alexsandro saw that Camilo had reached a spent force and suddenly gave a sneer and said, "Even if you know the truth, I’m afraid it’s too late!"
"Even though I have been seriously injured and defeated a second-rate magician like you, it is more than enough!" Camilo suddenly said as cool as a cucumber that a ball of light rose above his head again!
Although Alexsandro was slightly injured, he also knew that Camilo was not nervous in his heart. A whirlwind rose from his feet and gradually rotated to wrap Alexsandro’s whole body!
Cyclone shield!
The ball of light above Camilo suddenly moved. However, Alexsandro didn’t think that the ball of light was moving in a direction other than himself, but giuliano, Cardinal Archbishop of Pisces, more than ten meters away!
Giuliano was taken to St. Kyle’s Cathedral by Ling Feiyang and others, and he has been sitting on a chair by the wall in a daze. Just now, everyone fought to the death, regardless of him. In the end, everyone was seriously injured, but giuliano was not damaged at all!
This ball of light moved to giuliano’s head and immediately enveloped him in a holy curtain of light. giuliano was not harmed by this magic, but he was still awake!
It turns out that Ambassador Camelot is not an offensive light magic, but a holy light purification!
This holy light curtain purify giuliano’s soul, and that sinful cardinal archbishop of Pisces was finally redeemed by Jesu Christ!
Giuliano suddenly turned into that purple-haired girl with a smile on her face and slowly got up from her chair and walked towards Alexsandro!
"Is giuliano going to rebel even with you?" Alexsandro’s voice did not fall, but a water arrow suddenly shot from the palm of giuliano’s hand and hurtled at Alessandro!
This water arrow shot at the Alexsandro cyclone shield immediately turned into a rainstorm and landed from the church hall!
Alexsandro whirlwind around the body turned more and more urgent to play these raindrops!
However, these raindrops were in the midst of a fire hose that entangled Alexsandro’s body with the whirlwind around him!
It turns out that giuliano borrowed the water vapor entrained in the Alexsandro wind magic to greatly enhance his water attack effect!
Alexsandro cyclone gradually expanded to the periphery, and the coverage became larger and larger, and a whirlwind dragon was formed!
Tornado dance! to be continued
Chapter 415 Holy Light Healing
Cardinal Camilo of Virgo was blinded by the Pope’s lies, and Ling Feiyang and other five people made a lose-lose fight. Archbishop Alexsandro of Capricorn took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack, which made the gale blade hit Ling Feiyang hard. At the critical moment, Camilo’s holy light purification awakened the archbishop of Pisces, giuliano giuliano, and made the water magic Alexsandro Wind Magic Exhibition a fierce fight!
In the church hall, the water dragon and the wind dragon attacked each other with their claws, and they struggled with each other for several minutes, but they were still tied.
Although this wind dragon offensive is more violent, it has repeatedly torn the water dragon’s body, but the water dragon can always be condensed at once. As the saying goes, the water dragon won’t stop raining, but it won’t fail for a while!
However, giuliano also knew his magic level in his heart. Bialy Sandro missed a whole level. Even if he won’t fail for a while, he won’t last long!
Just then, a figure rose from the church wooden floor!
Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang was countered by Alexsandro’s gale blade. Although he was in a coma, his body qi was still running, which helped Ling Feiyang stop the blood flow and made him gradually wake up.