If alchemists are all buried, please let them be buried as well.

"I used to be an alchemist with nine qualifications. For me, an alchemist is not just buried."
"There are many of you who have been trapped in the realm of an alchemist like me for many years. Don’t you ever wonder why you can’t always take the last step?" Order Danxiu looked at Danxiu elders way
"… Brother, we can’t be an alchemist because we are not strong enough." The elders of Danxiu said slightly, and they were not easily resented by the order Danxiu.
Because most alchemists know their own strength very well, many alchemists know in their hearts that they can’t advance to the Nine alchemists. What is the problem?
"Ahem, I thought like you before, until I accidentally learned that we also had a way to be promoted to Nine alchemists, but it was suppressed by BuLaoChun himself. It was he who kept us from entering. How can I not hate it?"
"It is said that our master devoted himself to teaching us, but in the end he left a hand."
"Since BuLaoChun doesn’t want to teach, I’ll come and get it myself." Order Danxiu looked at BuLaoChun and sneered.
The other elders of Danxiu also looked at Bu Laochun. "What Master and Brother said is true …"
"Since you think so, why don’t you tell me how I suppressed you?" BuLaoChun looked at Order Dan’s monasticism and didn’t shake his heart because of this brother’s resentment. What really made BuLaoChun angry was Order Dan Xiu’s hand to mystery.
"But don’t regret it after you let me talk about it." Order Danxiu gritted his teeth.
Later, the alchemist looked at the elders of the alchemist. "Do you remember what elixir was refined when you advanced to the Nine alchemists in Laochun?"
"I remember it was Jiuchangsheng Dan, but what does this have to do with Jiualchemist?" The elders of Danxiu wondered that they didn’t think there was anything special about a Dan medicine.
"Of course, it is only because we have learned to refine Jiuchangsheng Dan that we can take the last step." Ding Danxiu affirmed.
"How is that possible! !” Danxiu elders shocked way
"This is ridiculous, isn’t it?" The elders of Danxiu were suspicious.
"You think it’s ridiculous because you don’t know what the main spiritual plant is for refining Jiuchangsheng Dan. Have you ever heard of the’ immortal tree’?"
"Is the’ Immortal Tree’ the first immortal tree planted in the world at the beginning of the world?" The elders of Danxiu realized
"Who else can it be if it’s not the immortal tree? It’s so famous since the beginning of time. It’s hard to find it. I was surprised when I knew that the main spiritual plant needed by Jiuchangsheng Dan was the immortal tree, because even Bai Yujing remembered little about the immortal tree."
"But in this way, it can be said that the immortal fruit can be refined from the immortal spring. Because the immortal tree is in the hands of the immortal spring, the immortal tree is not willing to take it out for us to be an advanced nine alchemist, so I don’t want to recognize it." Order Danxiu looked at the immortal spring and hated it and said what he knew
The other elders of Danxiu also looked at the immortal spring. "Is the immortal tree of Master really in your hand?"
"Not the master, but if we want to advance to the Nine alchemists, we must not die and grow fruit to refine the Nine Immortals?" Think a Dan slender old people carefully asked.
Because the immortal tree must really be in the hands of the young spring, if they were willing to take it out, they would have taken it out long ago. Now, even if they know that the young spring holds the way of advanced nine alchemists, can they still rob it? Don’t be ridiculous.
"I don’t deny that the immortal tree is in my hands, and I was indeed refined from longevity fruit. Jiuchangsheng Dan is different from me. Jiuchangsheng Dan is refined from my way, which is not suitable for you."
Smell speech Danxiu elders breathed a sigh of relief.
"You say discomfort is discomfort? Who knows if you are selfish and have something to do? Take out the longevity fruit and let us try to refine it. Only in this way can we win the trust of people. "Order Danxiu looked at the old spring and said,"
He admitted that the immortal tree was really in him.
"Brother, you’re asking too much. You can prolong your life if you have a rare fruit. Master dares to give it to us, but he doesn’t dare to ask for it." The elders of Danxiu heard the words and rebuked Jiedan for practicing Buddhism.
What is the concept of ten thousand? They have worked hard for thousands of years before they finally reached the stage of Mahayana. The life limit of monks in Mahayana is ten thousand years.
And a longevity fruit can prolong the life of monks. It is obvious that they will feel hot when they hold this rare thing.
"What do I need to win the trust? You take out the longevity fruit. So that’s it. You’re Yanshou Dan who ate too much Dan medicine, and you can’t afford it, so you want to play the idea of longevity fruit."
There is really no limit to the accumulation of Dan medicine in Zhong Ling fruit of Heaven and Earth Reiki Institute.
Chapter 164 Chapter 164
Just as the mystery was checked out of the blast furnace by the young spring, it was already a dying international order, and Danxiu couldn’t believe it.
Even he was seriously injured by BuLaoChun, and he was never so surprised.
After all, it’s normal that he doesn’t beat the ninth order in spring.
However, the mystery is that the third-order repair of the elixir should not last so long even if there is a young spring to give the card.
Step Danxiu was shocked and puzzled. He looked at the mystery and asked, "How did you do it?"
If he doesn’t know the answer, he will die unsatisfied.
"Who told you that I had the opportunity to be an advanced nine alchemist?" Mystery walked with a youthful arm and foot on the edge of an alchemist furnace, and jumped directly to the side of the order Danxiu and asked
Order Danxiu’s body and mind are fixed by the youthful spring, and there will be no danger.
"If I tell you, you have to ask me to solve your doubts." Order Danxiu looked at the mystery and said, "Nine alchemists have been my dream for thousands of years …"
His words made Xuanji look at him. If the other person is really thousands of years old, he should not know her.
As if seeing the mystery, BuLaoChun came to the mystery and said, "They have been accelerated by debris for thousands of years, and the flow rate is not the same as that of the outside world. Many monks in Bai Yujing practice like this."
This made Fabuer take a look at Buerchun. How did he feel that Buerchun and Xuanji were much closer than the next time?
After Dan Xiu finished, he didn’t look at the mystery but at the young spring, waiting for the answer from the young spring.
After all, he knew that he was looking for a mysterious opportunity, and the secret of the real Nine alchemists could be given to him by the young spring.
"Well, if you say it, I’ll tell you the secret of my promotion to Nine alchemists." I don’t care about the small mind of the order alchemist.
Wen Yanjie’s Danxiu seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. "Yes, it is the secret cabinet. I spent a lot of money to get the secret from the secret cabinet."
"The secret cabinet" method is not only heard, but also the eyes are slightly condensed. "The owner of the secret cabinet has been missing for many years, which means that he is back now?"
"No, I don’t know that I went to the cat cabinet to give things to get this cat. If it wasn’t for the cat cabinet, I wouldn’t know that the young spring received a new brother and still loved him so much …" When it comes to the last order, Danxiu is very unwilling.
In the past, he was a little strange when he learned that he was an advanced nine-alchemist in a low-ranking monk named Xuanji, until he accidentally got the mysterious refined elixir in the alchemy hall. Those elixirs were in the same strain as the young spring, and they were purer than the elders of the alchemy.
Later, I learned about the mystery and the immortal cultivation of the late spring, and I realized what the cat was talking about.
"I don’t know if your talent for alchemy can actually make him give you everything. I don’t, I don’t!" Order Danxiu to mystery roar a way
"Compared with her, a third-order godsworn then where did I lose? She can let you abandon me, an alchemist, from such a low level of cultivation and treat her as one of our own. "