Nalan hit his lunch box and saw a smile on the face of the dishes inside. "I can’t eat too much meat and I’ll gain weight for you!" " And she picked up a few pieces of meat and stuffed them into the leaf-leaning lunch box.

Ye Qing nai looked at her and said "thank you". He was tall and muscular, and his appetite was really large. For him, a box lunch would be enough to eat. Pearl Krabs could not help secretly regretting why he didn’t think of ordering Ye Qing’s food. She looked at the food in the box and suddenly lost her appetite.
"Do you want something to drink? I’ll buy it for you later." He told Ye Qing that Ye Qing shook his head while eating. "Don’t let me drink this soup."
He held up the table with a dumpling box, saying that the box lunch ordered by the club was not only good, but also served with a soup for each box lunch. Today, the soup was different. Yesterday, it was tomato fried egg soup. The treatment of the club I was quite good. It took a lot of money to invest more than one million yuan in advance just to maintain the daily sales of the club. Fortunately, her father put in two million yuan in time, otherwise, the big honey didn’t know how to support it.
"I saw a nice scarf in the street yesterday. I think it suits you very well. Now it’s getting colder and colder. You must be very warm and handsome. When will I buy it for you as a birthday present?" He is very excited to say that it seems that she will always have endless words next to Ye Qing, and she has been training in the club yesterday and then went to the Internet cafe. Where can I see any scarves without shopping …
Ye Qing’s enthusiasm for Nalan is a bit overwhelming. He has to wave his hand repeatedly to show that he doesn’t need a scarf, and then he shows a Han Gen who is so big that he is not afraid of cold Zhenzhen. Seeing Ye Qing being dumbfounded by Nalan, she also snickers in her heart.
"Don’t scarf? Then when is your birthday? I’ll give you something else … I won’t tell you what to give. Keep it a little mysterious! " He smiled and said that Ye Qing Nai honestly told her his birthday.
Pearl Krabs suddenly felt that he was actually quite in charge of dealing with Ye Qing, but Yuzryha kept compromising and wanted to know that everything could be said by Yuzryha, but she lacked the courage.
Chapter 1 Help the meteor avenge
After eating, the people in Club I rested for an hour, and their training was normal at two o’clock in the afternoon. However, when they were training for half an hour, an uninvited guest interrupted their training. The original team members of Club I returned to the club as a meteor. He said hello to Zhao Junzhu at the front desk and went straight into the training room.
Ye Qing was very surprised at his appearance, but the former meteors were friendly when they left the team, and there was no contradiction. Ye Qing was still more welcome to his arrival. Ye Qing also introduced a new member of the team to replace himself. Thomas Meteor paid special attention to the fact that the other party had a foreigner’s face, so he had no complaints. He naturally recognized that foreign aid was much more powerful than himself.
Playing basketball and playing football is very awesome, otherwise the Chinese team would not sign so much foreign aid. In fact, where does the meteor know that Thomas root is not a foreign aid, but a native player who just has a foreigner’s face? Many people have had such misunderstandings about Thomas.
After simple communication, Meteor expressed his intention. After he left the I club, he chose to retire and then found an office clerk. Every day, his work is very fulfilling and simple, but his salary is not high.
Although he has retired, he still plays F a few times after work every day, and even goes to the Internet cafe to play for a whole day on weekends. He misses his career as a professional player. In real life, he is a small clerk, but in F, he can win the respect of his opponents by his own strength.
Yesterday happened to be Saturday, and he played in the Internet cafe for a whole day, but in the afternoon, he met his opponent, a semi-professional team, and it was the team where his Internet cafe was stationed, which means that the team was a semi-professional team sponsored by the Internet cafe.
He had a verbal argument with the sniper in the team during the game, and the team members taunted him together, which made him feel ashamed, but the other team was outnumbered, so he could bear it at that time and made an agreement with the other team to play another game today. He would organize five people to play a formal contest with the other team, and the bet was that the Internet cafe would be a one-year net.
In fact, he has identified himself as a former professional player with his watch, but he was laughed at by the other side, saying that he can be a professional player with such skills. The streets are full of professional players, and even primary school students have this level, which makes him very unhappy and naturally wants to get back.
Whether he will come to Ye Qing or not, he wants to go to Cold-blooded and Affection first. Both of them are retired now, but their strength is still in the trio. Then he can find two people to scrape together five and play a game with each other.
After careful consideration, Meteor thinks that their strength may not be able to win the opponent. If they lose, they will be more proud and humiliated. To be on the safe side, he decided to come to Ye Qing. After all, now the I club is complete and its strength is definitely much stronger than before.
The news that Club I won the Qilele Cup shocked the whole F world. They became a blockbuster and became one of the first-class teams, and Ye Qing was called "God of War". The meteor naturally knew this news very well, so he felt that if Ye Qing was willing to go out, the game would be lost in case.
Ye Qing didn’t immediately answer when he learned about the meteor’s purpose. He hesitated for a moment and then said to the meteor, "Meteor, although we used to be comrades-in-arms and now we are friends, I’m sorry for this request. Because we are a regular professional team, we must play a professional game. When a game like this is simply a wave, we have to hurry up and train every minute. We can’t be distracted. Our team still has many defects to make up for. This is what I am doing now. Now you have retired. There is no need to fight with each other. If you feel that you can’t get through it
"That’s enough!" Before Ye Qing finished talking about the meteor, he interrupted him, and then he was very angry. "Yes, yes, yes … I am not a professional player now. We are amateurs. In the eyes of you professional players, the roots are nothing. You can look down on me, but you can’t say that I am angry and alive. What is it? I’ll just tell you. Take a breath! It doesn’t matter if they taunt me, but I said that I used to be a professional player and a member of the I club. They laughed at me, but the whole team, including you! "
Ye listened to his words and kept silent. It’s not that he didn’t want to help the meteor, but this kind of thing is really a bit of a wave, which means nothing to the team. Even if they beat that amateur team, what benefits can they get? Not even a team with a sense of accomplishment has won the Qi Lele Cup and defeated a semi-professional team. Is this something to be happy about?
The meteor felt guilty when he saw Ye Qing not talking, so he went on, "I used to be a member of this team. Although I have left, I also want to maintain its honor and don’t want to be insulted by our friendship. I asked you to do a small favor, but you wouldn’t agree? Playing a game won’t delay you much. I know your time is precious. Tell you what, I’ll pay you 1,000 yuan. You need to finish this game. I’ll pay you whether you win or lose, okay? "
Ye Qing saw the meteor talking about this, so he kept silent. So he said to the meteor, "Meteor, this is not a question of money. Do you think we won’t promise you because of money? And our friendship, isn’t money too hurtful? Now that you’ve said all this, it’s unreasonable of me not to promise you. Okay, we’ll help you play this game this time, but it’s not an example! "
Meteor saw Ye Qing agreed and almost jumped up with joy. He hurriedly grabbed Ye Qing’s arm and excited tunnel, "Dude, it’s helpful enough! You can rest assured that this is the first and last time, and I won’t bother you again. "
"When you make an appointment with them? Where is it? " Ye Qing asked very directly, now that you have decided to help the meteor fight this game, there is nothing to delay. Go and play the game and come back and continue training.
"At three o’clock, it’s at the Hongxing Road Star Network Club, which is not far from here. It takes ten minutes by car," said Meteor Road.
"Well, let’s go quickly. There is no car today. Let’s take a taxi!" Ye Qing got up decisively and packed his peripheral equipment. Professional players usually use their own keyboards, mice and headphones so that they can play their best competitive state.
Ye Qing is the captain of the team, and everything is decided by him. Since he said that he would help the meteor fight this game, then the team members will have to go from Pearl Krabs and Nalan. Anyway, Ye Qing is the only one who follows Ye Qing’s lead. What kind of decision does Ye Qing make? They are all firmly supportive.
Zhao xia yang and Thomas also feel that training in the club is a bit boring, but it is much more interesting to play a game with other teams. Naturally, they have no objection. Six people walked out of the club in a big way. Zhao Junzhu didn’t know what they were going to do, but she also knew that she was not qualified to ask her. She just had to stick to her post.
In the club building, six people took two cars and went to the Star Network Club. In less than ten minutes, they arrived outside the Internet cafe. After the car, the meteor led into the Internet cafe. With Ye Qing and others as the backing, he is quite confident now.
After entering the internet cafe, six people blocked the light at the door. People who were playing games online couldn’t help but turn their heads and look at them. They found that people behind the meteor were carrying keyboard bags and full of the unique confidence of professional players. They couldn’t help talking.
"Wow, what are these people doing? Why are you carrying a bag? "
"Idiot, that’s a keyboard bag. These people should be professional players, even if they are not professional players, they are more professional gamers!"
"It shouldn’t be a professional player. How can a professional player come to an Internet cafe to play games? They should have a special training base!"
"These people look terrible. You see there is a foreigner …"
"* * silk is doomed to be lonely all her life. I saw a foreigner. Didn’t I see two beautiful women among them? I depend so beautiful, my god … "
"The man how a little familiar? See where the tall seems to have seen … "
People playing games in Internet cafes almost recognized Ye Qing, but that guy was not sure where he had seen Ye Qing. At that time, although there were many shots of Ye Qing in Qi Lele Cup, his light was covered up by too many competing stars, and that guy was only vaguely impressed with him.
The captain of the semi-professional team in the Internet cafe also saw the arrival of the meteor at this time. He quickly got up and waved to the meteor. "You finally came, and I’m afraid you can’t come?" Hey, you really brought a few people. Who are you scaring with a keyboard bag? "
Meteor ha ha a smile "just scare you! Don’t say what map to play and play a few games. We’ll see the real chapter at the end. "
"Well, you sit down first and say that we have reserved five positions for you opposite." The captain of the semi-professional team pointed to the opposite position.
Ye Qing and others immediately walked out of the past and sat down in turn. There was a meteor watching the game alone. He didn’t plan to participate in the I club. Five people were invited by him. He needed Ye Qing to beat each other. It would be a hindrance if he joined in, because he was not familiar with the current tactical system of the I club.
Chapter 2 Absolute superiority
The captain of the Star Internet Cafe team saw the meteor on the side and sneered, "Hey, aren’t you a professional player? Why don’t you sit and fight? "
"Now that my teammates are here, I don’t need to go out. You can beat them!" Meteors are great tunnels.
"I don’t know where to find someone to pretend. It’s quite like that. I’ll let you cry out soon!" Star Internet cafe team captain than confident tunnel
Ye Qing and others smell the news with a cold face, but they all have a tacit understanding and have no words to refute. For such people, they are too lazy to argue with him and need practical actions to humiliate him, and then they hit him hard in the face, but the meteor is very angry. "Cut the crap, who is strong and who is weak, you know that you are not rushing to choose a map!"
"No, we are the host, so we have to let you choose the map so that you can lose your heart!"
"Well, let’s choose" Ye Qing is not polite to the other party. Since the other party is in such a hurry to die, he simply becomes the other party, and he has no patience to play games with these people. It is best to make a quick decision. He unceremoniously chose the map that they are best at blasting, that is, all the maps they have been training for the past two days, and everyone remembers the tactical number of this map almost, but the position is slightly lacking.
Playing with a semi-professional team, I don’t think it’s necessary to give full play to the strength of the department, so I can beat my opponent in the forward play. You know, they lost three super teams in a row in the Qi Lele Cup, and the champion team relied on the forward play.
The star team couldn’t help smiling when they saw the other team’s chosen map, because they were also very good at this map. In fact, this map is all nonsense. This map is a very popular map among the game maps, and almost all teams are very good at this map.
Every team can be good at a map, but it still depends on who is better at the I club. I suspect that it is better at this map. Although the game has not yet been played, the actual outcome is doomed to be the Star Internet Cafe team. It is not clear.
Ye Qing didn’t say anything to the other party. It was decided by 13 rounds at half-time, and it allowed the other party to choose the side star Internet cafe team. In order to show their strength, they generously let Club I choose the side.
These guys work hard behind closed doors in Internet cafes all day, but they don’t know that their opponent is the new champion of Qilele Cup, and they also see the name of the other team and the owner id very clearly. This is really a stupid mistake. As the saying goes, knowing yourself and winning every battle is doomed to their failure.
Although I don’t know much about their opponents, how strong can a semi-professional team in Internet cafes be? They are afraid that they will beat the super team. What is there to be afraid of?
Ye Qing did not hesitate to choose when The Infiltrator beat his opponent as quickly as possible. This was Ye Qing’s idea at this time. He didn’t want to drag his feet, nor did he want to deliberately show weakness and give hope to the other side, and then he emotionally broke the illusion of the other side when the other side won the game. He didn’t want to force him to end the chat game quickly and then go back to the club to continue training.
In the first round of the competition, Ye Qing led everyone directly to the A point without hesitation, and rushed from the slope. He didn’t want to engage in any tactics or practice the position of the players. He felt that the lack of strength of his opponent threatened them and could not achieve the training effect.
The captain of the Star Internet Cafe team was once taken a fancy to by a professional team, and almost became the commander of that team, which led to his unfortunate defeat, but it can also be seen that his command ability is still good, otherwise there would be no professional team taking a fancy to him.
Although he despises his opponent in his mouth, he still attaches great importance to his opponent in the game. This game depends on team honor and personal honor. He doesn’t want to be severely hit in the face by a meteor, so he can win or lose this game.
He divided the team members into two groups to defend ab two points respectively, and then ordered the team members not to flinch when they met the opponent’s attack, but to resist recklessly with the other party to test the offensive ability of the other party. If the method breaks through their defense line, it will prove the offensive ability of the other party, so they can safely and boldly show their counterattack.
The Star Internet Cafe team has three people defending at point A, and all of them are machine gunners distributed in several important positions at point A. The middle road is actually undefended. This is the first round of contractive defense. This team is still relatively conservative and very cautious at the same time.
Ye Qing didn’t care how much he killed. When he went to the middle, he let the team divide into two ways to reach point A. He took the lead and killed the other side from the right. A machine gunner found him in the pit and hurriedly shot him.
Ye Qing knows this map very well, and naturally knows that the other side will be defensive. He expected that someone in the pit would have been guarding against the other side with a shot, so he showed his posture to fight back. Pearl Krabs and Thomas also hurriedly shot the other side at the balcony of the trail, and people also flashed to the edge to stop them.
It’s not normal for Ye Qing to shoot some sharp bullets, so the gunner in the pit will be shot to the head. Thomas is also a sniper who killed the gunner on the balcony of the trail. Although he can’t compete with bare and 7kg top snipers, Thomas is still very confident and does have a big advantage in hitting these people.
The two gunners on this side were instantly killed by spikes, and the remaining gunner was even worse. He was escaped by a pack of enemies on both sides and was killed even if he failed to persist for a second.
The defenders at point A were wiped out, which surprised the captain of the Star Internet Cafe team. What is the position of this team? At this level, the fighting capacity of both sides seems to be different! He even asked the players to fight with each other to test their offensive ability, and the result was obviously that they kicked the iron plate.
He himself was in the defense center at point A, and he had a deep understanding of the ferocity of the I club. He quickly mobilized two people at point B to attack point A. One of them was a machine gunner and the other was a sniper. It was difficult for snipers to have any room to play without enough fire cover and enough troops to distract the enemy.
As soon as these two men entered point A, they were crossed by Ye Qing’s arrangement and turned into a sieve club. They didn’t even have a bag. Obviously, people who have absolute confidence to annihilate the enemy would make such a sexual choice.