Mufu bit slightly and shook his head and smiled. "Oh, so sweet cakes are made by you, Ah Zhu."

Mu Fu saw that she was still willing to eat, and Zhu was still satisfied, so she took out a plate of Mu Fu’s salty snacks from the box and put it in front of him.
Mufu smiled and pointed to the side stool and motioned for Zhu to sit. Zhu Conghui knew that Mufu had something to tell and was not naughty. Sit down and listen to him honestly.
Zhu heard Mufu’s command and nodded, "Don’t worry, Zhu will do it well."
"Come on, you go, A Bi. Didn’t you say that you have studied new dishes? Why is there sugar in them?" Mufu gave a freely quipped.
Ah Zhu smiled and revealed two small dimples. "Grandpa can rest assured that he won’t put sugar for you."
Then Zhu left.
Mufu poured a cup of tea to gargle and twisted a piece of salty snacks. Zhu said no sugar, but you can’t believe this ghost girl’s words.
In the dead of night, the lights are still on in Mufu’s room, but this figure has changed from one to two.
"Grandpa called Lao Deng late at night. Is there anything important to tell you?" Besides Mu Fu, the other one is Deng Baichuan.
Chapter 118 Chapter 118
Since that day MuFu suddenly left without saying goodbye, the original and a little weak guard were all washed away by this sudden departure. Li Mochou then made up his mind to find MuFu.
But it’s such a big day that I need to talk to someone about Yi.
However, Li Mochou recalled that when she chatted with Mufu, Mufu inadvertently revealed the information.
Mu Fu said that his family lives by the water with beautiful scenery, which is what everyone yearns for.
What is Mu Fu’s statement that the Miao area in the south of Saibei is the most suitable for the western regions?
In Li Mochou’s heart, he also has the aura of Jiangnan water town. Otherwise, how can he give birth to such a kind-hearted man?
Li Mochou made up her mind to go to Jiangnan, but when she got there, she had to go somewhere to find Li Mochou sitting in the teahouse and ordered a cup of tea, but her attention was focused on the gossip of those Jianghu people in the teahouse.
Thanks to Mufu’s stay in the bank, Li Mochou didn’t think much about Mufu’s decision. Otherwise, she didn’t know how much it would cost to find him!
There are many people in the teahouse, and people from all over the world gather here. Some are chatting and others are asking for information. It can be said that besides Bai Xiaosheng, who is famous in the Jianghu, there are also people in the teahouse who say that Mr. Wang is the one who knows the most news.
Today, what Mr. Wang wants to say is the famous "North Qiao Feng South Mu" in Wulin today.
"To talk about this Qiao Feng Qiao Wang, we once said that people are beggars’ guild leaders, and those with high martial arts skills are generous and generous, and they are good at handling grievances. They should be a hero. Today, let’s say that Qiao Wang is not like another hero, North Qiao Feng and South Mu Fu.
"If you don’t say that these two are young talents, everyone is familiar with Mr. Qiao and this Mu Gong is much more mysterious. I heard that Mu Gong is graceful and handsome in Gusu, but few people know where he lives. Although he rarely walks around the rivers and lakes, everyone must be familiar with that skill, right?"
"That’s when I heard that Mu Jia’s stunt is not only powerful, but also can imitate others’ kung fu. The Mu Gong seems to have died in his own famous stunt, but he was not too wronged in his own famous stunt." At the end, someone chimed in and shook his head.
"This is the great thing about Nanmu. His leader Joe is just as famous as himself. He won’t kill the koo indiscriminately. All the people he killed were villains and villains. I don’t know how many people killed their stuntmen. In the end, they couldn’t escape this robbery themselves. Do you know what this is called?"
"This is called Heaven’s good reincarnation. Who does Heaven bypass?" Said Mr Said a clap a gavel full of applause to let him go on to say.
It is said that Mr. Wang chose a few cases in which Jianghu people died in Gusumu’s hands. It was a wonderful story that made the audience listen without blinking, and they all fell on the table without knowing it!
Sir, the story is over, and everyone is still talking about it. To be honest, Wang Qiao Feng, who is in the north of Jiangnan, is really far away, but this Mu Gong is close at hand in Gusu, and it would be a good thing if he could make some friends.
But the mystery of Nanmu is that he’s so elusive that no one can find him.
Li Mochou is sitting upstairs drinking tea, but she can’t taste the tea in her mouth. Now her mind is full of Mufu and talking to her husband.
Sure enough, Mu Gong, what she sees is generally a perfect gentleman and a good person. Those people in Jianghu are completely different.
The more so, the more Li Mochou wants to see Mufu. After hearing such a story, Li Mochou knows Mufu’s specific position. He is in Gusu.
That’s easy. Li Mochou immediately decided to leave for Gusu. Everyone said that Mufu could not be found in Gusugen. This is not difficult for Li Mochou. It must be that those people have no heart to find it.
Li Mochou thought that she could search every inch of Gusu’s land and ask everyone again, so that she could definitely find Mufu.
Li Mochou paid the money and left the teahouse. She was going to Gusu.
Mr. Wang said that today’s lecture was really wonderful and won a lot of rewards. He smiled with satisfaction and everyone handed in compliments.
As soon as I turned into the room and looked at the plane, I took it out with my hand. One side was full of details of Gusumu’s battle. I don’t know if I saw it with my own eyes. Otherwise, how could it be so true?
Suddenly the door was knocked, saying that Mr. Wang opened the door, and there was nothing outside the door, but a note appeared on the table.
Said Mr. Don’t move, looked around, and quickly a wisp of smoke ignited the note at the door, and it turned to ashes in the incense burner.
At this time, the bartender came knocking at the door and asked him what the story was, but Mr. Wang said, "Tell me what’s new in the Jianghu recently."
"Don’t say mu …" The bartender asked in a hurry that everyone wanted to hear it, but Mr. Said glanced at it and didn’t say anything.
Chapter 119 Chapter 119
To tell the truth, these exquisite things really make MuFu look very headache.
Mufu was holding the lock of the small wooden box and looked at it carefully. It was at a loss when he suddenly remembered that his mother used to let him play a game when he was a child.
Mufu backhand pulled out the silver hairpin and stared at it. He carefully stabbed the hairpin into the lock, and clicked a few times according to the rules of left three laps, right three laps and three and a half laps, and the lock was released.
Mu Fu breathed a sigh of relief. He took the lock and opened the small wooden box, but it turned out that what was in this box was actually a box of paper.
However, this is no ordinary paper. This paper is a contract, and the contract reached by the Mu family is a large and small sect in the Jianghu.