Maybe he can’t get involved in their feelings. Both sides are brothers. It’s wrong to help either one.

But wouldn’t it be better if Yan Xiaosu made the decision? Su Jinchen looked at YanXiaoSu hook lips.
"Don’t forget that you still owe me one condition." Su Jinchen went to Yan Xiaosu and whispered to her that he believed she could hear.
"Well, I haven’t forgotten." Yan Xiaosu patted you sadly and said that you really want to pinch me? Practice for a few more years
Yes, I didn’t forget that I said it, but I didn’t say I couldn’t put it off, did I? baahahaha, I’m Yan Xiaosu and I’m Cong.
"Don’t even think about pushing it off. He took pictures at Xiaosu Temple." You Lan leaned over Yan Xiaosu’s ear and said gently.
"Nani! Su Jinchen, you are too much! " Yanxiaosu turned around and said with a frown, pointing to Su Jinchen’s nose
"hmm? It seems that you want to let the school know? "Su Jinchen blinked and looked at Yan Xiaosu with a super koo expression.
"No, no, shut up!" Yan Xiaosu bit his lip to cover Su Jinchen’s mouth and looked around in panic.
Damn it, Su Jinchen! Damn it, Su Jinchen! Damn it, Su Jinchen!
"Well, it’s okay if we don’t kill or set fire to it." Yan Xiaosu cried and looked at Su Jinchen and said solemnly.
[Exclusive 178]
"Easy to talk" Yan Xiaosu holds Ba with a pen and beats his eyes. God looks at the podium and speaks beautifully.
"Aha-"Yan Xiaosu yawned and stretched himself saying where the three of them had gone.
Mo Ling, his magic dust and Su Jinchen’s position are all left, leaving three guardian elves to stay in their cabinets and barrels.
"Ah, what a lovely guardian spirit! If only I had one, "cried YanXiaoSu disgruntled, burying his head in it with a sigh.
When Yan Xiaosu finished speaking, she discovered that this was a classroom! She’s distracted. She’s running too badly. A
Sure enough, everyone, including the teacher and the three guardian elves, all looked at her.
"I’m sorry, teacher. I’m sorry." Yan Xiaosu shivered and giggled at the teacher.
"Yan Xiaosu went out to punish" the teacher gave Yan Xiaosu a super gentle smile, and then the smile slowly turned into anger.
The teacher habitually squinted at Yan Xiaosu on her hips.
Yan Xiaosu is the idol of the whole school students, but there is no lethality to the teachers. If there is anything, it is the male teachers.
"Oh-"Yan Xiaosu drummed up his cheeks and helped him to be punished by corporal punishment. The teacher loved A best.
All the students greeted Yan Xiaosu to the door with eager eyes. Well, although Yan Xiaosu’s punishment disappointed them, what could be better than driving away a tigress?
According to their understanding, after Yan Xiaosu’s punishment is known by Yue Dian, this teacher may also leave, and they are waiting ~
[exclusive 179] collection plus more
"Idiot! Let you be punished for desertion! " You came out behind Yan Xiaosu and then slapped her on the back of the head.
"Well, who made you so cute?" Yan Xiaosu rubbed his head and leaned back against the wall to block the fierce sun.
"White idiot!" You little blush with shame followed YanXiaoSu against the wall with the ball still holding.
"Why do you always hold the ball?" Yanxiaosu turned to look at the colorful ball in your hand and asked.
You leng leng asked this question. Today, there is a person who is illusory and easy to dust. Except for illusory and easy to dust, others simply recognize it as a hobby. Is it because of security?
He has no sense of security, but he tries to give others a sense of security, such as magic dust, which also gives him a lot of security, such as magic dust holding himself to sleep every day. Even if he admits that he is bullying him, he has no other way to complain. He likes magic dust very much, likes it very much, and likes it from his heart.
[Miao Xiaoxiao revealed that he has been bullying the illusion because of the problem! Ahem, I didn’t say anything, so you don’t know anything! 】
"I like it." You will hold the ball tighter in your hand and look at the blue sky.
"Grandma said that people who like to hold things all the time are lacking in security and touching you, right?"
Your heart trembled slightly and your mouth opened to say something, but you still didn’t say it.
[Exclusive 18]
Your heart trembled slightly and your mouth opened to say something, but you still didn’t say it.
"You ao, if you really lack a sense of security, I can give you a sense of security." Yan Xiaosu looked at you with a big smile.
"You-"You turned your head to Yan Xiaosu’s sincere eyes, which gradually became moist.
"Idiot!" You turn your head, and when Yan Xiaosu can’t see, the corners of your mouth evoke a warm smile, and then you hide the smile and still have a cold expression.
"What are you again?" Yan Xiaosu squatted slowly with his head against the wall. Anyway, no one saw it! Have a rest.
The whisper of "Elves guarding Elves" does not contain a cold tone. If someone asks, maybe Youzi and Youlan will answer in the same tone.
"I’ve seen you three guardian elves here. Where are the other elves?"
You were silent, and there was a sad look in your eyes. Yan Xiaosu didn’t ask questions, but she felt vaguely as if something was wrong.
"Dead" you finally said the word cold and cold without temperature.