But you promised that you would take good care of him and train him as an orc warrior. I believe he will become a great warrior.

Why don’t you give him to the elves to raise Krosa?
Isn’t this better?
I don’t want this child to accept magic any more. He has experienced too much in Quel ‘Salas. Although the tutor sealed his memory, living in a magical environment, I’m not sure he won’t remember it. Please train this child into a soldier in the future. Lucy almost kneels to Crossa’s hands to stop the kneeling trend.
Trust a friend, you don’t need to beg the orc to smile. The firm tone makes Lucy almost cry.
One more question. Crossa turned to the boy. He is going to be a strong warrior. Honor fights. Do you want the orcs to live together?
The child has been hiding behind Lucy’s robe and almost tore the mage’s robe. When the orc turned to talk to him, he nodded carefully. I would like to be a soldier, from honor to glory like a sky eagle and from bathing like a paladin.
Crossa smiled. Although your imagination is different, I believe you can get used to the intensive training of orc life. It will be very hard, especially for a half-elf. Can you be strong? The orc has opened his arms to the child. Come here if you can stand the test. The choice is in your hands.
Orc’s kind smile dispelled the child’s wariness. Half-elves threw themselves into the prophet’s arms and hugged the orc’s neck tightly. This terrible man was the only one who raised Toni’s warsong for the orc Crossa.
Gradually, the sun has risen to the top and the sky will meet again. The old friend Mocha stretched himself. The same battlefield and the same brothers took different positions this time, which made Mocha less confused. He didn’t object to the dwarf king’s decision. He said that he wanted human beings. Mocha waved a tomahawk and smiled and said, who is stronger among us, an old friend? Maybe God will know if it is a pig’s head. Hahahaha.
The dwarf smiled and walked away from the peak, but his heart was as heavy as a heavy stone, so he was relaxed. It was definitely not a dwarf’s expertise. When he met on the battlefield, he was either a comrade-in-arms or an enemy. Orcs and dwarves must be prepared to die, but this is not an accommodation. Whether he is a friend or a brother, this is the battle. Chapter 10 Blood stained sunset.
The pedantic sense of honor often afflicts us just like those knights. When we become a church and sacrifice Jenna’s father or an orc to knights, they always shout the name of paladin but never get the blessing of God. Do you know what this is? Children, their root beliefs violate the norm. They regard their faith in the church as their faith in God. They regard their loyalty to the church as their loyalty to God. They are always making a beautiful mistake and are willing to make a mistake and sacrifice the wrong armor to resist the enemy and make a bigger mistake. My dear Tony Schell. My child, although we are not related by blood, you know that I love you as much as your real father. Maybe you think of the chief. My training is almost harsh to abuse. One day, you will understand that when you become an independent soldier, this kind of training will often save your life. Remember, I don’t force you to believe in the orc god, but no god wants his followers to kill and destroy themselves actively. No god sees that their true followers are killed and destroyed. Killing without protecting you, if you want to believe in that god, you should believe in it without hesitation, that is, sacrifice everything, that is to say, this is sincere belief, and that god is the embodiment of righteousness in your heart. He is not illusory, and he is definitely not teaching those hypocritical faces and lies to decorate the Bible. God chooses you and believes in you, and he will protect you forever. This is all I left you to teach you.
Back to the tent, Tony was shaking with the parchment in his hand, and he felt strongly uneasy. His father left young soldiers with an inexplicable fear, and his strong emotions made him fidgety. Ten years together has made them establish a subtle family relationship, which is beyond blood feelings. The orcs have trained him so hard to write in the letter, which is almost cruel and harsh. Tony has been working hard for ten years, and his training has never stopped every day. It is also a miracle for the orcs that he can survive. Tony has no resentment. After crossing Crossa, he was respected by the orcs because of his chieftain status. Five years later, he defeated the strongest gladiator in the tribe. He won the applause of the orcs. All this made him feel that paying the price was a reward. The victory did not require Tony to relax at all, but the training became more demanding and more difficult.
Tony ran to the tent with tears in his eyes. He knew that he would never see his loving and stern orc father again. He didn’t know where he was going. Intuition guided him to continue running meaningfully. He prayed for him to see his father for the last time.
Tribal warriors formed a battle formation behind Krosa. Knights straddled the steeds and mighty spears shone in the afterglow of sunset, and they were about to kill. Krosa’s mouth broke the deadlock. Yes, I slaughtered Ku in the establishment of Dorent, so my life is here. That’s an excuse to invade the tribe. I’m also here.
What’s the difference? The knight arrogantly interrupted the words of the orc chief. In paladin’s name, the orc, you will be judged by god
In order to atone for my crime, I willingly accept Malarius’ judgment. At the end of the sunset, the God will give his followers a notarized judgment. However, I will never allow people and gods to persecute orcs in the name or excuse. Malarius believers are not cowards, and we will not be slaughtered.
At this time, the priest in red spoke to the orc, but I am willing to promise not to hurt your tribal people, but you must pay the price in the Battle of Dorent. The priest whispered a few words in the knight’s ear.
Mockera was stunned by Crossa’s words. He opened his mouth wide. He had never seen this hero. He was so tired that he almost lost his will to fight. At the most chaotic time ten years ago, Crossa was still full of fighting spirit in the most desperate situation. However, at this moment, Mockera didn’t know what a desire to die. He didn’t know how serious a mistake Crossa made in the Dorent War of Independence, but the war itself was a mistake. Isn’t it trivial to say that such mistakes should be sentenced and then start a war? Man will be punished. Where is God? The dwarf is confused. He never recognizes himself and knows the belief of the orc. He knows Crossa. He knows how brave, firm and cold the orc is. He will never be the kind of soldier who bows to the enemy. This kind of surrender without fighting is definitely beyond his ability.
The dwarf couldn’t believe his eyes. Krosa lost the hammer, and two human knights walked over and tied his hands.
Several soldiers behind Chief Crosa roared angrily, but when Crosa turned to stare at them, no one dared to go forward.
Look, this is Malarius’ wrong judgment on me. They are just sentencing a chess game. I will be judged and return to God. He will forgive me and no one will interfere in what happens to me. Malarius will be a fair generation to his followers.
There was a flicker of cunning in the red priest’s eyes. When he saw that Crossa was tied up, the horse changed its attitude and attacked the orcs to kill and resist.
Upon hearing this order, Krosa knew that he had been tricked into cursing the cunning man. He hit his shoulder and accused him of being a knight. However, another knight plunged his sword into his vital position. The orc growled in pain. This blow didn’t kill him. Krosa’s eyes were red and he was mean to kill several new knights. He was frightened by this kind of kingly demeanor. Just now, he plunged into his vital position. They were not white. Just now, the chief of the orc was weak. The orc was naturally furious with him. Believing in Mararius, Krosa smashed the weapon that had chained himself, and the head of the knight who attacked him was covered with blood and brains, which made the human knight experience the cruelty of this orc hero on the battlefield for the first time.
Crossa broke the chain with both hands and stuck it in the key position. The sword waved and rushed to the nearest enemy.
The dwarves didn’t move there. They were waiting for instructions from the dwarf king. Although the dwarf king promised that the dwarves would always be on the side of human beings, Mokhara was Mokhara. He hated human conspiracy, and his status in the dwarf society was prestige. The dwarves present were an individual. They were willing to follow Mokhara and obey his orders.
However, Mockera knew that everything had been redeemed, and several spears ran through the orc’s body, growling and smiling at his old friend at the last moment of his life. His old friend would protect his people and watch him redeem his sins.
The pike replaced Lei Cheng, the orc who fought all his life, and finally sentenced him. However, as Crossa said, Malarius was bloody and decorated the sunset, and the earth was as suffocating and beautiful as blood.
Crossa’s smile made every orc believe that their chief had returned to the god he believed in, because it was a kind of smile to relieve the burden, and only newborn babies would hold such a smile.
The dwarf, the only one who didn’t move on the battlefield, now reached the orc side and raised the hammer Moradin to stop the unilateral massacre.
The knight looked at the dwarf with fire and his eyes trembled. Do you want to rebel? I hope you can do your own thing and be responsible for the dwarf. The dwarf king must give the king an explanation.
Mockera responded to the knight’s threat with a strange smile. The dwarf king won’t know. The king won’t know because a dead man can’t talk.
After that, Moradin hammered away and smashed the head of the leading knight. The dwarf warrior cut his limp quickly, and the musket became the most deadly threat to the knight. The weak armor made the best target.
Forced to escape, many knights were crushed to death by their own war horses, and the cunning red priest was pulled up by Mo Ke. The frantic dwarf didn’t give this poor little character a chance to defend himself. His head was pressed into the yellow soil and his feet twitched for a few times, so he stopped moving.
Sunset watches over these crimes against people for the final public trial.
When Danthony arrived, Mockera held the corpse of an orc, a strong dwarf who left tears of grief in front of so many people for the first time. A strong sense of loss came upon the dwarf. He threw a tomahawk and a hammer and held the corpse of an orc without saying a word. When he found Tony watching him, the dwarf raised his head and gave the corpse of an orc to a tearful child.
Tony, who took over his father’s body, didn’t say anything, and then the half-elf buried his closest person in this red land for ten years, and at the same time the sunset gathered its last ray of light.
Mararius took him away. The dwarf sighed. God forgive him, son. What are you going to do next? Go back to the orc tribe and inherit the chief. Or would you like me to live in Ironforge for a few days? I will teach you how to strike the iron. You decide.