Jiu Jianxian said with tears in his eyes for a long time, "Three years, three years, you lied to me for three years, hahaha, I’m an idiot."

I’m not talking about anything else. I pointed my sword at Qiushui directly. That means I’ve become a stranger like an enemy since then.
It’s also lovers. There’s nothing more to say.
Colchicine is also very nai sighed really want to play.
As a result, it was suddenly "bang!" "bang!" "bang!" There are some particularly melodious music, which is refreshing and pleasant to hear.
It also flew directly from the far end, wearing white, blue and golden clothes, feeling like a fairy, flying with your feet on a blanket.
"What is that?"
I just came back to some gods and lay in Hongli’s arms.
He said, "I think it’s the saint they call. The saint has arrived."
When I look up, I really have that style, and we are already a spent force.
Colchicine has flown to meet.
Those people also left by the church. It’s strange to look at a puzzled face. It should be a guy who is not male or female
Very neutral
The result is not over yet. "Boom!" "Hum!" "Hum!" It’s just a matter of days when cruise missiles blow up. How scary it is to have dozens of them advance wave after wave.
"Meow meow elder sister, this is to flatten this place. Get out of here quickly" and carry it privately in winter.
It’s better to come early than to come opportunely. The Saint just arrived at the cruise missile. Let’s see who is hard. There is also a smile. With the opportunity to escape, he said, "Four brothers withdraw."
I saw it all.
Fall back immediately
Colchicine there was dumbfounded. How did the cruise missile speed hide? It was mainly because so many people flew in, but I still shouted "Saint’s party"
After that, it was a sea of fire.
I was pushed down the hillside by Hongli with repeated retreats, and so was the debauchery and wealth. The bombing heat wave pushed me outside, and so did those Shintoists.
It’s a close call, but the people inside can’t tell.
Jiu Jianxian couldn’t help but shed tears and said, "Go all the way in autumn water."
Chapter 131 escaped
The power of cruise missiles is no joke, and it is so dense that it is impossible to bomb a place even if it is awakened.
This is what they prepared for Tiancheng, but now they are in their own bodies. This is self-immolation, and there is nothing anyone can do.
And that saint didn’t come as early as he did. He deserved to die.
Jiu Jianxian looked at a scorched earth, and the heat wave was still rolling in front of him, and Qiu Shui was also bound to die. Smoke exploded like a mushroom cloud and he couldn’t help himself with tears.
We got up with a groggy head and said, "This time, it’s all right, and that shit saint was killed."
"Yeah, that’s what God helped us get lucky."
Get rid of a bullet
The front is still desperate, the situation is broken, and now it’s all dead. Everyone in charge of this operation is dead.
Win a big victory
Ghosts in color, infuriating people, and financial difficulties are all very happy, but I still comforted Jiu Jianxian in the past. "The wine boss has made it clear that it is really contemptible to stay in nostalgia."
"Yes, let them go in the past. We have work to do."
We killed the saint and killed almost all of them. Naturally, we won’t let it go, but this moment is accomplished anyway.
Hongli got up and said, "According to the Jade-faced Fox, the leader of the Shinto religion, Shenlong religion, there are four holy envoys who have never seen it before, but the real master is that the Xuanwu shield of the four holy envoys is in this holy envoy’s body. Just now, the fire was so dense that it was doubtful that the Xuanwu shield would be guaranteed."
This made our eyes shine.
His analysis is right, too. That’s where the only sex thing will appear when you die. That’s right