Because of the final ranking of the season league, it is necessary to determine which Italian teams can participate in the Champions League and UEFA Cup in the new season.

Although Juventus complained that the Italian Football Association was very dissatisfied with depriving them of two league titles, it didn’t help.
Uefa has warned the Italian Football Association that if they can’t determine the final ranking of the season, all Italian teams will not be able to participate in the new season’s European Games, whether it is the Champions League or the UEFA Cup.
This is a devastating blow to Italian football.
The Italian Football Association must not allow this to happen.
Even if Juventus don’t want to, it won’t help.
According to this latest ranking, Lazio, which was second in the league, became the champion of the season.
To outsiders, Lazio is like sitting at home and being hit by gold bars falling from the sky.
Who would be happy and crazy?
League champion!
It’s so easy for so many teams to dream of honor in Lazio.
Presumably Changsheng will be very happy, right? In his first season at Lazio, he helped the team win the league title … How amazing!
Everyone thinks Lazio should cheer for the Italian Football Association’s decision.
But this is not the case.
When the news came out, Lazio fans responded in general.
No one marched in the street to celebrate the league championship.
Not only that, but someone shouted, "We don’t want this dirty champion!" slogan
This makes Lazio President Lotito feel strange. He had hoped for the league title. Lazio fans will certainly welcome this arrangement.
Just like others.
Lotito has no mental cleanliness. He is happy to see that he has finally won a league championship in his own management club.
It is his goal to enrich the honor room of his club more and more.
But that reaction of the fan surprised him.
What surprised him even more was that Changsheng did not accept the championship.
"This really surprises me. I often think that you don’t care about those …" Lotito sounded a little surprised in his words.
"I know what you’re trying to say, Mr. Chairman. I really don’t have mental cleanliness, but there are some things and cleanliness. I don’t want this feeling of being given alms. Did you see what the outside media said? Everyone has a posture of’ Lazio should be grateful to this champion and thank the Football Association for this decision’, but why should we do this? Just because the Football Association gave us this championship? If this is how the champion was won, I would rather not. We can win the championship without this kind of charity, not to mention that after we accept this championship, we will argue with Juventus. They will not think that their honor book is missing two league titles because of the regulations of the Football Association … We want to win the league title, but we must dispute the league title honestly. Now it is not rare for Juventus to take this kind of champion. "
Winning in the words of Lotito explained
"But I’m sorry, I don’t think we are qualified to refuse to accept this championship. The Italian Football Association has informed me that we must accept this championship, and we must never let it be lacking. UEFA will punish us … If we don’t accept it, we won’t be able to participate in the Champions League in the new season, and the Football Association has already planned to send the championship trophy and medals …"
Hearing Lotito speak, he always rolled his eyes. "Well, whoever likes can have it, but I don’t want it anyway."
Changsheng kept his word. He really didn’t want the gold medal representing the Italian first division champion.
Other gold medals were given to every player.
When that gold medal were distributed, Chang Sheng stood by and watch every player happily take away his own gold medal.
Even the coaching staff has one.
Changsheng still hasn’t.
"Often this is you …"
Changsheng waved his hand. "Whoever wants a double copy will give it to him. I don’t want it."
The trophy given by the Football Association was placed in a prominent position in the center of the honor room, and the other two trophies were on the left and right.
This is one of the few champions’ trophies in Lazio’s history, which were won in 1973, 1974 and 1992 respectively.