Cao Xing gave Zhang a chance to recuperate for two years. After two years, Zhang felt that the opportunity had come. At this time, he was already taking his military forces in the south and stirring up some harassment wars against Hanzhong from time to time.

After listening to this report, Cao Cao didn’t speak. If it is put in normal times, according to Cao Cao’s temper, he will definitely say nothing. Since this Zhang wants to fight, then fight it. Just send his troops and push it to Shu. I don’t believe when this Zhang can carry it.
But the key is Zhang, and he is not alone in attacking Qin. He is also stationed in northwest Han Sui.
In fact, I really don’t understand the history of this Han Sui Cao nature. Han Sui has nine songs and the Yellow River says that the mind is deep, which is also very rich in the three countries
However, the historical Han Sui seems to be satisfied with the separatist regime in Liangzhou. When Cao Xing was a vassal, he was puzzled. He and Han Sui were separated by a Yong Zhou Han Sui and saw that he was not pleasing to the eye and made many moves.
This time, Han Sui also supported Shu and even sent some spies to Hanzhong to harass and incite several minor accidents.
Cao Cao’s head was a little big when he heard this. Although Yuan Shao and Wu Wan were all victorious, it cost Qin a lot to kill 1,000 people. It takes a while to recuperate before he can return to his former state. If Qin is now fighting both sides and Han Sui, it is estimated that it will take national strength.
It is said that Cao Cao really can’t start work. He let the map of Chewu stand and finally set his eyes on one direction, that is, Yongzhou
And Jia Xu see here is also immediately walked over to cao said.
"At this moment, my state of Qin should recuperate and prepare for the enemy. When we need it, I am willing to be an envoy to Yongzhou and say that King Yong asked him to help my state of Qin!"
Cao Xing looked a little surprised when he heard this. Because this Jia Xu volunteered, it seems to be the first time. However, Jia Xu’s IQ is excellent. Cao Xing believes that since Jia Xu is out, he will definitely succeed. He nodded without hesitation and agreed to Jia Xu’s request.
The state of Qin can reach Yongzhou by going northwest, and Jia Xu soon met King Yong. After he came back, Jia Xu told Cao Xing with a smile on his face.
Jia Xu saw Yong Wang Marten, but there were still some twists and turns. How do you say Marten? Anyway, Jia Xu summed it up, which is a bit of a nice guy.
Former Marten was a loyal man to the Han Dynasty. However, now that the Han Dynasty has been destroyed, he also calls himself Wang, but he doesn’t really want to protect the peace of Yongzhou people, that’s all.
Although Cao Xing’s ex-Marten had great friends, it was a long time ago. Cao Xing has some doubts about whether the former things can still be used as emotional cards now.
Marten was hesitant when he heard Jia Xu’s request. However, when a person jumped out, he also felt that there were some Kenai. That person was none other than his son Ma Chao.
When he was a teenager, Ma Chao’s personality was arrogant, but by coincidence, he was also taught a lesson by Cao Xing. Ma Chao also seemed to have become more clever. Instead of rampaging around with his martial arts, he devoted himself to studying major events.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Dancing (2)
Ma Chao is half Qiang because his mother is an authentic Qiang, but his mother died young and Marten married another Han woman.
It is precisely because of this that Ma Chao’s character is very rebellious in his youth, and Marten is a good guy, so I don’t know how to restrain Ma Chao’s character.
However, after a fight with Cao Xing, Ma Chao’s personality has changed a little, instead of killing and killing all day, he concentrated on reading, which is a bit like being a young and dangerous man in front of Ganning Road, but he stopped taking part in those looting things over time and concentrated on reading, eventually becoming the twelve tiger ministers in Jiangdong.
Ma Chao’s change can certainly make Ma Teng’s heart ache, but then again, everything has two sides, even if you look great now, things will have a negative day.
Now it just shows that, in fact, after the inexplicable death of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty, other governors have made Ma Tenglai king, and there is not much interest in being a king.
At that time, after all, Marten was already an official worshiper of Fufeng Prefecture, with soldiers and advisers at his hands.
Marten is the most powerful among several prefects around. No one dares not to buy Marten’s account. Marten doesn’t want to sit on the sky. He wants to protect his home at ease.
As a result, Ma Chao was anxious when he heard this. He immediately took his brothers to Ma Teng every day. Ma Chao had a request. For example, today, the princes have sealed the king. Ma Teng has occupied Yongzhou. Why not seal the king before it is too late?
Ma Tengxiang waved his hand to tell Ma Chao not to worry about this matter, but Ma Chao was adamant. He also listed several reasons why he had to be king.
First of all, Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty died, and the orthodoxy of the Han Dynasty was gone, and he Marten, the prefect of the Fufeng Dynasty, also happened to be the establishment of the Han Dynasty.
The Han dynasty collapsed, saying that his satrap had no beginning.
Marten, if you want to continue the mercenary, you must find a way to set up a flag yourself.
Secondly, calling yourself king is an ancient ceremony, a ceremony with a certain level of concept. If Marten sits on Liangzhou land without sealing the king, it is likely to be looked down upon by others, which is out of touch with the times.
Looking at yourself in front of your face and talking about Marten, there are some people who don’t know how to say it. Although they want to refuse, everything must be justified. Even if you want to refuse Ma Chao, you must find a suitable reason. Ma Chao is now an adult and can’t suppress his thoughts by that kind of forcible means.
Therefore, Marten can drag on and on about this matter, and when his neighbor Han Sui is also king, Marten’s many hands can’t help it anymore.
Ma Chao once again took the lead. Although Marten and Han Sui were sworn brothers, Han Sui was a real anti-thief. Ma Chao had long seen that he was not pleasing to the eye. In Ma Chao’s realm for many times, Marten finally took the position of Yong Wang.
Now Han Sui is sharpening his knife again. Although the direction of Han Sui is pointing to the direction of Qin, he wants to enter Qin, but he wants to go through this area in Yongzhou, which means he has to go through Marten territory.
Say this thing is also linked with Marten. Perhaps Han Sui is also considering that he is getting worse than Marten. He said that he would not go to Marten and ask Marten to make a way, but sent some spies to Qin to destroy it constantly. Although this has little effect, it can also be like this.
Now Jia Xu is here to solve the problem of Han Sui. There are still some hesitations when he comes to Marten to weigh the pros and cons. After all, he is now a king and no longer a hot-blooded general Fang Gang.
As a result, as soon as Ma Chao heard the news, he immediately took an interest in repeatedly admonishing his father not to hesitate there. Han Sui had a nine-song Yellow River and said that Ma Teng had sworn with him before. However, Han Sui is the kind of yin person.
Today, Marten’s brotherhood is not like Han Sui’s turn against each other. Maybe it won’t be long before new interests are placed in front of Han Sui, and Han Sui will definitely be rude to Marten, so Ma Chao will fight hard.
It doesn’t have to be large-scale for Han Suibing. Anyway, if Marten agrees to Jia Xu’s request, it will be like an alliance with Qin in disguise
Marten is in front of Qin. Qin naturally needs backup and supply, which is a benefit. Secondly, Ma Chao also has a bit of ambition in his heart.
Everyone says that the west is cool and the west is cool, but the west is divided into Yongzhou and Liangzhou. Now Liangzhou is occupied by Han Sui, and Ma Chao also wants to draw this place across Liangzhou. After all, he also wants his country to grow and develop.
Looking at the princes quarreling in front of their faces every day, Marten is also a big one. However, Marten’s character is doomed that he will be greatly influenced by these people’s grass and longevity. Marten finally thought about it and repeatedly identified one thing.
Nowadays, the world is in chaos and various vassal States stand side by side. In recent years, he and Han Sui have been at peace. However, they used to be sworn brothers, and they know each other well.
Suo Marten finally accepted Ma Chao’s suggestion. Since you want to fight, fight it.
When Jia Xu came back, he immediately set out to arrange the alliance. First of all, Qin should show enough sincerity. Qin transported a lot of grain like Yong Guo. The weapons department is good equipment, and Ma Chao is also very powerful
With these powerful equipment, will you still be afraid of him, Han Sui? You know, Ma Chao has studied hard in the past few years, and he is confident that this fighters is definitely a natural enemy, and Han Sui can’t stop it.
Therefore, at the end of the 19th century, Yong and Liang went to war completely.
Han Sui naturally has some troubles about this matter. First of all, he just published an article condemning Yong Guo’s shameful behavior there. It is really unreasonable that Yong Guo should start work on him instead of provoking Yong Guo.