Since the reputation to stand up and fight back green Yuan Zong provocation …

The teenager never let down his supporters and friends.
Everything is very clear and has been paying attention to the scenes of Lin yuan. Everything is shocking. She doesn’t know what to do when she meets danger. At that moment, she thinks about the word Lin yuan, a name that she has been worried about in her heart.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five-four kills!
This time, the arrival of the forest edge in Mo Yan ran’s eyes is tantamount to suddenly erecting a wind and rain wall in front of your face, and all dangers and disasters will be blocked from the outside.
Don’t start, I don’t know why I feel this way, as if it were a secret feeling from my heart. It’s wonderful to believe.
"School sister, this is what you said. Lin Yuan’s brother is the first person outside the school." Suddenly the woman next to him asked softly.
"Well, that’s him." Mo Yan ran seemed very shy and bowed his head.
"Oh!" Said the woman turned her head to the direction of the forest edge, and the strange God Se flowed out of her eyes.
Mo Yanran and these two young Yuan Zong brothers come from the same place in Yuan Zong, respectively. It is this time that the best brother selected by the newly promoted younger brother for training new people and experience will be greatly distinguished by one person.
But there was an accident
Although this is the territory occupied by Qing Yuan Zong, after all, it is far away from the scope of Qing Yuan Zong, and the forest where they will come this time is also a whim, and it is close to Qingyun Sect. I didn’t expect to meet Qian Yuan and his party.
For a long time, the family style of several major forces in Tianluo County is not good
This family is mainly engaged in business owners, but it is not J: ng. However, the family has a master of purple mansion realm, and it has gradually become several major forces. Perhaps it is influenced by the business style, and most of its younger brothers are eccentric and arrogant.
More importantly, this money family and Qing Yuan Zong have never been friendly in recent years, and there have been many frictions between them.
This time, the exploration to the Venerable Master’s Tomb has repeatedly killed many wandering fighters and brothers in Qianjia and QingYuan Zong, and there have been suspected that the Qianjia killer secretly attacked the QingYuan Zong team, which shows to what extent the contradictions between the two sides have intensified.
Therefore, when dozens of money brothers looked up and saw Qing Yuan Zong Mo Yan Ran and the other two, whether it was because of sectarian contradictions or personal ugliness, the two sides almost had irreconcilable conflicts at the first sight of each other
Moreover, it is not the enemy of the three of them to say that Qian Yuan is one, not to mention that the rest of the money family is more than a dozen fighters, and three people are naturally not more than a dozen opponents.
The ordinary woman was poisoned and Mo Yan ran was not slightly injured. At this time, the young man was close to the point where the oil was exhausted and the lamp was dry. The situation was extremely passive. In this case, he continued to escape from the three-person root method …
It’s okay now!
The forest edge is coming!
The most reliable and powerful brother of Wu Zong’s outer door is coming!
Although he is a person, Mo Yan ran, all the worries, fears and fears in a person’s heart vanish in an instant.
This is the power of faith!
"Brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid that I am coming!" Lin Yuan smiled at Mo Yan ran and the girl, and the smile fell on the hearts of the two girls like sunshine.
For a moment, when he turned to face the younger brothers such as Qian Yuan, his face smiled instantly and became as undisguised as ice.
Since Wu Zong came out to experience, he witnessed several monster beasts killing Terrans and repairing bleeding bodies, which made Lin Yuan already very dissatisfied with these.
You know, although the confrontation between the Terran and the Demon is a human provocation, the number of casualties is still the majority of the Terran. Lin Yuan has seen too many scenes now and is in a weak position. Every Terran martial arts practitioner is Terran wealth, but Qian Jiadi is so mad that he kills his brother at the gate of Qing Yuan Zong.
Just now, the ugly faces of several Qian’s brothers have strengthened Lin Yuan’s killing heart.
Kill the people who are in trouble!
Bullying one’s kin and killing!
Kill those who humiliate their loved ones!
Whoever offends a friend kills!
Lin Yuan’s right hand held a milli-light flashing dark blue Se Haoran sword in the void and instantly appeared in his hand.
move/step forward
The edge of the forest is approaching Qian Yuan, his party and others with a hard-to-shape oppression.
This blue figure gives this dozen money brothers a feeling as if there were towering green Se mountains roaring head-on over them.
Lin Yuan!’ Qian yuan face se suddenly bite a tooth to say these two words.
Every brother of Qian’s family suddenly felt the terrorist pressure from the forest edge.
Qian Yuan, the strongest person present, can naturally feel that Lin Yuan’s own momentum is really strong, but every class is only the late stage of innate Naling realm.
However, from the imposing manner, the boy across the horizontal sword is very strong.
How strong is their perception of law?
"Are you alone? Incredibly dare to come out. Hey hey, I don’t know whether to say that you are brave or stupid. It seems that there will be one less genius this day. "Qian Yuan’s face changed and changed four times. I glanced at it and saw that Lin Yuan was alone and others came out with bile and came back with a grimace of a grin.
Who knows that Lin Yuangen doesn’t look at his hand, and the sword exudes a deep blue Se light, which is a firm but gentle shock from the innate truth.
"Haoran Jian Haoran Jian wields Haoran Qi, and it’s unfair to make you drink enough blood today. It’s best for you to be Haoran Jian in my hand for the first time." Lin Yuan gently played a deep blue Se Haoran Jian with his head down.
A sword sound like a dragon song rang in the darkness.
In an instant, Lin Yuan looked up and his eyes exploded, and the cold mountain was as sharp as a curettage knife. A series of pale blue Se ghosting images were closely connected, and she flew towards Qian Yuan like a sharp arrow.
This is really a little cold, and then the sword is like a dragon!
Qian Yuan’s eyes were wide open and the boss was suddenly frightened.
The oncoming sharp dark blue Se Yuan firm but gentle is like a flash of dark blue Se, and the oncoming terrible breath is like an iron cone piercing the crown of the skull, which instantly makes his eyebrows ache and shatter.