"It’s my honor to work for a surname. I just want to go to a surname, but I suffer from being introduced and wandering in front of a surname’s house."

"I wonder if Li Xiong is your strength now?" Marotta is very happy.
Lu Bu said, "It’s four stars."
Lyu3 bu4 is also interested in hiding his four-star strength now, which is considered a genius. This time, mixing with a surname mansion is to assassinate Dong Zhuo. It is only natural to hide his strength a little to find an opportunity.
"I wonder how old brother Li is now?" Marotta asked to hear that Lyu3 bu4 is a four-star master Marotta. She felt lucky in her heart and just walked out of the office and met such a master.
Look at Lyu3 bu4. Marotta would be very happy if Lyu3 bu4 had the strength of three stars. I didn’t expect it to be four stars.
Lu Bu said "Seventeen"
This answer is completely out of Marotta’s expectation. After Lu Bu said that he was a four-star strength, Marotta thought that Lu Bu was older. Unexpectedly, it was definitely another Ma San after more than 17 years.
Seventeen years old, four stars, twenty years old, five stars, twenty-five years old and six stars, this hope is very great.
Li Ruma invited Lu Bu to the Imperial Palace. He came out with something to do, but now he wants to take Lu Bu to see Dong Zhuo.
Seventeen-year-old four-star master Marotta thinks that she is really lucky.
Fortunately, I just chased him myself, otherwise I will lose my arm with the genius.
"Don’t make any noise later, be polite to the people in front of the door, you know? If I hear you yelling at others in front of the door, you will go to jail." Marotta yelled at the former soldier as she walked through the gate.
The soldier didn’t dare to answer his head like a chicken pecking at rice. He kept regretting his mouth.
"Marotta, why are you back again?" Dong Zhuo wondered, "Who is this?"
Lying in Dong Zhuo’s arms, The Story Of Diu Sim looked at Lu Bu. Lu Bu’s long appearance was also remarkable. Dong Zhuo liked it at first sight.
"A surname, his name is Li Fang. I met him at the door and wanted to go to a surname." Marotta said.
Sitting in his arms, Sable’s eyes rested on Lu Bu’s body and face, and the surprise passed quickly.
In Fang Lu Bu, he looked up and bowed his head quickly. He was afraid that his hatred eyes would be discovered by Dong Zhuo.
Come in with Marotta, Lyu3 bu4 also took a big risk. If The Story Of Diu Sim calls out his name, he will definitely never walk out again.
Fortunately, The Story Of Diu Sim did not go out
"Although Li Fang, a surname, is seventeen years old, his entry into China is already a four-star strength, and he will be a surname’s right-hand man in the future."
Sitting in Fang Dong Zhuo is more and more delighted to see Lu Bu’s appearance. Even if Lu Bu has no strength, Dong Zhuo is willing to give Lu Bu a bite to eat. Now that Lu Bu has such strength, it is naturally important.
However, Dong Zhuo still has to personally see the strength of Lu Bu.
Chapter 463
Like Ma San’s arrival, Dong Zhuo first asked several people in Su Li and Guo Si to learn from Lu Bu.
Dong Zhuo and others shine at the moment when they see Lyu3 bu4 untie the thick cloth and take out the square painting halberd.
Although Fang Tian’s painting halberd is powerful, Dong Zhuo is still the first time to see someone painting halberd.
Fang Tian painted halberd looks noble, and Lu Bu’s eyes are white and his appearance is extraordinary. Everyone gives birth to a kind of painting halberd that he should be born with, and Fang Tian painted halberd is specially for him.
Although Lu Bu concealed that the strength was four-star strength against Su Li, Guo Si and others, in the one-on-one situation, none of Su Li and others could take ten moves in his hands.
Fang Tian painted halberd with great potential. Lyu3 bu4 is the divine power of the gods. Even the four-star strength is far superior to that of ordinary four-star military commanders.
Su Li, Guo Si, Niu Fu and others took turns to defeat the front line, but it was two against one, but it still fell in the wind and three against one before they tied with Lyu3 bu4.
Look, Dong Zhuo is elated. He will accept Lu Buyi on the spot.
"Today, a surname wants Li Fangyi. You go and call Ma San for me." Dong Zhuo said to Marotta around him.
"Ah" Lu Bu was dumbfounded. He really didn’t want to recognize Dong Zhuo’s adoptive father.
If I hadn’t heard what the player said before, Lu Bu might be glad to hear that Dong Zhuo wanted to accept his righteousness at this moment. After all, it must be more and better for Dong Zhuoyi to assassinate Dong Zhuo.
But after listening to the player, Lu Bu didn’t want to recognize Dong Zhuo’s adoptive father.
If you kill Dong Zhuo in the future, you will become a natural person.
If he hadn’t heard the player’s words, Lu Bu wouldn’t have thought so far, but did what he thought was beneficial.
"Thank you for your kindness, but I can’t worship Master Tai," Lu Bu said.
“?” Dong Zhuo put away his face and smiled. Lyu3 bu4′ s refusal obviously made him very unhappy.
"My parents died at the age of four, my father died at the age of seven, and my mother recognized two adoptive fathers, but both died in two or three years. I really dare not recognize Master Tai," Lu Bu said.
"It’s something that a surname’s life is not afraid of." Dong Zhuo didn’t care, but later, when the wind changed, he said, "But since you have this heart, we’ll talk about it later. You’re always worried in the future."
Although he felt that he was unlikely to be killed by Lubcke, Dong Zhuo cherished Lu Bu’s life. Now that his three fathers had died, Dong Zhuo said that he would not accept Lu Bu’s righteousness.
But the mouth can’t admit that he is afraid of Lu Bu Ke.
Although Lu Buyi was confiscated, Dong Zhuo’s love for Lu Bu did not decrease, and Lu Bu was given a general position on the spot.
Anyway, now that the court is under his control, he can give whatever he wants. It is a kind of reputation and there is not much truth.
Lyu3 bu4 this general is equivalent to a army of one, that is, when others see him, it is better to call him a general.
When Lu Bu will have his own soldiers depends on Dong Zhuo’s meaning.
Dong Zhuo loved Lyu3 bu4 very much and let Lyu3 bu4 live in the imperial mansion.
Dong Zhuo didn’t doubt that he didn’t know that Li Fang was Lu Bu.
Although Li Fang also painted halberds, Dong Zhuogen didn’t expect that he was Lu Bu.
I really have this thought in my heart, "I don’t know whether Li Fangtian painted halberds better or the man whose name is unknown, Lu Fangtian painted halberds more powerful."
"Maybe now I’m Li Fangqiang, the strength of that Lyu3 bu4, but that Lyu3 bu4 must be in his twenties and thirties. Li Fangcai will definitely be able to compete with that Lyu3 bu4 after he is seventeen. I’m really looking forward to that day."
Dong Zhuo’s mind unconsciously emerged that Li Fang was fighting Lu Bu with Fang Tian’s painting Ji. "It’s a pity that Lu Bu still doesn’t know where to hide."
Lyu3 bu4 will soon find a chance to assassinate Dong Zhuo if he stays in the Taishi mansion, but soon he learns that Ma San is a six-star master behind Dong Zhuo most of the time every day, which makes Lyu3 bu4 dare not make a move.