"Well, let’s all come on!" Yan lin also breathed a sigh of relief. It is best for Zeng Lei to think white. She is afraid that Zeng Lei has entered a dead end and can’t think clearly. Now, if you say it, you really want to open up today, so that you don’t have to carry a burden.

Zeng Lei couldn’t help hugging yan lin from behind. "Yan, let’s all practice hard and go back to the national team together."
This sentence is not the first time to say it, but this time Zeng Lei was full of confidence somehow. Although she didn’t perform well this afternoon, she saw hope.
Yan lin wants to cry, practice hard and join the national team together.
The problem is that she is now in leg press on the horizontal bar. Sister Zeng, you can’t hold my leg with a bear behind you!
Yan lin rictus Zeng Lei was unaware of it, but she breathed a sigh of relief, like "Well, let’s go home". It’s getting colder and colder this day, so we have to have a good rest at night and train during the day, which makes up for the fact that we can’t fight again at night.
"Good" yan lin felt that his leg was really torn. Walking behind Zeng Lei was a little lame. Catharine felt that it was suitable for a while.
When they walked to the dormitory building, they were very surprised to see Fang Qin talking to coach Song. This eye watched and approached, even if it seemed too late to avoid it. yan lin and Zeng Lei looked at each other and then slowly walked over to say hello to "coach Fang’s teaching assistant."
Coach Song nodded. "Did you go running?"
Yan lin and Zeng Lei are two habits that no one doesn’t know. After all, there is Fang Qin, the deaf god.
There is also a coach’s room in Song Dynasty here in the dormitory building. He doesn’t live here every day, so Fang Qin stares at it all the time. After all, Fang Qin hasn’t got married yet, and married with children is very worry-free.
"Well," yan lin nodded. "Then coach, let’s go first."
She can also talk to Fang Qin about yan lin, the coach of the Song Dynasty. I really feel that there is nothing to talk about. After all, the coach of the Song Dynasty is also in his forties. According to his age, yan lin’s parents’ generation is all over.
She didn’t have deep feelings for her parents or resented her stepfather, and the original owner didn’t have much affection for the Lins’ parents. yan lin and coach Song really didn’t say much.
"Wait a minute, Xiao Fang. You and Zeng Lei go back first. I’ll talk to yan lin."
Yan lin dazed said here? It’s better to talk about this when we go back to training, especially when yan lin carefully looked at Zeng Lei’s face. She was afraid that Zeng Lei would think too much. After all, the coach left her instead of Zeng Lei
"Then I’ll go back first. See you later, coach." Zeng Lei winked at yan lin, which means be careful.
Yan lin somehow hung her heart down, and her little heart really didn’t want to have any gap with Zeng Lei.
"If you don’t have this generosity, your friendship is really a joke." Coach Song suddenly said that yan lin’s head is a little bit.
Chapter 3 a cow
Coach Song lit a cigarette and took two puffs. yan lin followed him and didn’t know what to say.
"I had dinner with Lao Yuan later, and he told me a lot."
Yan lin listened quietly. She was thinking about what coach Song said just now and what director Yuan said. She just didn’t ask, don’t estimate, coach Song would also say.
"The national team members are excellent, but you are not bad." Coach Song vomited a smoke turn. "But you are still a little poor. Practice for half a year. I told Lao Yuan that if you don’t practice for half a year, you won’t be sent to the national team to make a fool of yourself."
"Eh" yan lin is stunned, which means that she has already got the tickets for the national team. Of course, if she can train hard in the future to lay a solid foundation for herself?
"I’m dumb. Where’s my cleverness at ordinary times?" Coach Song remembered what my old teammate said at dinner. "That girl seems to have a little idea. Go back and talk to her. What do you think? Go back and practice her. I’ll let her join the team even for your sake. If it doesn’t work, just pretend I didn’t say that today."
Old Yuan’s words are very objective. After coach Song sent him away, he thought for a long time and finally decided to talk to Fang Qin about it. Speaking of which, Fang Qin knows yan lin better. What is it that a girl sees him like a ghost and hides?
Guo just learned from Fang Qin that coach Song was happy about yan lin’s idea, and he said, this girl is definitely not less energetic and rare, but she just wanted to be so partial when she was a child, and happened to see yan lin and Zeng Lei come back. Coach Song deliberately left yan lin behind.
"Coach" yan lin blinked. "Should I invite you to dinner to thank you?"
Song coach dazed didn’t good the spirit way "crooked ways you more" to buy cigarettes for old qin what must be her idea.
Yan lin suddenly felt that coach Song said this like a professional teacher in her college days. She was in awe of the teacher, who was serious in teaching but intimate.
"I’m sincere in eating people and my mouth is short. If I can’t play well, coach, you won’t be chasing me with a stick."
"Ahem" Song coach choked in his throat with a mouthful of smoke. yan lin shrank his head as if the timing of the joke was not right.
Song coach for a while just slow lead strength to stare eyes yan lin "if you don’t look good, I won’t skin you! Go home. "
Yan lin knew that coach Song was just scaring her, but it wasn’t the top ten tortures. Where did you peel anything? At most, you just ran to her and scolded her bitterly. More seriously, you just hit her with a ball.
"By the way, don’t tell others about this." Coach Song suddenly remembered and charged yan lin with this sentence.
Yan lin nodded "I know".
Coach Song’s meaning is very definite, whether it’s Qu Miaomiao or the second best. Juan Juan Zhu didn’t enter Yuan’s guidance this time. Now there is nothing in the youth training team, but the actual morale is not a little low. If she is ostentatious at this time, isn’t it hatred?
Besides, it is not conducive to the youth training team and future training.
Although things are settled now, who knows if there will be any variables in the future? If we go back in a big way now, wouldn’t it be a slap in the face if there are variables in Yuan’s guidance?
It’s always yan lin’s rule to hold your breath before things become a foregone conclusion. No, coach Song told her to know.
The only trouble is like telling Zeng Lei that yan lin walked slowly back to the dormitory, but he didn’t remember what to say.
Coach Song’s words have been in her mind, and she doesn’t know what to say.
"Where’s Sister Zeng?" Zeng Lei is not in the dormitory. yan lin asked a sentence.
"Silly, right? What can this point do? I went to brush my teeth and wash my face. It is said that you two are not running together. Why did Zeng Lei come back alone today? " Cheng Aihua’s hand in knitting a sweater is very flexible. yan lin looks at this sweater in a different color, which seems to be different from what he saw the other day.
"Yan ran for a while." Zeng Lei pushed the door and came in. "How did you finish playing?" Zeng Lei carefully saw that the color of the wool was different. "Hey, don’t say it’s a sweater for your future sister-in-law?"
This wool is bright in color, and the first half of the pattern is youthful and lively. How can you wear this at an old age?
"What are you talking nonsense about? This is for my sister." Cheng Aihua spat out Zeng Lei and looked at yan lin with a washbasin. He hurriedly jumped out of the shop and "wait for me."
"Yan waited for her, she was too slow." Zeng Lei pushed yan lin to go out. She just wanted to go to the toilet. She just worried that yan lin didn’t come back to wash her face and brush her teeth, so she hurried back. She just pushed the door and heard Cheng Aihua ask yan lin why she came back so late.
Cheng Aihua’s speed is a little slow. It’s not going out with a washbasin towel. Qu Miaomiao can’t watch "Hua thermos flask". Now it’s cold. They all wash their faces and brush their teeth with hot water against cold water. If they go out, don’t carry thermos flask, won’t they come back later to get it?
Cheng Aihua patted her thigh "all blame Zeng Lei", which made her forget that she complained that people had taken yan lin to public health.
Yan lin didn’t expect Zeng Leigen to help him hide the past without asking. You should know that he met coach Song. Don’t look at the other people in the dormitory. They will definitely stare at yan lin. You must ask about coach Song’s small movements.
"Ceng Jie …"
"Come on, it’s cold and warm under the covers." Zeng Lei knew that the coach must have said something to yan lin, but what was it? She felt that she didn’t want to know anything. She didn’t like to know all kinds of news. Even if she came with yan lin, she was not a sister, but Zeng Lei still felt that there were some things that didn’t need the Ministry to know.
If the coach wanted her to know, he would have kept her. Obviously, the coach told yan lin that she didn’t need to know.
"Well," yan lin nodded. Since Zeng Lei didn’t ask her, she didn’t intend to say it. Anyway, they worked hard together to get into the national team.
Besides, in case something happens, maybe you can’t get in, so it’s still too early to say anything before it’s a foregone conclusion
"Isn’t there anything else about foot movement except foot movement?" Coach Song suddenly stopped the game with such a roar.
Just now, yan lin spiked and Wang Jing took her spiking. Although she picked it up, she didn’t get a good shot and flew to the back row. Another player couldn’t react for the first time, but she was too late to save the ball.