This kind of thing is simply incredible!

If Yan Re doesn’t understand, why don’t you leave an address and point it directly if you want to force the imperial doctor to come out and meet him? Someone has to find out where he is …
When Brother Liu saw the imperial doctor speak, he expressed his views. "Since Xu Ping can kidnap Ah Cheng in the Leader’s Mansion, he must be located not far from the Leader’s Mansion."
He took out the map of the location of the rudder that he had previously given to everyone. "According to the distribution map of the rudder, there are several rudders in the nearest place to the leader’s house."
The imperial doctor looked at the enclosed places and meditated for a while. "The nearest place is estimated to be here."
The imperial doctor pointed out that the place is really close to the leader’s house, which is remote outside a mountain, and the other branches are really close to the leader’s house, but it takes longer to get to the leader’s house
Seeing that the imperial doctor pointed out the place, Teacher Liu nodded. "If the devil wants to hide and recuperate, he naturally needs to find a remote place. This place is outside the city, and it is rarely seen by many people. It is a good place to hide."
When everyone saw that the imperial doctor and Brother Liu all speculated that Xu Yi would split the rudder in that remote place, someone said, "I guess the devil’s hiding place, but I don’t know if the leader has an idea?"
Are you going to take everyone to put out that rudder? Or do you have other plans?
The imperial doctor obviously has an idea in his mind. He said, "The horse will leave for the rudder outside the city."
"This ….." Everyone looked at each other. You looked at me. I saw that you just asked, "I don’t know how many people the leader intends to take?"
The imperial doctor sank, "Only the leader’s brother can accompany him."
Yet a everyone was surprised Yan Re also looked up at imperial doctor in some surprise, and they didn’t know how many people were going to fight this time.
If we’re short-staffed …
"Why don’t the rest of you wait in the mountains? If the situation changes, the rest of you can support us."
Obviously, everyone was satisfied with Yan Re’s proposal, and the imperial doctor nodded "good" after the words "Lu Girl makes sense" and "Lu Girl’s proposal is very good"
The imperial doctor’s eyes are dark. This Xu Wei is obviously coming at him. It’s just a matter of saving him the trouble of sending the door by himself. He still has to take pains to find him, but it’s easier to handle affairs with less people …
Now that you have decided to set out for the imperial doctor, Yan Rehe and all the people accompanied by him, they quickly packed their horses and went to the rudder.
The mountain is outside the city, and it will take less than half an hour to get there now, and it’s still early, so people naturally have to speed up, otherwise, if it drags on into the night, it’s really hard to fight.
This time, in addition to the leader’s brother, there are also leaders of various sects, and each leader is accompanied by ten brothers just in case.
The imperial doctor took the lead, and the horse moved very smoothly. After he rode, he tightened the reins and waved the whip. "Please follow closely."
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
The imperial doctor stared at the note for a while before he squeezed out the word "let’s go"
Now that people have tied Teacher Liu together, at least prove that Xu Yi is really in this mountain.
After hearing the imperial doctor’s command, they clenched their hands in the sword. They wanted to follow the imperial doctor, but the imperial doctor held out a hand and stopped them.
Seeing that he turned to Yan Re and looked at her lightly, "School sister, let’s go."
YanRe this just realized that he said a word to himself.
According to the meaning in that note, Xu Heng kidnapped Brother Liu because they took too many people. He hoped they could reduce the number of mountain people, right?
The reduction is a reduction, but isn’t it too little for the imperial doctor?
It’s a lot to reduce a group of people into two …
The leader’s brother naturally knows the idea of a happy doctor, but they are all worried when they see a happy doctor with Yan Re.
Their school sister’s force is not top-notch. If she meets Xu Wei in the mountain, I wonder what will happen …
My brothers were about to say a word when they were taken away by the imperial doctor. "I have my own decision to deal with Xu Wei. I am enough."
Yan ruo "beside the imperial doctor? ? ?”
What do you mean by taking her? A mascot?
Listen to the meaning of imperial doctor, and everyone is white. He probably didn’t want to ask Yan Re for help.
See this master elder brother’s sidewalk in the leader’s mansion, "Please take care of your younger sister."
Although I don’t know what the imperial doctor wants to take my sister mountain, he hopes that my sister will come back safely.
Imperial doctor nodded and he reached out to Yan Re. "Let’s go, pool."
In this scene, the man will reach out with one hand, and the whole person is as handsome as a painting. Without hesitation for a while, he reached out his hand and put it on the imperial doctor’s hand.
Heart is to 1 how have a bad feeling …
The imperial doctor took YanRe hand and walked to the mountain together, and it was almost time to split the rudder, but the imperial doctor then walked to the mountain.
Seeing that the imperial doctor continued to walk up the mountain, Yan Ruo said, "Don’t you go in?"
The imperial doctor didn’t stop at all. He continued to walk towards the mountain. "No, Xu Wei, I know he is waiting in the mountain."
Yan Re followed the imperial doctor, but the sentence "I know Xu Wei" has been echoing in her mind.
It seems that after a while, she will know the love-hate relationship between the imperial doctor and Xu Yi.
Walking all the way to the top of the mountain, Yan Re felt that the wind was getting stronger and stronger, and brushed her and imperial doctor’s hair, and they walked towards the front against the wind.