Ning Wang smiled coldly and quietly. "It really touched me that you can give me your righteous sister." This is the truth. Who can send his wife and sisters to Ning Wang’s clutches? This mind is either broad-minded or selfish.

Feather Qian smiled. "My daughter has heard of Ning Wang Weiming for a long time and admires it very much. If I can live with the prince for a while, it will be a blessing for my daughter."
Mu Chenxing clapped her hands and laughed. "Since ancient times, little sister, a beauty cherishes heroes, once told me that even a handmaiden is willing to serve the sovereign."
Handmaiden? Lan Yuxi was so angry that she almost fainted. Which fool ever said such a thing?
All three people are smiling, but actually they have their own ulterior motives.
Half a cup of tea Kung Fu Mu Chenxing got up and left. Before he left, Yu Zhen didn’t notice that he and Ning Wang Lengche exchanged glances. What was revealed in his eyes was cunning and narrow.
So Lan Yuqian left Ning Wangfu half voluntarily and half forcibly.
Ning Wang Leng Che Yu Zhen arranged a beautifully decorated but elegant room facing the elegant garden.
In the evening, the scenery outside Nozomi is beautiful in the moonlight, and the more pleasant the scenery is. The breeze is too light and the flowers enter the nose, which is worthy of being the prince’s mansion, said the feather in his heart
Look at the objects in your room again. It is estimated that anything is priceless. If you leave one day, it will be the same if the thief doesn’t leave and moves away.
I was thinking of suddenly hearing the clear voice of the little girl outside, "I have seen Ning Wang Chitose."
Huh? Ning Wang is here? Feather Zhen quickly sat upright as if everyone were a good family.
As soon as the curtain is picked, Ning Wang has come in, and the golden crown is lined with jade, and the pale yellow is handsome and aggressive, but it is easy for all women to be fascinated by Ning Wang.
However, Yu Zhen is not handsome as a meal. Isn’t her boyfriend Jian Ling a handsome boy before the 21st century? Didn’t you still get rid of yourself like a rag?
I think so in my heart, but I can’t show my disdain. I worship the crisp and moving words from my lips, "Join the report chitose."
Ning Wang Lengche waved his hand, and the servant behind him left Lengche and Feather Zhen in the check-out room.
Ning Wang sat down and studied the feather and smiled faintly. "Miss Feather has been here for two days. Are you used to it here?"
Feather Qian smiled, "Very well, thank you for your care."
Ning Wang gently lifted the feather, but a pair of big hands held the feather, and the gentle little hands didn’t mean anything. He asked, "What does the feather girl usually do for recreation?"
What do you do for fun? What can I do to steal something, steal a little money? In modern society, it’s just chatting online and thinking sullenly.
Of course, the mouth can’t say that. Feather Zhen wanted to think and said, "Little sister doesn’t have any hobbies at ordinary times."
"Oh, I wonder if Miss Feather can play the piano?" Ning Wang then asked,
The head of the feather shakes like a rattle.
"Then sing? Dance? " Ning Wang still won’t give up
Please sing. I don’t dance. I still shake my head regardless of my left and right feathers.
"That is the needlework embroidery category?" Ning Wang Zicong
Yu Zhen finally couldn’t help it. Why should I learn these things? What has to be the same?
"I can’t do anything! If you have to be the same, that’s stealing. "Feather Zhen answered honestly while checking Ning Wang’s expression.
"Oh, it’s worthy that Mu Chenxing Yimei is also a star picker." So how are you going to please me? "Ning Wang dragged the feather into his arms." I wait on my concubine, each of whom is a beautiful woman. Mu Chenxing gave you to me. You should know what you are going to do? "
Feather Zhen feels that one head is two big. This pervert Ning Wang dares to touch her hands without saying a few words, and she also shamelessly tells herself that there are so many concubines.
However, I would rather break free from the king’s arms and not bite the feather ear coldly and gently. "Since it is so late, please wait for me to bathe!"
"What? Let me wait on the bath? Am I a bathing lady? " Feather Huan not gas to think.
"That’s settled." Ning Wang Fang Yu ordered people to prepare for bathing.