Chapter one hundred and ten EH crisis

The top competitive league in G League is the first competition in the live broadcast of competitive industry in China.
The stability of broadcast ratings means that the amount of money flying in the hands of advertisers to the league is also extremely amazing
In recent years, the tax amount has also risen. After enjoying several years of preferential tax treatment, emerging industries and competitions were heavily taxed at the beginning of this year.
No way. People are afraid of famous pigs and children who grow up in red can’t afford to be hurt.
Get down to business
ZGDYD team donated all the competition bonuses immediately after winning the European invitational tournament, which caused international repercussions.
Zhai Hao quietly left Cologne in this situation.
Left a bunch of chores for Mi Wei to face the original alone and donated the competition bonus. The ZGDYD team has been dissolved on the spot, and Mu Xiaofeng and Xiao Shi Jia Luosheng are going to dive in the Maldives for the winter.
Calyx was urged by PLU and then rushed back to PLU headquarters in Changsha to discuss further integration.
Old K is also preparing to visit Britain, France, Germany and other countries to liberate a girl everywhere.
I have to say that Lao K looks more elegant when he doesn’t talk at ordinary times.
That is to say, Lao K himself has been flaunting his general demeanor, and he has been in the position of EH leader for several years, but his mature demeanor is also well-known in Europe
However, Lao K was doomed to be disappointed because Mi Wei was blocked by Mi Wei at the door of the room when she was preparing to bypass the reporter in front of the hotel from the back door of the hotel with Heichao on her side.
Mi Wei needs someone to mediate with his sponsors in Europe.
There is no doubt that the best candidate is Zhai Hao, whose family business is very good.
However, Zhai Hao sat back to the EH headquarters in China that night after winning the championship, and there were more things waiting for Zhai Hao to arrange.
Mi Wei knows that Zhai Hao can’t give herself too much support.
Then the places where we can seek support are Mu Xiaofeng, small stone calyx and Lao K Luosheng.
With experience in stable phase, old K will be able to leave the best among the staff.
Pick a general among the short
Old k was also shot while lying down.
However, regarding the renovation and expansion of EH headquarters, Lao K still crustily skin of head and Mi Wei do things that he doesn’t like very much.
Joke: If Lao K likes to do these things, Zhai Hao will not go to Mi Wei and go back to EH. Look at the operating conditions of EH in recent years and you will know that Lao K is really not a good brush in business negotiations and industrial development.
It’s not bad to lead a team. If K is forced to do such a thing, five Ferraris in the garage of EH headquarters will be a good lesson.
In business negotiations, let the profession come.
Mi Wei is called Iron Niang not only because she is frosty in her life.
There is still a factor of vigorous commercial negotiations.
It took a week to solve the problem of commercial agency in EH sphere, which brought sufficient funds to the expansion plan of EH headquarters, Mi Wei.
Also returned to China within a week after the European invitational tournament.
After getting off the plane, Mi Wei stepped on nine-centimeter high-heeled shoes in the airport square of J City, and she was not tired after a long flight. She directly recruited a taxi outside the airport.
I said a place name in my mouth. When the taxi driver heard the name, he shook his head and put himself in the rearview mirror.
The folding of the folding of the look a face of positive color car.
In 30 minutes …
In an office building in downtown J Jiang City, two naked bodies are passionately touching in the top office. The folds of leather sofa show how passionate the emotion is.
After sex, Mi Wei looked at her arms with a face of Enron Zhaihao.
Gently move his ear close to his abdomen.
Holding up her long hair in one hand, she made a bend in her ear and made a beautiful arc. Her lips responded to the situation and murmured something in Zhaihao’s ear.
Then Zhaihao suddenly sat up straight.
Hold the beautiful woman around you
I feel that my world has entered a new page today ~
Mi Wei finished her work in Europe, but she returned to China earlier than Mi Wei, but Zhai Hao was busy at the EH headquarters, which is the tenth day.
There are still many things unfinished before Zhai Hao.
The expansion of EH headquarters is decided these days, especially these days, with Mi Wei returning to the country together, K has also contributed a lot to these things.
This allowed Zhai Hao to successfully complete the preliminary work of repairing the EH headquarters and expanding the headquarters building.
Personal strength is limited. Finally, the boss of a DOA construction company went from Zhejiang to N city after hearing about it. After a long talk with Zhai Hao all night, he agreed on the general construction workers.
This also means that the EH headquarters will be different in about ten years.
And then the G League EH next year’s competition schedule.