This time, Yu Zuhui really believed it. In that case, he was relieved. He was excited to see Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes full of worship. "Don’t worry, Master, you won’t let the three of them get worse before you come back." With such a strong boss, he really felt that he was right to come to the war alliance. This young master is really good for himself. He is so maintaining and following the young master for such a small matter. There is nothing wrong with it.

Any suspection.i Zhantian took the lead in flying towards the outside, and after his gods locked Xu Fei, he directly called to him, "Xu Fei, I am any suspection.i Zhantian, and you are waiting for you at my door now" [
Come to the hall, Xu Fei heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian and looked around. He didn’t wake up until he saw that everyone didn’t respond. This is a condensed line. When he didn’t dare to stay longer, he of course listened and walked directly towards the door without saying anything.
The four of them would have been waiting for Xu Fei at the door in Huangfu Zhantian. If he didn’t know the position of that bullshit alliance, he would have directly killed Section 93: Debt collection.
Xu Fei saw that several people were waiting for him at the door. He quickly took two steps forward, but let him wonder when they ran outside in Huangfu Zhantian. He has been sitting in the hall, but now he doesn’t want to think about it.
"Master, where are you going?" Xu Fei asked doubtfully.
Any suspection.i Zhantian told Xu Fei lightly, "What nonsense alliance has wounded three gold fighters in our war alliance? You should know where this nonsense alliance is. Take me there."
Xu Fei was suddenly surprised at the words of Huangfu Zhantian, but Huangfu Zhantian knew what he was worried about. Before he could speak, Huangfu Zhantian said directly, "You just take us there directly, and then you hide aside and leave him alone."
Xu Fei tried, "Does President Yu know?" [
Huangfu Zhantian laughed. "What am I going to do to say hello to Yu Zuhui? Don’t worry, Yu Zuhui knows."
After hearing this, Xu Fei didn’t say anything more. It seems that this young master is not simple. Knowing that the other side has three strong men in blade master, he still dares to go. There are two situations. One is that this young master is stupid, but obviously not. The other is that the young master is sure of winning. If so, it will really give us a sigh of relief. This array has been bored to death by this war-fighting alliance. Everyone has long wanted to teach them a lesson. It is because the strength of the other side is due to the president’s strength, so they don’t dare to disobey the president’s words and curse them in their hearts
Xu Fei was so excited that he hurried towards the front. At this time, he had already conceived in his heart how to teach the flooding alliance later. Oh, no, it should be called the shit alliance. This is how the young master said to teach the dog scum of the shit alliance. I hope the young master can teach them a lesson.
Thinking like this about Xu Fei’s foot movement didn’t slow down at all, but it was faster than before, which made the back always take his time to follow him. Huangfu Zhantian suddenly laughed. It seems that Xu Fei has not been less affected by these popularity these days. Well, since you don’t want to get along well, don’t blame me for my impoliteness. I thought of Huangfu Zhantian’s murderous look crashing into the sky.
Next to the single crystal, there are small fish fighting with Huangfu for a short time. At this time, I feel that Huangfu Zhantian sends out murderous look, and when I see his gloomy face, they dare not speak more.
Xu Fei took the four of them and turned left and then finally stopped in front of a mansion. Xu Fei was full of anger, pointing to that mansion and growled, "Master, that shit alliance headquarters is here, as if their top management also lives here. It is said that they are discussing together, such as driving our alliance out."
Huangfu Zhantian was immediately amused by Xu Fei’s name for this battle alliance, but he didn’t show that he was faint to Xu Fei. "Don’t go near when you are waiting, okay?"
Xu Fei was so excited that he said, "Master, let me go. I want to see these bastards punished with my own eyes. Don’t worry, Master, I can protect myself if I don’t meet those two blade master."
After listening to Xu Fei’s words, I felt sad in my heart. It seems that the war alliance people are having a hard time in this huge deer city, but this situation has passed. Seeing Xu Fei’s excitement in the war days, I can’t bear to refuse him. I nodded my head and said positively, "Don’t run around when you are waiting. Don’t be far away from us. Pay attention to protecting yourself."
Xu Fei also knows that his strength is not very strong, and he is afraid that he will drag down the young master. Then he nodded his head to Huangfu War Heaven. "Don’t worry, young master, I won’t run around. I want to watch this group of dog chop suey get what they deserve." With that, Xu Fei’s eyes became red, apparently thinking of those wounded brothers.
Any suspection.i Zhantian patted Xu Fei on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, I will ask our brothers for justice."
Say that finish suspection.i Zhantian walked straight towards the gate of the mansion.
"Who dares to break into our war alliance?" At the gate, two guards saw that Huangfu Zhantian and his party knew that these people were furious. Worse, behind these four people, they knew Xu Fei, the captain of the war alliance. However, recently, because of two big blade master, they beat the war alliance people out of the water. At this time, they saw that they were coming. Obviously, these people were looking for a game, but they didn’t pay attention to these young people. There are two big blade master here. They are also very straight and have a lot of confidence to speak.
Without saying anything, Huangfu Zhantian directly cut the throat of the two guards with one hand and one Lei Guang. The two guards remained arrogant, but the blood poured out of their throats and they fell without saying a word.
Xu Fei behind was obviously startled by the vicious means of Huangfu Zhantian. He didn’t expect Huangfu Zhantian to die, but then he got excited again and died in his heart so that you could be arrogant again.
Huangfu Zhantian killed the two men without looking at them. He jumped directly to the front of the gate, raised his powerful right leg and kicked the gate directly. Huangfu Zhantian kicked the heavy iron gate directly, just like it was broken.
As the door fell, the suspection.i war day was transported to the body, and Raytheon’s true spirit shouted, "Shit alliance, those two bastards, get out and die for me." Then suspection.i war day leg lifts went toward the inside.
Hear outside to break the door and suspection.i Zhantian angry people react quickly.
"Fang Xiaoxiao dare to destroy my door and roll over to die" Huangfu Zhantian just came in and heard a roar like thunder [
Hearing this sound, suspection.i Zhantian looked fiercely and knew that this person should be one of the two blade master, but suspection.i Zhantian immediately showed evil spirits and smiled to find that you were afraid you wouldn’t come out.
As this roar two figure drew an arc from the courtyard crashing shot and then stopped suspection.i war day before them.
"Small is that you broke our door? You have a lot of guts. You break your left hand yourself and knock your head several times. Yell, Grandpa, I’m wrong. Maybe I can spare your life. "A woman looks feminine and masculine. Section 94: Fight alone and be holy.
After listening to this man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian has determined that this man is the one who broke off the three gold fighters, blade master Huangfu Zhantian. Looking at him with a cold face, in that case, let’s take your knife first.
Thought of here, Huangfu Zhantian pretended to be very scared. She said, "Yeah, but this sentence is for you. Now you can go to die." The last sentence was drunk violently, but Huangfu Zhantian’s figure was like a rapid flying bomb. In the blink of an eye, Huangfu Zhantian came to the feminine man with one hand and clenched his fist without mercy and smashed it toward his chest.
The two blade master didn’t expect Huangfu Zhantian to start work when they reacted. When Huangfu Zhantian came to them, the feminine man was not good. When he saw Huangfu Zhantian’s hand biting, he was annoyed and determined to cut the man’s left arm to his own arm collection. Another feminine man pushed his hands forward and suddenly retreated.
In the process of his sudden retreat, Huangfu Zhantian directly smashed the man’s arms with his best iron fist. The man felt a terrible pain, and his arm was badly hurt. Then a violent energy rushed into his body, and the man’s face changed. He felt that this violent force was constantly on the rampage and the meridians in his body became unconscious, scaring him to take two steps back directly along Huangfu Zhantian’s smashing potential without fighting back.
Any suspection.i Zhantian was waiting to be pursued when he felt a broken one, so that he could give up after the man and summon a hammer from Raytheon to smash it in the direction of the broken one [
The man came to want to take advantage of Huangfu Zhantian to kill his companion and ask his companion to stop him. Then he can kill himself behind him, but he didn’t expect his companion to be so timid that he didn’t even stop him, but he also blocked himself by sneak attack. Without thinking about it, he directly retreated behind him and rushed out to protect his body.
The two men retreated to one side, and the color behind them was very ugly. They looked at the Huangfu Zhantian, who also stood in the middle of the school. I didn’t expect the two of them to join hands with each other. Who is this person? How can you have such strength? And still so young.
Another person towards any suspection.i Zhantian a slight fuels tone softened way "I don’t know who’s calling? Jing Liang, this is my brother Tao. Have we misunderstood each other? You and I have never met before. I don’t know why you are so difficult for us? " After seeing the strength of Huangfu Zhantian, to tell the truth, he really doesn’t want to fight with this young man, because this young man is stronger than both of them. Although they have the confidence to kill each other together, they also have to pay a great price. Now this storm will be a huge Lucheng. If they are injured, they will not have their own enemies to seek revenge, so they will be in trouble and can be resolved peacefully.
Huangfu Zhantian laughed at this man’s words. "We really don’t know each other, but it seems that the two of us are a little lenient. My family has let the two have broken their arms. How do you solve this problem?" Say that finish suspection.i war celestial murderous look suddenly broke straight at two people.
Jing Liang took a hard look at Tao Tao next to him, and his face was a little ugly. He hung his head and told him not to torture others like this, or he would kill them directly, or he wouldn’t punish others. Now his relatives are looking for the door. This can be difficult, but he and Tao grew up together, and then they learned from each other. Finally, they stole the treasure of the leader and escaped until they broke through to blade master. They walked on the mainland again, and their feelings can be said to be inseparable. Now they are looking for the door, so they certainly can’t hand over Tao and see if they can be peaceful.
JingLiang embarrassed way "I don’t know who is your family? My younger brother made a mistake. I apologize to you when I am a brother here. "Say that finish, Jingliang made a ceremony towards Huangfu Zhantian and saluted him. He dragged Tao, who has been stubborn and refused to apologize, but today they two brothers lost this man, which is big enough. When this thing is solved, they will kill the ugly people who see their two brothers.
Any suspection.i Zhantian listened to Jingliang’s words and nodded his head. "I’m willing to apologize. Good attitude and fair."
JingLiang listened to suspection.i ZhanTian suddenly a joy. It seems that this person wants some benefits, so I will give him some benefits myself.
However, Jing Liangxiao just climbed his face when he heard Huangfu Zhantian go on, "In that case, shall I wring your arms off and apologize to you again?"
Jing Liang and Tao listened to the words of Huangfu Zhantian and knew that their two brothers had been fooled. Since the negotiations failed, there was no need to go to Jing Liang’s vagina with him. "It seems that you are here to find fault. That depends on whether you have enough weight." Then Jing Liang pulled up Tao’s hand and threw a seven-foot pike. He appeared in his hand with a shake and pulled out a few guns and then looked at Huangfu Zhantian coldly.
And Tao didn’t want to apologize. Now that the talks have collapsed, he took the ghost Dao behind him and stared at the suspection.i war heaven. "Since you want to die, that’s a good uncle. I’ll be you." With Jingliang glances, Tao directly rushed over.
See Tao rushed to JingLiang followed him, followed him, pointed the pike at the throat of HuangFuZhanTian, and that Tao waved the ghost Dao in his hand and swept away toward HuangFuZhanTian.
Xu Fei saw that Huangfu Zhantian was fighting with two blade master alone, and suddenly he was worried, "Master, can you do it alone?"
Hearing Xu Fei’s words, Xiaoyu waved his magic wand without saying anything, but was stopped by Henaan next to him. Henaan said, "You can rest assured that when he was a gold fighter, he fought with the strong blade master, but he was not weak at all, and he also seriously injured blade master. These two men can’t hurt him."