Wen Er turned her face to see that she was wearing a performance ceremony. Ye Lili Fan Tie just lowered her handsome face and was resurrected with blood. She was full of dignity and her face was full of airs.

"Ye Damei tut today is really beautiful!"
Women? Who doesn’t like being praised for being beautiful?
Or is it praised by a man like Captain Fan? !
Giggling, Lili Ye’s golden ribbon from her shoulder to her chest immediately rippled with a different amorous feelings. She came over with a small radian and sat down with a bright eye and good manners. A beautiful girl like her, who doesn’t lose her manners, would have a great market and selling point if she hadn’t met these two men.
"Thank you for your compliment. I just went to wash my hands and just stopped by to get some air. It’s so stuffy inside!" As soon as Ye Lili sat down, she put on a chatting posture, talked and laughed, and the pear vortex floated. "Oh, yes, I have a finale performance for a while. The two heads have to go and pay tribute to me!"
This words say …
Fan Tie hooked her lips and knew who her strategic goal was when she looked out of the corner of her eye.
Eyebrows pick his heart and sneer.
He has always had a bad opinion of such a woman who always wants to cling to her.
But the face was so cold that Owl didn’t even look at her reclining on the sofa. He simply pulled the brim of the military hat down on his face, closed his eyes and raised his spirits when he was away.
His way of treating women is really the same.
Fan core is very clear
Secretly laughing at this woman’s handsome face, but posing as a rogue with no conformal appearance, she asked with a smile, "If you go to see it, you just don’t know what Ye Da Beauty is performing." It won’t be a pole dance, will it? "
Face "shua" to a red leaf lily didn’t expect Fan Tie to speak in such an indecent tone, so she was a little shy. "Captain Fan, don’t make fun of me. Where can I dance?" The shy smile didn’t fade. Her soft eyes swept to his side and then landed at the bottom of Leng Xiao’s hat, cold and determined, with a faint smile on her mouth.
"… I’ll solo a song" Brother Bing "for the red thorn officers and men …"
"Oh, I see!" Leng Xiao kept a calm face and didn’t talk. Fan Tie didn’t mind damaging the girl.
Clap your hands. He smiled and said, "Listen, listen, want to die, personal soldier brother … Gee, I just don’t know which soldier brother Ye Damei thinks." ! Let’s not have too many red thorns, but let’s have more soldiers and more bachelors. Why don’t you tell me more about my decision? If you can’t, I’ll arrange for you to spend the night with your sweetheart tonight. If one is not enough, the two of us are not enough. You can choose three, four and five … "
Lily Ye’s face is stiff with laughter.
Green and white, hands and feet, some can’t be placed
One, she is still Fan Tie. It’s just a joke. Listening to his words is getting more and more wrong. The language is getting more and more out of place, and I’m embarrassed to interrupt what I said at the end … completely changed her face. She was embarrassed but had to accept a fake smile.
"… that captain Fan really makes fun of me. I’ll go backstage and see how the girls are getting ready. Please leave now!"
With that, he quickly got up and looked at Fan Tie with dark eyes and fled.
"Mom, this kind of woman just owes exercise!" Irony laughs at a look at her back. Captain Fan is different from ordinary people’s brains and once again makes a scientific summary statement.
Cold owl, who had been wearing a military cap, finally took the cap.
The cold face he looked at Fan Tieliang sideways for a long time without saying a word.
Frowning Fan Tie strange "what’s the matter? Dude, are you impressed with me? Am I particularly fond of SHEN WOO? !”
The eyes are dark, and the dark owl suddenly gets cold in a serious way.
"Summary in place!"
Fan Tie couldn’t help looking at his serious and cold face, his chest vibrated straight and he didn’t hold back his smile to raise his hands to make a surrender to him. "Owl, your line is really coquettish. You should see that she is interested in you, right? ! So strictly speaking, she doesn’t owe you fuck! "
Looking at him, Xiao Ye’s eyes suddenly cooled. "Why don’t you send you to kill her?"
"Give me a break … buddy, I have to go first, so I won’t watch the rest of the show. I’ll sum up and refine the tactical essence you taught me, and strive to get rid of Nianxiaojing’s bitch as soon as possible. Let’s win glory with red thorns. It’s best to let her kneel in the military uniform pants and sing!"
"Talk big and make a penny go back to your knees." Lengxiao’s eyes fell on his face unevenly, which was a taunt.
"fuck! Can you die without telling the truth? "
Fan Tie crooked mouth or turned to see him.
So the two men have the right line of sight.
Then Fan Tie laughed and roared off.
He knew Xiao Ya was telling the fucking truth, and he wanted Xiao Jing to forgive him, not to mention forgiving her, and he wanted to kneel down if she could give him some good looks!
Hand rubbed on the edge of the sofa, and Lengxiao looked at his back and hooked his lips slightly.
A second later, he propped up his forehead and got up. He went to the hall to arrange a pick-up job. He was also ready to go home. The rest was an entertainment expression. Without him, he was not interested in singing and dancing. He might as well go back and wash and sleep early.
In the twilight, the air in Kyoto in January is shrouded in smog.
Driving home, it’s close to Dijing Mountain Villa. He is vaguely excited. Today is the first day of the new year. No matter how the little thing resists, he must never let her go tonight …
At the thought of that, when she was tied up last night, his mood suddenly rose and he was a little hot.
Dark curse his face is colder.
In her thirties, how did you think that she was as irresistible as a teenager? The more I don’t want to be partial, the more I think about my body heat. I heaved a sigh of relief. He simply lowered the window to meet the cold winter night and blew a cold wind to calm down his anger. Looking at the waves, he was handsome and indifferent. Who knew that this man’s heart was burning through with desire?
As soon as he entered the villa area, the cement pavement gradually narrowed, and he drove some anxiously to his home …
Suddenly, the siren behind the car body rang brightly and went straight into the diaphragm.
Frowning, the police have a case to go to the police. Although he was in a hurry to go home and think about it, he automatically avoided the car and passed by the police car first. Two police cars quickly went to the villa area.
When he approached his home slowly, he saw many people looking at his door, as if something had happened.
Just now, two police cars were parked in front of his house.