"What about defending against the purple ghost?"

"Ghost shape in the middle! Qualification every higher level of defense realm will drop a level. If the green ghost is cultivated, it will only be able to block the attack of the ghost peak. "Li Fugui was afraid that Zhang Xiaotian would ask again and then finished again.
"Ha ha how? Brother Zhang wants to buy this one? This mental protective clothing is the best in this shop. Six thousand soul stones are really not cheap! I am still in the lowest grade! If I can have this mental protective clothing, I won’t be so afraid if I encounter ghost repair in the ghost period! Haha! " Li Fugui said with a smile.
"How brother li this money want to buy this mental protective clothing? Ha ha! You’ve been watching it for a long time! " At this moment, Hou Qin’s boss supported the guests who came just now and just heard Li Fugui say the last sentence, so I smiled and said.
"Where? What kind of money? Brother Zhang wants to buy it! " Li Fugui listen to Qin boss revealed that he was embarrassed and said.
"What? Is Zhang Gong going to buy it? " Boss Qin couldn’t help raising eyebrows at Zhang Xiaotian. You know, this mental protective clothing is not cheap. Can a black kid afford it? Seeing Li Fugui’s expression obviously doesn’t look like a joke. The thought of Zhang Xiaotian Xiu couldn’t help guessing Zhang Xiaotian’s identity again.
"Yeah, I don’t know this protective clothing! How much does boss Qin want? " Zhang Xiaotian light asked.
"Ha ha, since Zhang Gong is brought by Li Brothers, that is, my own brothers, I don’t want more than 50% off! 5,100 soul stones! How about it? " Boss Qin said with a smile that in his opinion, Zhang Xiaotian is not low or weak. Maybe he has a big identity in the ghost repair forces the day after tomorrow, but he can’t win over and never offend anyone. Anyway, he can earn a lot by selling this spiritual protective clothing for 5,100 yuan.
"Oh, Boss Qin, you are so eccentric. When I want to buy it, you ask me for 5,400 soul stones. Why does Brother Zhang want to buy you and sell it for 5,100?" Li Fugui asked a little dissatisfied.
"Ha ha, brother Li, you bring your brother. Can I not give you a face? Naturally, the less you want, the bigger your face is. I gave up to give you a face, and you still blame me like this! " Qin boss smiled and said that it is not unreasonable for this Qin boss to be such a big shop owner.
"Ha ha, that’s really thanks to Boss Qin for giving me this face!" It’s not really angry to come to Li Fugui. I laughed when I heard the boss Qin say this.
Chapter sixty-nine Second Young Master Du
"Hey? Mental attack 500 waves? " Zhang Xiaotian suddenly looked at a frame a wrist guard magic weapon is a bit strange to himself.
"Ha ha! This wrist guard magic weapon is a perfect match with Zhang Gong. On what qualifications, if you want to bring it, you can adjust the frequency of mental attack wave to 500 waves during the attack! It can definitely raise Zhang Gong’s attack power to several grades! I can get a 50% discount at the same time if Zhang Gong wants it! 3,400 soul stones! " Qin boss said with a smile
Zhang Xiaotian gently shook his head just didn’t expect that there was such a magic weapon in hell. He was just a little curious at the moment. How could he get such a thing with his qualifications?
"Well, isn’t Zhang Gong too bad for this magic weapon? No, there’s a 1000-wave Zhang Gong in our building. If you want, I can go upstairs and get it! " Zhang Xiaotian, the boss of Qin dynasty, was dissatisfied with this magic weapon and then said
"Qin boss misunderstood is not that I think this magic weapon is too bad …" Zhang Xiaotian explained with a smile when he heard Qin boss misunderstanding.
"Ha ha Qin boss you also look down upon Zhang Dage just one thousand wave you also dare to take it out? Brother Zhang is in better shape than you! " Li Fugui walked over and went on to say that after he saw that Zhang Xiaotian had dealt with seven robbers easily, he recognized that Zhang Xiaotian had this kind of treasure, and outputting attack waves was definitely beyond his ability, because even he could not do it like Zhang Xiaotian.
"Oh?" Boss Qin was a little surprised, but he was relieved after a while. It seems that Zhang Gong is really not a simple person, so his attitude is more respectful.
Soon Zhang Xiaotian and Li Fugui came out from Tianma Equipment Store, and Zhang Xiaotian also wore the protective clothing bought from the store. Although the city was very safe, Zhang Xiaotian wore it early and felt at ease. A line of lessons from Fang City let him know that strength is everything. Fang City also said that he could not start work, but as a result, Fang City guards did not stop this time. He also said that he could not start work in the city, but Zhang Xiaotian would not believe it again.
"Brother Zhang, come and go to a good place with me!" Suddenly Li Fugui said to Zhang Xiaotian mysteriously.
"Where?" Zhang Xiaotian asked strangely.
"You’ll know when you get there!" Li Fugui just laughed.
In a short time, Li Fugui stopped at the door of a shop with Zhang Xiaotian.
There are several big characters hanging on the signboard of the shop, "Mental Fluctuation Test!"
Zhang Xiaotian wondered, "What does this mean?"
"Hey hey you the day after tomorrow ghost repair qualification psychic force is not like our innate ghost repair qualification psychic force is fixed can’t draw specific strength, there is such a place Zhang Dage you go in and test your mental attack wave frequency" Li Fugui said with a smile.
"There is such a place? That would be great! I’ll try! " Zhang Xiao said excitedly that after hearing Li Fugui talk about the frequency of spiritual attack waves with different qualifications, he always wanted to know which level he belonged to.
"Well, I’ll go in and try to see if my strength has increased!" Li Fugui nodded and said.
Because a person’s strength belongs to what they test, this is a separate test.
Half an hour later, Zhang Xiaotian and Li Fugui walked out of the shop with different faces. Li Fugui was excited and Zhang Xiaotian was a little calm.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect Zhang Dage’s attack wave to reach 1,500 waves! I didn’t expect to practice that technique every time. "Li Fugui said excitedly to Zhang Xiaotian.
Although more than 50 waves is a ghost fight at the same level, his chances of winning are greatly increased.
"Er, Brother Zhang, what’s your test?" Li Fugui couldn’t help asking carefully when he saw Zhang Xiaotian’s face cool. In fact, he came to a place like this mainly to test his strength growth, but Zhang Xiaotian invited him together with him. He knew that Zhang Xiaotian’s test results must be very bad. After all, Zhang Xiaotian is just a black kid, but no matter how high it is, it is no more than one hundred waves.
"Forget it. Anyway, Zhang Dage, you have such a good magic weapon to control the attack wave. How many waves are called?" Li Fugui said before Zhang Xiaotian answered, he just asked Zhang Xiaotian and regretted his low qualification. Why don’t you ask if this is a blow?
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian light nodded his head in fact, the in the mind is already very excited. Just now, he tested the mental attack wave, which actually reached two thousand nine hundred and nineteen waves, and eleven waves short of it reached three thousand, which is higher than the green ghost ghost emperor’s qualification. I just don’t know who is higher and who is lower than the demon emperor’s qualification.
"What did you say just now? Can you increase your mind? How can your mental attack wave increase? " Zhang Xiaotian suddenly asked.
"Ha ha, of course, the mind will not increase, but it will increase the frequency of mental attack waves when attacking. The principle is similar to that of the magic weapon, but most of the control frequencies of that magic weapon are very low and the price is not cheap, while some special techniques can increase the attack frequency of some ghosts. But Zhang Dage, you are a magic weapon to control the frequency of mental waves, but you can’t do this!" Li Fugui said with a smile.
Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head after listening to this. Why can’t he smile in his heart? I’m too late, but obviously I can’t say this to Li Fugui. Let’s find a chance to beg from Li Fugui later. Maybe … Where can I buy Zhang Xiaotian? I thought to myself.
“! You son of a bitch! Dare to bite the young master, I will kick you to death! " Then there was a bang.
When Zhang Xiaotian and Li Fugui were both quiet and thoughtful, they were suddenly awakened by this big scold and looked in that direction.
Seeing that there are many ghosts in the street, Zhang Xiaotian frowned and couldn’t help sighing in his heart. "Watching the fun seems to be popular everywhere."
Come to Zhang Xiaotian means not going to join in the fun, but look at Li Fugui’s eager expression. Zhang Xiaotian shook his head with a wry smile and the two ghosts walked there together.
This is a pet shop. There are all kinds of cages in it. There are many cute and beautiful small and exquisite pets, including a few furry dogs and beasts.
Squeezing through the crowd and entering the circle, I saw a cage lying on the ground at the door of the shop. The cage door had been stained with some green soul blood.